GetGyan Team

Photograph of Shamit Kumar TomarShamit Kumar Tomar

Website & Content Management


I am the developer and maintainer of the GetGyan. I supervise database and the major content moderation.

Photograph of Rajesh Kumar GuptaRajesh Kumar Gupta

Public Relations


My work includes contacting and managing people and drawing more and more attention towards us and increasing its human resource. As a leading content writer, I have also greatly improved the knowledge base.


We are responsible for accurate, timely and efficient content moderation. Also as a consistent resource publishers, we are usually on the most active members list.

Chandra Bhushan

Kushal Singh

Nishant Mishra

Prateek Sharma

Prateek Srivastava

Shweta Sharma

Umesh Sharma

Yatendra Kumar Raghav