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  1. How many folders are created in one test case execution in QTP
  2. what is difference between fork() and vfork()?
    what is the difference between function call and system call?
  3. Which controls can not be placed in MDI?
  4. What is the use of Active Control Property?
  5. What is Active Directory
  6. How to upload test cases from excel into Test Director(steps to upload)?
  7. What is forceactive property?
  8. which event will burn if we close the current working vb window
  9. File Status 47How to resolve the file status 47?
  10. What is static class
  11. How to call a funtion present in dll file in QTP Script.
  12. How is requirement analysis done by business analyst?
  13. What is Test stratergy & Test methodology?
  14. Which languages are included in object based languages other than VB and java script
  15. What is walkthrough and inspection?
  16. What are the new methods used to allocate and release the memory in java?
  17. How to call variable declared in a static method in another method of the same class?
  18. Why not declare an ArrayList if you want to hold ints?
  19. what are the advantages of a database approach compared to a flat file system?
  20. Explain the process of creating a test for an xml file which is uplaoaded in the application where it is validated?
  21. how to recover when bootblock is corrupted ?
  22. How do you handle a situation when clients/users have conflicting requirements for a project?
  23. Business Analyst, Developers and TestersWhat do Business Analyst and Developers expect from the Testers?
  24. What are the transformations that are used in data cleansing ? and how data cleansing takes place ?
  25. In what all transformations the mapplets cant be used in informatica??
  26. What are different types of Journal entries?
  27. What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?
  28. What is meant by Explosion in SD?
  29. Differences Between WEBI & Full Client BOCan someone send me a listing of things you cannot do in WebI that you can do in DeskI?
  30. How to retrive the records from a rejected file. explane with syntax or example
  31. Configuration of Oracle 10g on Solaris 10How to configure Oracle 10g on Sun Solaris 10 platform?
  32. Is it possible to use functions written in C, Java in winrunner
  33. How do i connect code value pairs from my database table to my combo box in VB?
  34. what is the difference between strsuts 1.0 and struts 1.1 ?
  35. How to write a sizeof function using a macro function?
  36. Sorting Data in SQ and SRT TransformationWhat is the difference between sorting data in SQ and SRT transformation?
  37. What’s an effective way of using an internal table record?
  38. How would you test a fast lazer printer?
  39. hi friends plz tell me the script to stop an iteration and start from the next iteration?
  40. In call transaction how you code the two transaction codes in a single syntax? one transaction code output is input to the second trancsaction?How?
  41. Can Anybody let me know how to write compatibility test cases for Mobile..its urgent plz
  42. While adding load generator we provide Name, what exactly we should provide?
  43. Which choice is NOT an ADO collection?A. Properties
    B. Records
    C. Fields
    D. Errors
    E. Parameters
  44. what is the diferrence between slice and dice & drill through
  45. how many records can take clustured index in sql server
  46. Can we call a function in sql query and what are the pre requisites to call a function in sql query?
  47. How to sort the DTA in emp table based on ename using collection classes
  48. what is the difference between testing in client-server applications and web based applications?
  49. what is the use of cascade in hbm file?
  50. What is difference between Process and Daemon?
  51. what is meant by hot keys?
  52. What are table partitions? how is it different with ASE 15.0 version?
  53. Does each stateless session bean have its own EJBObject?
  54. Form 6i Forms StatusWhat are the forms status in form 6i
  55. What is use of abstract class in the real life project?
  56. Why JCL is used in Mainframe programming?
  57. Does mentioning the array name gives the base address in all the contexts?
  58. Fire Event MetodWhat is the use of fireevent method? Where do we use this in real time? Explain with an example?
  59. how can u create a user event? whats are the steps?
  60. Datareader DatasetHow to fill Dataset from Datareader?
  61. difference b/w a[i] and i[a]Is there any relation between a[i] and i[a] while using arrays..can anyone help me with this....
  62. Why is people management attribute very important for a team lead?
  63. which type of framework used in automation testing?
  64. How Payroll Withholdings & Taxes takes importance in payroll?
  65. How do you find out the FMB file name?
  66. What is XMLA in SQL Server 2005I would like to know whether it uses SOAP or XML.
  67. What are the benefits of set control field in record field properties?
  68. What would you say is an indication of a "good automated test case"?
  69. what is the difference between throw and throws?
  70. How can I use WEBUTIL.PLL library in Oracle developer Suite 10g? Give the detail of configuring webutil.
  71. What is the use of Initialization and Finalization sections of Delphi?
  72. guys can u plz tell me that whether for testing websites,is it important to have a knowledge of SQL . if yes then tell me where is it needed.

    thanks so much
  73. Discuss what test metrics you feel are important to publish an organization?
  74. what is a datapool? what it contains ? how do we create a datapool?briefly give the explanation
  75. What are the disadvantages of ALV?
  76. Accounts Receivable preparation strategies What are the strategies to be followed for preparing Accounts receivable?
  77. Explain real time environment of Ab initio?
  78. What are the documents required to start web testing?
  79. Write a program to copy the odd rows from sheet1 of file1.xls to sheet1 of file2.xls
  80. What is quick code? Why is it called a quick code?What is steps of defining a quick code?
  81. What is a request Sets? How to create a request Set?
  82. what are gui validations?
  83. What is the major difference between Web services & client server environment?
  84. If the OS is already corrupted how a person can go into mycomputer management & change the password
  85. Walkthrough & ReviewWhy are walkthroughs & review important while implementing a process?
  86. What is the difference between Summary column and Placeholder column in reports?
  87. what is unit operation.
  88. what are the difference between PM & MM modules
  89. difference between Win Runner version 7.0 and 7.6?
  90. What is the Recovery system in preparing the testcases?

  91. What modifiers may be used with an interface declarationAn interface may be declared as public or abstract.
  92. What is Traceability Matrix ? Is there any interchangeable term for Traceability Matrix ?
    Are Traceability Matrix and Test Matrix same or Different ?
  93. What is the main difference between Enhancements and BADI.
  94. what r the different types of queries that can be created in the reports
  95. How do you load an HTML page from an Applet
  96. In Database testing What will you keep in consideration and Why. Explain.

  97. How to define payroll?
  98. What is Cutting Edge Technology?
  99. What technologies are used with Wireless Testing?
  100. How often is learning process important for a project manager and why?
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