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  1. In PeopleCode Debugger what are the valid values?1. Go2. Step Over3. View Variable Value
  2. How we can transform the columns of a table in rows ?
  3. In the /etc/default/login file, which of the following will not allow you to login remotely as root? CONSOLE=
  4. What are client activated objects and server activated objects?
  5. How many types of facts and what are they?
  6. operations performed on vector are either posing a value into the vector (or) retriving a value from the vector . which operation is synchronized
  7. What's the use of SQL Profiler?
  8. what is capacity of dataset?
  9. What are the features and advantages of Btrieve?

  10. what is difference between servlet and jsp
  11. Front End LoadingWhat is front end loading in Informatica?
  12. What difference between a directory and active directory?
  13. Does Stateful Session bean support instance pooling
    Answer posted by Mohan on 2005-05-21 19:24:23: All Beans support Instance Pooling
  14. Maximum synchronizing time out in QTP
  15. The following Api Object data type objects can’t be declared as Global?JavaObject
  16. Is it possible to refresh the Materialized view?
  17. Instead of TriggersHow many types of "instead of triggers" can be specified on a table? What are they?
  18. What is the use of weblogic and web sphere.
  19. How do you use MS Access as an object and fetch the values from MS Access database like an excel sheet?
  20. how to write test cases for data migration?
  21. Explain winrunner test life cycle.
  22. How many strings can we declare in an array in QTP?
  23. Where do we use @@Rowcount
  24. How to use jmeter? How to analyse jmeter results
  25. What is the differance between bug and feature .

    How u dill with it with R&D.

  26. What is gamma testingwhere do you use this type of testing
  27. What the main differences between versions of the foll.Peoplesoft CRM 8.8 and CRM 8.9? Peoplesoft HRMS 8.8 and HCM 8.9? Peoplesoft Finance 8.8 and 8.9?
  28. Benefits of using MTS
  29. What is the full form of "CAT"
  30. How can you detect the removable disk from ie whether the USB drive is connected or not?
  31. RMAN UtilityWhat is the advantage of RMAN utility?
  32. What is Ad-Hoc access? What is the difference between Managed Query and Ad-Hoc access?
  33. What is the protocol used by server and client
  34. The RPN is used to prioritize items that require additional quality planning or actionA) True
    B) False
  35. Why Java is not 100% pure object oriented language?
  36. what do you mean by #pragma once
  37. Wat is the use of command Object?
  38. Define and explain COM
  39. What is a test data?Give examples
  40. How is design (Fact and Dimension) of Fact Table Type 2 (keep historical value)
  41. What experience have you had as a cashier?
  42. what is pf and esi compliance work details in bpo
  43. Describe TCP flow control?
  44. How can we make objects of connection when connection is an interface.e.g. Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection ????
  45. How the tool’s script execution speed is made to match with that of AUT
  46. What is DBSqlPassThrough?It will By Passing the Jet Query Processor.
  47. tsl function to open particular website
  48. what is the difference between lr_endtranscation("transcationname",lr_auto)
  49. wat is the disadvantage of threads?
  50. how can store images in a data base?
  51. How can you define internal table in Version 4.6 apart from with header line and without header line
  52. What is JVM
  53. What is the SimpleTimeZone classThe SimpleTimeZone class provides support for a Gregorian calendar.
  54. What is end to end Testing
  55. Name some built-in functions that can be used in SQL queries?
  56. Oracle Forms - SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCKCan :SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK value be changed. If yes how? If no Why?
    With Example
  57. Why do you have to build a QA environment to conduct a performance test? What issues have you faced building a QA environment?
  58. what are the drawbacks of a delegate
  59. There are 10 rows in Table A and 0 Rows in table B.
    Select * from A,B
    How many rows will be retrieved.
    10 rows
  60. Is it not waste of time in preparing the test condition, test case & Test Script?
  61. Can i put Background image for the JFrame or JApplet in Swings?Answer
  62. What if Stop Run is missing in COBOL program?Stop Run is last command in COBOL program.
    But if it is missing, will the program abend?
  63. What are validation controls, How many types and What are they? What is paging
  64. what is the diference b/w servlet-config and servlet-context?
  65. The lp command checks LPDEST and then PRINTER variables, while lpr command reverses this order? True
  66. how do you hide column in the report
  67. Setting up of nodeHow do we set up nodes in Datastage?
  68. what is Date Conversion and date migration and give an example?
  69. Hover Craft MechanismUnder which mechanism does Hover Craft work?
  70. Java Diamond ProblemWhat is diamond problem in Java?
  71. How do you include a field of some other BC in audit trail?
  72. Name some components of an effective chargeback system.
  73. What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?
  74. Where do you give the your server name after loging on to Siebel Application?
  75. Hi, When is database testing done? After functionality testing? What should we check in database testing?
  76. User Exits in Production
  77. how to write the CSV command in SQL?
  78. How can we export multiple test cases from TD in a single go?
  79. Test Server Log FilesHow to test the server log files using QTP?
  80. BSS SegmentWhat is BSS segment? Where it will be?
  81. @aggregate aware functionWhat is the purpose of @aggregate aware function?
    please draw, how you use the @aggregate aware function.
  82. what is the difference between dynamic cache lookup and uncached lookup
  83. What are the steps in Customer Interface ?
  84. Transactions in StrutsHow are transactions made in Struts?
  85. Can I progpogate a transaction while mulitple method invocations in EJB
  86. What is angile testing?
  87. What is the APP engine event in peoplecode?
  88. Write a program to change an integer value into words
  89. Citrus CallWhat is Citrus Call?
  90. Is it possible to make a payment without invoice or due in SAP, If yes how it possible, If no how
  91. Is it possible to nest CFML conditional tags?
  92. What is an index and How it is implemented in Oracle database
  93. How do you test email marketing productDetail about what kind of Testing strategies and test cases
  94. Why multiple Inheritance is not possible in C#?
    (Please do not answer like this-It is possible through Interfaces.)
  95. variable shadowing with example
  96. Following declarations are same
    const char *s;
    char const *s;
    A) True
    B) False
  97. How to find out the 10th highest salary in SQL query?
  98. Describe how you would ensure a T-SQL script ran on a particular database where there are multiple databases on a single server.
  99. How to deploy EJB without using GUI in different servers(e.g weblogic,jboss etc)
  100. How to connect LDAP through QTP?If anybody tried connecting LDAP using QTP, please tell the process.
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