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  1. Have you ever used ADO? DAO? RDO? Any other database engines?
  2. what is a test scenario and test condition. What is the basic difference between the two ?
  3. What is a Sub Report? Where we can use it?
  4. How do you test email marketing productDetail about what kind of Testing strategies and test cases
  5. what you mean by cross implementation
  6. Broadcasting and MulticastingWhat is the main difference between Broadcasting and Multicasting?
  7. What is the significance of reference field in a DFF?
  8. What is CODEX function?
  9. What is difference between Waterfall Madel & VV model ?
  10. When is Whitebox Testing performed in the testing life cycle?
  11. Using Register Key in QTPHow to use the "Registery Key" in QTP
  12. what is form security?
  13. XML CheckpointGive a live example use of XML checkpoint. How do we check an XML file?
  14. subclass is the class that does the inheriting (the child class)Skill/Topic: Inheritance
    A) True
    B) False
  15. Can we use other columns (beside attributes) as segments for DFF?
  16. How to integrate a new part in an existing Citrix Vugen script without scripting all.
    (start -->new step --->end)
  17. Explain exception handling in Rational Robot along with steps
  18. Describe session handling in a webfarm, how does it work and what are the > limits
  19. Why did you choose Business Administration career?
  20. What is the difference between conditions and filter in Data Warehousing.
  21. How is headings and text size made larger or smaller as needed by user in HTML?
  22. Create Oracle database using MS Access Database
  23. In a Distributed Database System Can we execute two queries simultaneously ? Justify ?
  24. what is angle and amplitude modulation? what is noise in modulation?
  25. By using test_io.putline command how can I change the font and colour of the test
  26. why should immutable classes be prefered against mutable classes? in what conditions a class should be designed as immutable?
  27. Rolling ConstantWhat is Rolling Constant?
  28. How can we create picklist?
  29. What is mean by software engineering?
  30. how to identify the scenario in Loadrunner
  31. what is the one full implementation of life cycle in SAP-BW.?
  32. What is UAT ?
    Why it is used ? benefits ?
  33. What is term?The term is terminal definition file that describes the terminal form which you are using r20run.
  34. How to make inbound and out bound interfaces?
  35. Define What is "Zero Defect"
  36. What are break points in QTP?
  37. What is meant by SORTING and GROUPING
  38. Discuss the economics of automation and the role of metrics in testing.
  39. Which of the two views should objects according to possession?view by structure.
  40. What are principles of good testing scripts for automation?
  41. What are the types of API Types.
  42. Development ProcessName 3 things in a development process that effect quality, and briefly describe each.
  43. how to call list box in the text
  44. What is LOE? What does it stand for? (Usually seen in business requirements document).
  45. How can i hide a particular table name of our schema.
  46. what is the diff b/w source qualifier transformation and application source qualifier transformation?
  47. What is super class of Action and ActionForm?
  48. hi,
    How will you start when an application is given to you for testing with winrunner
  49. Explain more about branch prediction in controlling the control hazards ?
  50. Database MethodIf we are not returning any records from the database, which method is to be used?
  51. how can i call parameterized constructor if am instantiating a object using "Class.forName("Abc").newInstance()"?
  52. how is customisation of forms done through developer 6i?
  53. hi everyone,

    can anyone explain error handling in informatica with examples so that it will be easy to explain the same in the interview.
  54. How do you retrieve a sequential file in random manneryes when there is online
  55. How pass a value through parm parameter which is greater than 100 bytes?
  56. CIDR means ____________Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) Classless InterDomain Routing
  57. Describe How energy is stored in a inductor on electronic level
  58. What is the difference between emulator and simulator?
  59. What is DS Director used for - did u use it?
  60. Who is called the ‘Prophet of Quality’A) Dr. Edward Deming
    B) Joseph Juran
    C) Philiph Crosby
  61. What are the properties Associated with CSS3 Multi-Column Feature?
  62. What is project file in Delphi?
  63. Context switchWhat is a context switch, and how does it relate to performance testing and tuning?
  64. What is the application of itoa()
  65. How many attribute columns can we have for single dff?
  66. Could you tell me two things you did in your prev. assignment (QA/Testing related hopefully) that you are proud of?
  67. What is Auto Invoicing? Explain?
  68. Are there any Commands, can be used to calculate the performance of a Querry?
  69. how to make DFFs with value set to be non-updatable for the user?
  70. What are the services in RMI
  71. what are the problems encountered during the testing the application compatibility on different browsers and on different operating systems
  72. What is the process that we use to load the data faster when there are millions of files?
  73. 77 CTR PIC S9(4)V99 VALUE 1234.55. What will be output of the statement DISPLAY CTR?
  74. What is the maximum number of CHECK constraints that can be defined on a column ?

    No Limit.

  75. Types of cursors in RDO.
  76. Dynamic Input using PSQueryHow to accept input dynamically using PSQuery?
  77. What is the difference between public private, protected and static
  78. why we cannot use checkpoints in compile modules
  79. Descriptive programming verses object repositoryWhat is the advantage of using descriptive programming over object repository?
  80. why do u like testing?.. y did u select this domain?. what do u like most in testing job?. how do u satisfy with this job?.
  81. What is the navigation for object spy?
  82. diff b/w metric and measurement?
  83. Academic GoalsWhat are the academic goals that you would like to accomplish during your studies at our university?
  84. marker interface having no methods right.. then what is the use of marker interface? for what purpose we use marker interface?
  85. What is an Oracle view
  86. Deployment ManagerWhat are the ways to start the Deployment Manager?
  87. How many Key Flex fields are there in financial modules and what are they module wise?
  88. Solaris Administration Server TelnetWhen you are unable to telnet any of the Servers in the Network, What may be the problem?
  89. what is servlet tunneling
  90. How to import flatfiles from remote location.
  91. What is hybrid slowly changing dimension
  92. MFC
  93. Why is Datatype VARCAHR2 why not VARCHAR1 or VARCHAR0 or
    Is there VARCHAR3 too
  94. How do you perform subnet addressing ?
  95. how do you get the return values in pl/sql when u exec them be sides assigning the values to Bind variables
  96. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually.
  97. in a report if we have two tables , can we hide one of the table ?
  98. how to change date format in sql?
  99. What is toggle break points? How it differ from break points?
  100. Difference between datagrid and datareader?
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