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FORTRAN: Syntax : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: READ 25, KILO, IOTA 25 FORMAT (15,14) the above two statements: ...

Oracle Skills Practice Test : Beginner : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Which data dictionary view(s) do you need to query to find the following information about a user? • Whether the user’s account has expired ...

Networking Basics Test 2 : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: You can summon a list of all the computers that are available on your network by clicking _____________in the Network Tasks section of the My Network ...

Data Structure: Complexity : Online Test Quiz
Question 1: Quick sort’s worstcase Space complexity is…. ...

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Email Resume for your First Job : Article
ASCII Text mail is more acceptable .. !! Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll have a perfectly clea ...

Tips on E-Mailing a Resume : Article
Today sending resumes through e-mails is the most effective & fastest way of job hunting. If you notice your resume getting rejected ...

Comparison of LINUX GUI Toolkits : Article
So Twenty years ago, having a feature-packed application with no GUI  was tolerable – but this is no longer the case nowadays. GUIs ar ...

Create GUI dialogs for GNOME and KDE : Article
BasicsBecause Linux developers have made great strides in improving  Linux's desktop interfaces and GUI applications, users hav ...

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Floating Calculator : Code
DescriptionThis is a simple calculator which can be moved around the page. Source Code <HEAD> &l ...

Euro Converter : Code
DescriptionThis code changes the value of all the specified currencies to Euro and vice versa.Source Code & ...

Simplified DES (SDES) Algorithm : Code
DescriptionThis is a Java code for Encryption, Decryption and Key generation in Simplified DES (SDES) algorithm used in Cryptography and Network Security. ...

Image Histogram Using Applet : Code
DescriptionThrough this code you generate the histogram for any image.Source Code/* <applet code=HistoGrab.clas ...

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Network Application Frameworks and XML PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category XML ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

Architectural Design PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Control System ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

BSNL Exachange System PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Advanced Technologies ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

Control Concepts PPT
A seminar topic / presentation from category Control System ready to be downloaded in .ppt format.

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