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  1. What is the most important part of setting up Automation?
  2. What file is the controlling file for the volume manager? /etc/vold.conf
  3. Which objects cannot be used in a mapplet transformation
  4. what is the difference between testing methods and testing techniques
  5. how to modify the script. Using vuser script information dialog box.
  6. Will class level variables are garbage collected?
  7. SYS AUDIT finds for? Orphaned Records
  8. How to get the row values as comma separated by a query
  9. Explain ADI and it's features?
  10. what is main difference between GUI Map Configuration and Virtual Object Wizard in Winrunner?
  11. Why can't we create object for an abstract class?
  12. can we lookup a table from source qualifier transformation. ie. unconnected lookup
  13. Active Screen OptionHow does Active Screen option works to capture an application?
  14. What is Interfacing?
  15. Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and Why ?
  16. Can you name few DBMS packages and their use?
  17. HOW can one inflate its profits to show increased profits for any financial year ending
  18. How to pass java script array to jsp
  19. ER diagram of personnel management,
    inventory management
    Data flow diagram of financial management, college management
  20. Profiles OptionsWhat are the different types of profiles options while submitting report through SRS window.
  21. How do you get the Sales Order (S.O) No. from the Delivery Order?
  22. Value AnalysisExplain What do you mean by Value Analysis.
  23. What is the difference in testing a seured site 'https' & a non secured site 'http'???
  24. why is swing platform dependent?
  25. Walkthrough & ReviewWhy are walkthroughs & review important while implementing a process?
  26. how to skip rows from datatable while reading from QTP.
  27. Does Java has pointer?
  28. what is the meaning of stand alone report
  29. How to retrive data between two dates(ex:12-6-2006 to 12-11-2006)using C#
  30. How many types of cookies are available in asp?
  31. What is the difference between and merge and update
  32. Hi What is the diffrence between Regression testing and Retesting?
  33. Identify Replicating TableIn SyBase, How we identify which table is replicating to warm standby
  34. Why output give error message when i write select stmt, ROWNUM=2 in where clause.?
  35. JSP Life Cycle Benfits What is the Life Cycle Benfits in JSP
  36. Informatica PC 7 has super glue. What is its equivalent in the Informatica PC8? What is the difference between Informatica PC7 and PC8?
  37. Can you use REF cursors in CUSTOM library?
  38. What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt? boot -a
  39. in struts why we use jsp as view( presentation)? what happen if we use servlet as view?

  40. How can you split the tests from test director?
  41. Is it possible to invoke multiple Session beans from one Session bean using Reflection
  42. what is the difference between doGet methods,doGet()and service() used in servlet?can we use service() methods replace of doGet() and doPost()?
  43. Standby DatabasesWhat is standby databases? Difference between Physical and logical standby databases
  44. what is cost effective transformation b/w lookup and joiner
  45. I have two variable ports v1 and v2; v2 is calculated based on v1. What will be the value of v2 for the first time, if the order of ports evaluation is v2 and v1
  46. give the notes and functionalities of cascading prompts,@script in business objects
  47. how can u write a script without using a GUI in QTP?
  48. what is configuration management system?
  49. How do I stop a thread?
  50. Which SDLC suits best for the datawarehousing project.
  51. PL SQL Procedure in PackageProcedure in package perfomes fastly over normal procedure, Explain.
  52. Manual Testing MS-Word DocumentHow do you do Manual Testing in MS-Word Document
  53. 1.Can you give me the contents of unit, Integration, and system testcases?
  54. How do you declare bonus of an employee in Oracle HRMS Payroll
  55. What's the "performance" difference between i++ and ++i? 2 senarios:
    1. i++; vs ++i;
    2. int j = i++; vs int j = ++i;
  56. What is firewall? How to enable firewall in Windows XP?
  57. What is the difference between power connect and power centre? What is the use of power connect.
  58. What is the Generation of Garbage Collector ?
  59. List of charts and graphs we can generate in Business Objects, with some supporting document( any supporting link or pdf file as it is to be sent to client)?
  60. What measures or steps must be taken to achieve sustainable flexibility in organizations?
  61. what is the difference between rfc and bapi function modules
  62. How can we validate the PDF file recognization and its content with the help of Mercury product QTP(Quick Test Professional)?
  63. Can you display the index?
  64. how to select different data providers in business objects?
  65. Define Shipping ParametersWhat is the process of defining shipping parameters in OM
  66. Gross Profit MarginExplain What is Gross Profit Margin?
  67. Remote Desktop ConnectionCan we establish Remote Desktop Connection without having net connectivity in a LAN ?
  68. Is Ajax, a browser dependent or browser independent script.
  69. To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?
  70. Real Time Soak TestingIn real time how you do the Soak Testing?
  71. Hi...
    Can you please tell me how to delete a duplicate rows in a Report. Whether it is posible.
  72. What does Interpersonal Skills mean to you? How often would you use your interpersonal skills?
  73. What is RDO?
  74. While copying the objects if we say X a=b, X a(b) What will it call, assignment operator or copy constructor? Justify
  75. what is the difference between client server(2 tier) testing and web testing(3 tier).
  76. What is wrapping in CSS3?
  77. What is keyword driven testing please give process one example.
    what is the different between datadriven and keyword driven testing
  78. explain the compilation and execution of ejb application?
  79. What is the lifecycle of Entity Bean
  80. What are the steps to be followed for putting multiple sheets into one?
  81. What is the use of Level 49 in COBOL?
  82. why should we pay you 10K salary? why not less or more?
  83. Printer Driver ReplicationWhat is Printer driver replication and mapping?
  84. How to access the values java to javascript?
  85. What is chunk in Informix?
  86. where is Load testing usually done?
  87. What should the developer use in order to have an Active Server Page (ASP) invokes a stored procedure on a SQL Server database?
  88. may i know about ref cursor?.
  89. Can an abstract class be finalAn abstract class may not be declared as final.
  90. Interface / Integration mappingExplain What is Interface / Integration mapping?
  91. Tree prompt advantagesWhat are the advantages of tree prompt? Why tree prompt was included in Cognos 8?
  92. What is OOP's testing
  93. Can Redefines clause be used at 01 level ?
  94. Types of cursors in DAO?
  95. How can a square be drawn in the layout editor of the report writer?By using the rectangle tool while pressing the (Constraint) key.
  96. What are Polymorphic Classes?
  97. What are the Differences between Informatica Power Center versions 6.2 and 7.1, also between Versions 6.2 and 5.1?
  98. how to read the data from XL FILES?explain with steps?
  99. Which Type of GUI file is Preferable?
  100. how can a web container know whether cookies are accepted or not accepted by the browser
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