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  1. How u prepare Test Data? Is it from Functional Requirements?
  2. Modular Structered and OOPSCompare Modular Structered Programming and Object Oriented Programming
  3. how to load the data from people soft hrm to people soft erm using informatica?

  4. what are the contents of Traceblity Matrix & Metrics for traceablity?
  5. What is the Maximum size for a table in PostgreSQL?
  6. what is Session Synchronization in EJB
  7. What happens in Integer.parseInt() if the thing you pass isn't a number? And does it recognize spelled-out numbers, like "three" ?
  8. What is the difference between Framework and Action Framework ?
  9. What is the work of initiator?
  10. What are semiconductor devices
  11. How should you learn about problems discovered in the field, and what should you learn from those problems?
  12. What is the main component of operating system?
  13. difference between view and table
  14. For performing repeated modification on string which class is preferredA) String
    B) StringBuilder
    C) Both
  15. can any one pls tell me the test cases for Credit Card Application Processing
  16. How to program in Java to sort n numbers using array
  17. Effective CollectionWhat is effective collection?
  18. what are the disadvantages of blackbox testing
  19. How to apply security mechanisam in Java?
  20. what is flat aggregation
  21. How to remove the message box while executing the script without any mouse clicking and keybord clickings
  22. How to recover when the object repository gets corrupted?
  23. how to maintain prefix no in tr.code sale
  24. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  25. Migration of mappingsHow do we move mappings from development environment to Testing environment and from there to production?
  26. How to apply Regular expresions to a web page in QTP
  27. How will you propagate exception thrown inside session bean to JSP or Servlet client
  28. Is "abc" a primitive valueThe String literal "abc" is not a primitive value. It is a String object.
  29. What is the difference between Severity and Priority?
    Which one is used by a tester?
  30. When there is HTML for presentation why are you going for XML?
  31. What is IEEE 829? (This standard is important for Software Test Documentation- Why?)
  32. whatis difference between applet and swing ,is it possible connect database through appletbased gui?
  33. What is Concurrency? Explain with example Deadlock and Starvation?
  34. explain about the test cases
  35. What is this line in the shell script do ?#!/bin/ksh?
  36. How will you select reasonable tests to be applied on a project?
  37. What is meant by Mutable and Immutable classes?
  38. how can i check whether a dataset is empty or not in
  39. What is difference between Html tags and Struts specific HTML Tags
  40. Hi All,
    In Qtp how to get text available in html frame.

  41. What are the new methods used to allocate and release the memory in java?
  42. concatenate two circular linked listsWrite a program to concatenate two circular linked lists into a single circular list.
  43. I have update Row in table using Revert that update Row it means original position?
  44. What are the documents required to start web testing?
  45. What is the difference between ADODC and ADODB
  46. What happens if you don't specify a search record for a component?
  47. how to write test cases for triangle
  48. Difference: AWT, Swing
  49. Current CirculationIs it possible if their is no voltage then their is no current circulation or does it depend on circuit condition?
  50. Describe Error Handling in the FRD
  51. How to migrate report from PPES to Cognos 8 without using Migration tool?
  52. what is wrong with the following c prog??
    char *s1 = "hello";
    char *s2 = "world";
    char *s3 = strcat(s1, s2);

    Please provide me explainations??
  53. State a generalized process for load test? Or explain how you did it previously.
  54. What is Test Case, Test Bed, Test Suite and Test Script? And what is the difference between them?
  55. DHTML Is used for what?
  56. Transferring data from text fileHow to transfer data from a text file to SQL table, Which is the best method to do that?
  57. Why we need to serialize the object
  58. The Separator [ ] is Used to declare array typesA) True
    B) False
  59. What is the alternate command for TOP?
  60. What is difference between function & non-functional test cases??
  61. Define quality for me as you understand it
  62. what is the main difference between External and inline style sheet.
  63. Do you support automated testing? Why?
  64. what is the payrollsytem
  65. Explain, Is it possible to have same name for package and the procedure in that package.
  66. Name the eight primitive Java type.
  67. Explain by an example the tax structure of any company?
  68. what is meant by hot keys?
  69. Control levels in internal tables
  70. Describe typical activities or elements of investigation you would employ when trouble shooting complaints of localized process slowness.
  71. How do you load default comments into your new script like IDE's?
  72. 4.script language for login window ,
    additional advantages of silk test than winrunner and other tools,
    frame work for silk test
  73. What is the Service name for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2000?MSSQLServerOLAPService
  74. Which Property is used to compress a image in image control?
  75. UTL File PackageWhat parameter must be set in init.ora file for utl_file package?
  76. what is Reflection
  77. What are these three elements typing, persistence, and concurrency in oop approach while studying system analysis and design?
  78. Can anyone tell me how to invoke Java application (GUI application) from win Runner using invoke command"
  79. How do you use traceability matrix when using Unified process?
  80. Using one loop Print following:
    2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9 10

    and so on.
  81. How you will save the data across different pages for a particular client request usingStruts
  82. How is an iterator handled in Ruby?
  83. What is the difference between transparent table and pooled table?
  84. Return value of callback function, the need of tabindex property
  85. what is meant by scalability testing? what is the tool used for this testing?
  86. how is customisation of forms done through developer 6i?
  87. what are the number datatypes allowed in a table?
  88. CLRHow does a CLR work?
  89. What are good ADO.NET object(s) to replace the ADO Recordset object.
  90. Who are all the members involved in product release?
  91. Explain about CHAR function and it's use in DB2
  92. How have you demonstrated leadership? Give some examples.
  93. What is oracle hint? how do we use hints in SQL for the optimization of the query?
  94. Explain Java security model
  95. What is the meaning of pre-condition? How to write pre-condition test case.
  96. what is Fuctional Specification? What are content in the FS.
  97. What is Resident program?
  98. Is there any function exist in peoplecode which stops the processing of whole component?
  99. Missing NTLDR FileWindows crashed because NTLDR File is missing. How will you restore this file (Without using Safe Mode Option)?
  100. how can i call parameterized constructor if am instantiating a object using "Class.forName("Abc").newInstance()"?
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