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  1. What is Vector Field? Explain.
  2. How much time take for automation one Integration Test Cases using QTP
  3. What is user defined Transformation?
  4. How to set the object repository as shared/per action mode in QTP 9.1?
  5. In simple helloworld program what happens in JVM before printing out the result "Hello World"
  6. Where persistent cache will be stored?
  7. What is the use of the indirect multivalue link and how do you configure it?
  8. debtor collection effective procedure Effective debtors collection procedure
  9. List the Optional Flexible Architecture (OFA) of Oracle database
  10. What is serialization?What is transient?What is the default value of a transient variable?
  11. What is scenario and end to end scenario.
  12. what is the transaction code to check how many times the program executed
  13. What is mean by Dot net
  14. Load Data into Multiple TablesHow to load data into multiple tables at once?
  15. What are the building blocks of Client/Server? The client The server and Middleware
  16. How to work TCP/IP?
  17. HTML Link for Differnt LanguageHow can you show diffrent language on web page through HTML link?
  18. write a function of your own to comparison of two strings using class concept (without using the built in functions of C++)
  19. when the load runner controller open the win runner file then what is the location of the winner configuration file. Wrun.ini.
  20. What is the diffence between functional testing & black box testing?
  21. What is the use of vm.core file?
  22. What is ServerSocket. How will you create a connection
  23. Does the business analyst interact with clients directly? If so state the reason for the same?
  24. # Which component gives you better visibility ? (pritty Printer)

    Give answer
  25. How to bind the controls(best practice) comboboxes to the data in the dataset ?
  26. Mirror ApproachWhat is Mirror-Approach
  27. how to integrate a web application with SAP R/3 using the SAP XI technology? how does the data transfer take place?
  28. Read Data from PDFHow to read the data from a pdf in SSIS?
  29. Connect MySQL with XMLHow to Connect MySQL with XML?
  30. Do you need and enquiry or quotation before we start the SD process?
  31. You have 3 App Servers where do you define the Fail over? Configuration Properties
  32. Can we use AIX in ESDS? If yes,explain?
  33. when you running a report it takes long time for execution. what steps will you do to reduce the execution time
  34. How many types of warnings are there in .Net? what are they?
  35. What are command line arguments
  36. What is the extension for QTP Script file?
    Is there any extension at all?
  37. What is Localization testing and Globalization testing?
  38. Is there any function to double click a particular row in a webtable?
  39. Different between broadcast domain and collision domain. or explain broadcast domain and collision domain?
  40. How is Stored Procedures managed in MySQL?
  41. What is Turn Around Time
  42. What is AMP parameter and its use
    e.g. AMP='BUFNI=10,BUFND=10' means what?
  43. How do you view batch test results,in QTP with Test Batch Runner, where do the results store?
  44. Describe the process steps you would perform when defragmenting a data table. This table contains mission critical data.
  45. What all things are stored in RA_CUSTOMER_TRX?
  46. Connection of SQL file to web pageHow we can pulish the connectivity of SQL query to the HTML file or web page? Please Explain.
  47. Give examples of data hazards with pseudo codes.?
  48. how do we load data by using period dimension?
  49. What are the questions business analyst would ask while gathering the requirements in relates to finance , pharmaceuticals or insurance industry.
  50. Oracle Cursor typesWhat are the types of cursors apart from explicit and implicit cursors ? Explain when and where they are used ?
  51. How to develop the SCD using LOOKUP stage?
  52. What is referential integrity constraint
  53. Why we can not override static method?
  54. what is collction framework?How it is working?Explain.
  55. What does it take to be a software tester?
  56. How can I save my Design Steps in a regular Excel sheet?
  57. What is the purpose of step, step into, step out, step to cursor commands for debugging your script?
  58. How do you create a permanent cookie?
  59. Power FactorThe power is -ve for the first 2ms and then it will -ve What will be the P.F. Angel?
  60. What is the actual purpose of using framework in realtime applications?
  61. How many actions we can create with in a test?
    When do we choose calling or Copy of action?
    What is meant by action?
  62. What is the difference b/w Test Methodology and Test strategy?
  63. TOP CommandWhat is TOP command?
  64. Whats the difference b/w repetition testing and retesting?
  65. How to conduct an IS Audit?
  66. Java is Case ________A) Insensitive
    B) Sensitive
  67. Please let me know whether we have ab initio
    GDE version 1.14 and what is the latest GDE
    version and Co-op version?
  68. What is meant by controls and types
  69. What is the difference between functions & procedures?
  70. The QTP is recoded and coded to a application in one machine and run well. How to run same QTP to the same application in different machine?
  71. What is struts flow? Explain in detail
  72. What is the difference between Function module and Sub routine.
  73. How does nil and false duffer?
  74. Explain psudo column Label with an example
  75. Struts FrameworkWhy we use Struts framework in project?
  76. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  77. Long Raw ColumnsHow many columns you can create in table from this type "long raw"?
  78. what's is the use of 'require' and what does this mean?
  79. What do you like about computers?
  80. # how can i get output on same page ?
    Please Let me know...?
  81. What is the default model of the form?
  82. What is difference between Session and caching
  83. What components have you used in load runner?
  84. What are the Monitors in LoadRunner?
  85. What are the essential skill sets one should have as Oracle Apps Technical Consultant?
  86. What is an Alternate Index? How to give the Max Record Length and Avg. Record Length?
  87. what is the role of PVCS tracker in a tester's career?
  88. What are th ways of creating multi-org views apart from using adaadmin utility
  89. How to select a last row in sybase
  90. While running DOS on a PC, which command would be used to duplicate the entire diskette?diskcopy Java Thread States
  91. Difference between a "where" clause and a "having" clause?
  92. write a program to check if the number is palindrome or not using recursive function.
  93. how do u upload a potrait or landscape in a sapscript
  94. How to create library file in winrunner?
  95. How to find out the middle row of Employee table?
  96. What is the way to compare two mappings?
  97. What is the differece between #define and constant in C?
  98. whats the diff. between project and product?give an example to both.
  99. Which protocol is used by RMI/EJB?
  100. can i write plsql block inside expection
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