GetGyan RuleBook

Points System

The points awarded to the members for their contribution are defined below.

1 Test Submission50 points
1 Article Submission25 points
1 Source Code Submission10 points
1 Presentation Submission05 points
1 Test Taken05 points
1 Person of whom you are in class of^02 points
Test Rating*^1.0 point per star
Article Rating*^0.5 point per star
Code Rating*^0.2 point per star
Presentation Rating*^0.1 point per star

* e.g. for rating an article 3 stars, the author of that article will be awarded 3x0.5 = 1.5 point.

^ Not considered during calculation of top GetGyanis of the Month.

Member Activity Calculation

The members with the highest points (defined above), at any instant of time, will be considered Most Active Members.

Resource Submission Guidelines

The only bottom-line for resource submission is that, the resource must not contain any/part of any copyrighted material and must be useful to others.

GetGyan owns the right to publish, reproduce the submitted content in any form, electronically or otherwise. However, GetGyan does not own any exclusive rights for the submitted content.

Members Banning

The GetGyan Administrators reserve the right to ban any member for any of their offensive or intolerable behaviour.