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  1. Load Tab Delimited DataHow to load tab delimited data using SQL*Loader?
  2. How is Workplace and Flexibility connected?
  3. what is severity and priority?its differnce
  4. what is the difference between these two syntax
    #include and #include "stdio.h"
  5. what is difference between serverjobs & paraller jobs
  6. is it possible to call bdc in report ? how?
  7. how to delete set of records at a time where all the records having same values , except the Rowid differs?
  8. In the Static Testing, what all can be tested?
  9. How to display pictures in gallery on ASP page
  10. What is difference between Integration testing & Inter system testing?
  11. What experience have you had as a cashier?
  12. Difference between == and equals method
  13. What is wrapping in CSS3?
  14. If a form has two OK buttons. How the WinRunner will record and distinguish while recording? How it will show it in a GUI map editor?
  15. Difference between Frame, view, document in VC++
  16. What are different Modes of displays in Call Transaction in BDC?
  17. Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project?
  18. What is use of custom library?
  19. What is the Life of an SQL Statement?
  20. WinRunner GUI objectsWhat happens, if WinRunner does not recognise GUI objects in the application
  21. What is a traceability matrix and how do you use it when using the Unified process? What is your approach to resolving conflict during JAD sessions?
  22. Differences and usage senarios of synchronised method and synchronised block ?
  23. How testing can be done on a datawarehouse.
    How ETL runs are executed.
  24. What is the difference between ArrayList and Vector otherthan arrayList is not synchronised but Vector is?
  25. How to get the cell value from Virtual Table?

  26. Types of AuditExplain different types of audit, its nature, advantages and disavantages.
  27. What are your career aspirations?
  28. How do you know the port number of the server program you want to talk to?
  29. why java does not support Multiple Inheritance? comments
  30. sql general queries like

    1.find the two minimum salaries among table
  31. What are the various types of " .CFG " file names and ".SRF" file names in siebel application(like EX:-EAUTOMOTIVE,SIEBEL CALL CENTER,SIEBEL SALES...ETC)
  32. What happens when you add a double value to a StringThe result is a String object.
  33. tell me about Business objects architecture
  34. What are Labels in SAP and description or Example code of Label?
  35. what is the job description of a payroll officer?
  36. Q-point in transistor?What is the purpose of Q-point in transistor?
  37. can i test .net applications in win runner testing tool. because people says that u cannot test .net applications in win runner.
  38. What is super class of Action and ActionForm?
  39. Can we disable/enable a whole DFF(not few Attributes)
  40. How to remove the duplicate records present in a PS dataset using JCL?
  41. parameter filehow to create parameter file and how to use it in a mapping explain with example
  42. how to read text box value into local variable of VBScript?
  43. what is the Hardware & Software system requirement of installation of Business objects xi R2
  44. How many components in your most complicated graph?
  45. where would i get a detailed documentation on Selenium tool
  46. Can you create table,view or sequence in pl/sql code block
  47. what is the viewsatate
  48. What are the steps followed in Test Strategy and Test Plan
  49. how to compile the JSP pages manually in all applications and web servers
  50. 1. What is the QTP environment

  51. What are the checked Exceptions servlet service method
    can throw?
  52. What the main differences between versions of the foll.Peoplesoft CRM 8.8 and CRM 8.9? Peoplesoft HRMS 8.8 and HCM 8.9? Peoplesoft Finance 8.8 and 8.9?
  53. Is Hashed file an Active or Passive Stage? When will be it useful?
  54. Is it necessary to have an ActionForm in Struts framework for any web Application?
  55. What is the main difference between access modifiers and access specifiers?
  56. How to call a java bean setter or getter method from javascript without using applet?
    Thanks in Advance,
  57. what is the procedure to upload certain number of test cases from word doc to Test director?
  58. how we can say unix has greater flexibility than windows?
  59. do we have a constructor in servlet ? can we explictly provide a constructor in servlet programme as in java program ?
  60. Explain White Box testing techniques related to mainframe testing..?
  61. How do you call a function from external libraries (dll).
  62. Time taken by a queryWhat is the command to print the time taken by a query
  63. What is the use of Item Identifier?
  64. what is the diffrence between JAVA Mail and JMS Queue
  65. do we save the changes in Exploratory Testing?
  66. How will you find the indexes on a DB2 table?
  67. Exit ApplicationsWhat is the best way to close a browser in if a test run fails in QTP?
  68. No matter what version of the OS you are running, the command you must use for adding patches is: "patchadd"? False
  69. what is the difference between declaring a structure in C like :
    1) typedef struct
    2) struct
  70. ___ is a property to resize a label control according to your caption.
  71. What's RAD model?
  72. What items of information do you need before you can approve an invoice for payment
  73. Give examples for pipeline, component and data parallesim?
  74. What is difference between Modifier and Qualifier in Pricing ?
  75. How to remove footer from flat file source
  76. The methods and variables defined within a class are called members of the classA) True
    B) False
  77. Which property of menu cannot be set at run time?
  78. What are the types of JIT found?
  79. What is Shortcut? What is use of it?
  80. How to change the Mouse Pointer?
    Screen.MousePointer = VBHourGlass/VBNormal.
  81. How to read error messages in /var/adm/messages when system is not booting?
  82. what is the difference between stop and abort
  83. What is significant about Generic_108528-nn?This denotes the kernel update patch level/operating system version residual on the server
  84. The simplest form of the for loop in Java is for(initialization; condition; iteration) statement;A) True
    B) False
  85. Session IDWhere is the session id stored?
  86. Link Button and HyperlinkWhat is difference between link button and hyperlink?
  87. What is productivity/defect density/change management and their differences in testing terms?
  88. What are the recent advancements in wireless testing?
  89. Can you explain some issues related to SAP FICO with examples.

    Like in GL, APand AR what kind of issues u came across.
  90. How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?
  91. How to retrive the records from a rejected file. explane with syntax or example
  92. what is defect leakage
  93. what is eject command in COBOL and explain a situation where it would be useful ?
  94. Business Analyst, Developers and TestersWhat do Business Analyst and Developers expect from the Testers?
  95. what is Tcode SE16. For what is it used. Explain briefly?
  96. what is assert function
    what are the type
    how they are used with an example
  97. ____ 's name is best known in relation to the concepts of Do It Right First Time & Zero Defects. A) Philiph Crosby
  98. how to populate list dynamically?
  99. Garbage Collector Generations AlgorithmExplain the Generations Algorithm used in the context of Garbage Collector
  100. is thread per object or theard independent of object ?
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