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  1. Test Case using manual ParametrizationGive an example of Test Case using manual Parametrization. Explain one scenario
  2. Draw Sequence Modal of DAO? Explain.
  3. Systematic arrangement is used for the most efficient and effective retrievalA) True
    B) False
  4. What is the sequential way to perform types of tests in a project?
  5. VB and Object Oriented Programming
  6. what is "optional step" in qtp with an example scenario
  7. what is Visual SourceSafe?
  8. What is the difference between Image Check point and Bit map check point
  9. what are port numbers for telnet , ftp, http and rpc
  10. Why don\'t we add null pointer at the end of array of integer?How can we calculate the length of array of integer?
  11. What are the blocks or barriers to Creativity?
  12. What are the type of validation available in VB?
    Field, Form
  13. How do you pass parameters in a silk test ?For example, How do you pass parameters from test plan to test case?
  14. VLAN and INTERVLANWhat is VLAN and INTERVLAN? Why do we use these techniques?
    What are the differences between STP, RSTP and MSTP?
  15. Funciton in a constructor
  16. How can i call a funtion,given its name as string?
  17. What are the steps or considerations one should take while using AJAX?
  18. What is the functionality of Web.config file in ASP.NET?
  19. How to check the web application for broken links using QTP?
  20. Where to use which driver in JAVA?
  21. What is the difference between a Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order?
  22. is there any Goto statement in QTP.
    or any other substitute for the same?
    i want to skip a portion of code on occurence of error.
  23. can we call one sqr program in another sqr program? how? in all platforms
  24. What is the difference between conversion and interface
  25. Is WinRunner platform independent. Can this be used to test any kind of application
  26. What is make used for? How is it different from a shell script?
  27. What is citirix tests in Load runner?
  28. Why was integration testing considered as a different item than Functional Testing
  29. What is the difference in Quick pick & quick code?
  30. Can we do load testing on authorized fixed licenses if not then why?
  31. given a notepad application how will you write test cases for performance,regression,functionality and integration testing
  32. What is Siebel file system?
  33. In implimenting a project, what are the records we have to upload from non SAP system to SAP system particularly pertaining to accounts department
  34. What are Oracle Apps API? Where APIs are physically store? n What is the latest version of API?
  35. Abstract class is a partially implemented class so, How can we call an abstract method without creating a subclass.
  36. What does $# stand for?
  37. How do you sort a table?
  38. How does an index work? I know it uses rowid but want to know the exact process.
  39. Why do you want to work as a QM Specilaist? Why not software development
  40. how will u synchronize test using WR?when should u sychronize?synchronize settings?
  41. Analog RecordingWhen do you use analog recording to record a test?
  42. How can we validate the PDF file recognization and its content with the help of Mercury product QTP(Quick Test Professional)?
  43. can we lookup a table from source qualifier transformation. ie. unconnected lookup
  44. Where do you want to be, in 3-5 years time?
  45. Can we export the files from Test director to Excel Sheet ? If yes then How?
  46. what is the difference between string and string buffer?
  47. what is uni code
  48. WAP coding to send XML FileExplain WAP coding to send XML File on server using HTTP Protocol
  49. Hi, How to write test cases for use cases? Please give me examole
  50. What is the difference between Routed and Routing protocols?
  51. What r the types of lookup?Connected and unconnected

  52. How do you do authentication with message digest(MD5)? (Usually MD is used for finding tampering of data)
  53. What is row chaining
  54. How can I embed swings in a JSP page?
  55. Import Excel File to Oracle Is there any way to import the excel data in to oracle database without using the SQL loader, please let me know.
  56. What is meant by Explosion in SD?
  57. What do Redo Log Buffers contain ? Redo Log Buffer stores redo entries a log of changes made to the database.
  58. what is defect management report and matrices
  59. Oracle 9i Tools and UtilitiesWhat is the difference between the tools and utilities in Oracle 9i?
  60. Difference between SYSOUT and SYSPRINT
  61. Does Coldfusion application support both client and session variables. If not provide the
    reason for the same?
  62. When do we go for Dynamic PickList and for Pick Applet?
  63. Obsolete and Expired RMAN backupsWhat is the difference between obsolete RMAN backups and expired RMAN backups?
  64. What is the difference between the J2EE Arcitecture and J2EE Frame Work?
  65. What exactly happens when Class.forName(sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver) gets called
  66. If a computer have an IP address is and subnet mask is then what does it mean.
  67. How do you prepare Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Class Partitions for YAHOO UserId.
  68. Bench TestingWhat is Bench Testing?
  69. Can the default values be assigned to actual parameters?
  • What value does read() return when it has reached the end of a fileThe read() method returns -1 when it has reached the end of a file.
  • What is the purpose of tiles-def.xml file, file, validation.xml file
  • What is the SQL standard supported by SAP DB?
  • How can we tell the difference between seeded tables, static tables and the main transaction tables?
  • Why main() need not to be declared before defining?
  • what is run-time-setting. Run-time-setting include loop.log and timing information.
  • Can a universe be connected to different databases?
  • Give me some examples of how you have participated in Integration Testing.
  • What will be the impact of replacing an API call with a stored PL/SQL call?
  • How to find entered number is EVEN or ODD without using conditional statement(not using if.. else,if.. , else if..,while, do... while...., for....)
  • Can we use static and dynamic routing in one network?
  • How would you say that a bug is 100 % fixed ???
  • What is the difference between authorization and authentication?
  • What is the diff b/w Stored Proc (DB level) & Stored proc trans (INFORMATICA level) ?
    again why should we use SP trans ?
  • Give the sequence of execution of the various report triggers?Before form , After form , Before report, Between page, After report.
  • Is &&= a valid Java operatorNo, it is not.
  • How will u pass the argument from one servlet to another servlet?
  • What is the process of Cognos Testingcan u give me small example of cognos testing?
  • Which debugging window allows you to see the methods called in the order they were called?
  • Every person who can use the network has a __________Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) User Identification or UID
  • which we have to use for export the jobs from client to server,if sever running on Unix os and client running on windows os?
  • What is the transaction code SM 31?
  • How many Oracle Application Forms have you customized. Which one was a major customization , is it given in your resume.
  • what are the management tools we have in testing?
  • What are the rules to be followed in the usage of closing tag in XML?
  • What is meant by Javabeans
  • If i have 10000 records, My question is now i want to send 1000 records to target each time, how?(source is Flatfile and target is flatfile)
  • What are different ABAP/4 editors? What are the differences?

  • What is the use of Item category group in CMIR? Where does it trigger when used?
  • What are the different tools available for hot backups. Is it preferable to take it manually all the time or it depends on the size of the database.
  • what is "hard coding"
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