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  1. What is horizontal and vertical in siebel?
  2. How often is learning process important for a project manager and why?
  3. Why query fails sometimes
  4. Which is .NET s answer to Memory ManagementA) Reflection
    B) Common Type System
    C) GarbageCollection
  5. i have 2 webforms in my project FormA and FormB. I have button control in FormA and i want to handle that button click event in FormB ..?
  6. What are the general preparations a candidate should do before attending the inteview
  7. MQ SeriesWhy and where and how is MQ series stage used in datastage?
  8. What event results from the clicking of a buttonThe ActionEvent event is generated as the result of the clicking of a button.
  9. What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create?
  10. What is CMM and CMMI? What is the difference?
  11. What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?
  12. Does HVDC mode of transmission has an economic advantage over EHV-AC transmission. Justify
  13. What is Target Group Connection?
  14. What modifiers may be used with an interface declarationAn interface may be declared as public or abstract.
  15. What does IEFBR14 utility is used for?
  16. Write sample code that can create a hierachical set of data without using a start with and connect by clause in PL/SQL
  17. dear friend

    i want to know that in a table how to change the column to row.

  18. What are the Different types of matching in AP(2,3,4 amd receipt only matching)? Explain them?
  19. what is idms-restart ?
  20. What are advantages and disadvantages of Active screen?
  21. Java ReflectionWhat is reflection and its use in java?
  22. Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now?
  23. Can an exception be rethrownYes, an exception can be rethrown.
  24. What is the boot process in solaris 9?
  25. Difference between DataList and Repeater?
    ans:Both are similar,except for a difference that Repeater datas can't be edited whereas datalist datas can be edited
  26. How do you assign Construct the where clause without concatenating Field, valuepairs??
  27. What are the short cuts available for SQL Queries?
    eg:Instead of show error
    we can use sho err....
  28. Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layoutThe Panel and Applet classes use the FlowLayout as their default layout.
  29. Binary to Gray code conversionDesign binary to gray code converter
  30. How would you use the functions memcpy(), memset(), memmove()?
  31. setting kernel parameters How to set kernel parameters in Red Hat Linux, AIX, & Solaris.
  32. What is metaschema in Progress Database?
  33. What is the difference between EIM and EAI?
  34. Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and Why ?
  35. Can someone give an example of loading data from a control file for AR Lockbox.
  36. Is it necessary to have an ActionForm in Struts framework for any web Application?
  37. What is ODBC?
  38. Can we use commit or rollback command in the exception part of PL/SQL block?
  39. How can we concordinate two columns in a table?
  40. what is the difference between analysis and synthesis?
  41. What is the process of the UpGradation?
  42. What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?
  43. How to pass runtime Parameter in Struts1.2
  44. Is it possible to connect remote desktop through QTP 9.2 version?
  45. What operator performs pattern matching?

    LIKE operator

  46. how to load the top 3 marks(column name) from seqential file to the target
  47. The Pareto diagram is named after _______________A) Vilfredo Pareto
  48. When many Users are browsing the same application at the same time and they click the "Submit" button will many objects be created for each and every User?
  49. What is a command that used to run a batch?pmcmd is used to start a batch.

  50. what is the difference between ISO,CMM and CMMI
  51. Write Test Cases on white paper.(For e.g. A4 size)
  52. how can i create usercontrol using wizard. like add in manager in vb6
  53. can we test j2me application with load runner ?
  54. what is the difference between test plan and test design?
  55. What is a transaction
  56. What is user defined Transformation?
  57. What are Polymorphic Classes?
  58. what is the difference between integration testing and system testing
  59. How to create 1 Invoice for two different Billing Document?
    Is it possible?
  60. What are the different ways you can use threading in VB? When are they appropriate?
  61. What is ABAP Memory and SAP Memory?
  62. What are statements in JAVA
  63. How to prepare engagement communication plan? any draft document please send me
  64. Can you load the server object dynamically? If so, what are the major 3 steps involved in it ?

    tell me the ans pls
  65. What is the difference between reboot and init 6
  66. How can we invoke private method using refleciotn API(AccessibileObject class)?
  67. How to create a tool or component that will imitate EIM functions of siebel ?
  68. Can a single JSP page be considered as a J2EE application?
  69. What is difference between sendRedirect() and forward()..? Which one is faster then other and which works on server?
  70. What steps must be taken by a person to improve their creativity?
  71. how to access Blob and Clob data values from oracle thru java?
  72. Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?
  73. How do you load existing object repositery in a newly created script? Is there any "Load" equivalent winrunner function available in QTP?
  74. Can we use static and dynamic routing in one network?
  75. What do you mean by forward treceability matrics & backward treceability matrics
  76. What are the disadvantages of Packages and triggers??
  77. what are the prompts in microstrategy tool,How they will be useful in reports.
  78. Tune SQL QueryHow can you tune the query?
  79. How to do an adjustment if there is a difference between Physical inventory and book inventory for a material
  80. What is the level of system loading expected to occur during specific business scenario?
  81. How to pass java script array to jsp
  82. How to do link testing in a web application using QTP?
  83. Have you ever slipped any schedule?
  84. What is Race condition in Testcase Techniques?
  85. Write command to delete all the files from a directory which have been created after a specified time.
  86. Select statement to read data into internal tables. Types of Select statements
  87. Generally what object repository mode is preferred?

    Generally in real time projects we use Shared Object Repository file.
  88. what kind of job do you see yourself holding five years from now ?
  89. What is Cost of time and who said it
  90. What is Receipt Routing
  91. LightWieght ControlsWhich control is lightwieght control among gridview, detailsview, formview, datalist and repeater controls in ASP.NET 2.0
  92. What is Budget and Encumbrance ?
  93. what is the advantage of using the statement i++ instead of using i = i+1?
  94. what is AJAX ? How it is implemented? Given skeleton example?
  95. How is Stored Procedures managed in MySQL?
  96. what are dangling pointers,virtual constructors and virtual destructors?
  97. What are the diffferent types of Select statements?
  98. What is a Data Cube ? What is its use ?
  99. Two Program views of AE Program?Definition, Program flow
  100. why and where cloning required in java
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