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  1. How to retrieve record number 70 from a table of 100 records?
  2. what is lookup transformation and update strategy transformation and explain with an example.Thanks in Advance
  3. Hi
    If want to run the graph in unix !what command i need to use ?
    correct me if im wrong :-
  4. Defference between transalatable dependant and traslatable independant with an example?
  5. How does Space allocation table place within a block
  6. What are the main columns in test case?
  7. Why are the methods of the Math class staticSo they can be invoked as if they are a mathematical code library.
  8. how to load the *.vbs or test generating script in a new machine?
  9. What AJAX framework do you recommend for PHP applications?
  10. What is the statament we need to use particularly when using type2 and type 4 drivers( example for type 1 jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver)?
  11. What metrics would u collect from the test process and why?
  12. What is the difference between Image Check point and Bit map check point
  13. What is Creative Types?
  14. Informal Test StrategyThe test strategy that is informal and non structured is known as _______________
  15. TEM wave propagation in wave guidesIn wave guides TEM wave propagation is not exit, give the physical interpretation?
  16. What are Meta Data Extenstions used in an informatica mapping?
    What is the significance,usage and how informatica handles them?
  17. where from we get the source data or how we access the source data
  18. What is JFC
  19. Which bit wise operator is suitable for checking whether a particular bit is on or off?
  20. How do you identify a line from the basic list.
  21. What is the clause used with Interface section of Delphi?
  22. In an Account applet we have some fields with private. How can we see those fields?
  23. could any one explan me what happens in this program.

    int i=10;
  24. cookies,session objects and treeview explanation with coding in,
    and how to create messagebox if not any alternateway is there in
  25. Manual Testing MS-Word DocumentHow do you do Manual Testing in MS-Word Document
  26. How to pass strings as parametres in methods of ABAP Object Class?
  27. advantages of Implementing Runnable over extending Thread
  28. In an HTML form I have a Button which makes us to open another page in 15 seconds. How will do you that
  29. Success at WorkHow will you define "success" at work?
  30. What is use of ntbootdd.sys file?
  31. How will u display message for testing the form u modified?
  32. hi,
    could anyone tell me about "load size in load testing"
  33. Analyse QTP ResultsHow to Analyse the QTP Results?
  34. Is XML case-sensitive? Yes, so and are different elements.
  35. How do you calculate the number of sets given its way and size in a cache?
  36. What is Integration Broker and how it is used in PeopleSoft?Please give me answer
  37. how do you change unit of measures in mmr?
  38. Define and explain RARP?
  39. Were you involved in any data conversion, which one?
  40. How to make migrate the database from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g ? please list out all possible differences between these two versions.
  41. what are tickets available in implementation project in sd module.
  42. What is a server?
  43. how can we delete a check constraint in a table
  44. What is the difference between a Grid and a scroll?
  45. what is the use of JRE and jar files. what is different between JRE and jar files.
  46. What command can you use to display all of your groups? id -a , groups
  47. How do I research the processes listed on the Process Profile Permissions link for a Process Profile?
  48. How we can count duplicate entry in particular table against Primary Key ? What are constraints?
  49. What is the difference between boundary value anlaysis and equivalence class partitioning? Explain with example...
  50. How will you calculate the response time at server end ?
  51. Short int and intWhat is the difference between short int and int?
  52. What special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for overseas  job?
  53. Is there any function to convert numeric math to string in vb script?
    eg: it should convert 7 to july
    10 to october
  54. Can Informatica be used as a Cleansing Tool? If Yes, give example of transformations that can implement a data cleansing routine.
  55. What are the vital security measures to be handled while using AJAX?
  56. When is try,catch block used
  57. What is the difference between Consiner and Consinee?

    Owner of the asset, Feacture Owner of the Particular Asset.

  58. How to find 32 or 64 bit system instances of OS?
  59. What is template form?
  60. what is diff between union / union all
  61. why java does not support inheritance of multiple superclasses?
    what is achieved by inheritance?
    why there is no main method in servlets/jsps?
  62. Assemblies cannot be loaded side by sideA) True
    B) False
    Explanation: Assemblies can be loaded side by side
  63. helper files in strutsWhat are the helper file in the form of JSPs available in struts?.
    Is struts tags are XHTML supportive?
  64. The network computer that contains the hard drives, printers, and other resources that are shared with other network computers is called a _________,
  65. What is the difference between InputStream/Outputstream classes
  66. Suppose you create a students record with 5 marks, total and average.
    How to filter the top 3 students which are getting high average.
  67. What is the built-in used for showing lov at runtime?   Show_lov
  68. When should testing start in a project? Why?
  69. Kindly suggest how to install and configure Informatica in Unix. I have installed informatica in Windows 2000 can I use the same CDs to install in unix ..
  70. What is SSL? How does it works?
  71. Explain the VSAM error code 118
  72. what are the main differences between .Net 2005 framework and .Net 2003 framework?
  73. What functions would you assign to mainframe, Unix servers, and Windows servers in an enterprise computing environment?
  74. What is the significance of null interface in Java?
  75. Can I use session beans and hibernate (instead of entity beans) for persitance?
  76. What is a synonym
  77. What is mutating trigger? How do you resolve it?
    If a trigger body is trying to update dependent tables, will it get a mutating error?
  78. How is more than one declaration attached to a selector?
  79. Can you attach an alert to a field?   No
  80. How do you answer this question "what is company code".
    2) Is it necessary to create Sundry creditors a/c while we use Vendor a/c in SAP?
  81. Can we add Hashtable/HashMap to a vector
  82. how to execute sql query using qtp ? Explain with sample code.
  83. Find nth node from end of a singly linked list
  84. How to convert julian date to compliance date i.e.("02/14/2006)
  85. why order by clause maintains column number values instead of column names ?
  86. Describe some staff conflicts you have handled.
  87. What are coding standards for unit testing?Use of comments,use descriptive varaibles function names.
  88. Which file is locted in the /kernel directory and is the Unix kernel for the system? genunix
  89. Could anyone explain me the flow in General ledger?
  90. Conditional statementsWhat is the Conditional statement in a JCL other than COND..
  91. what was the actual purpose of portfolio in cognos
  92. Invoice discrepancyTell us about an invoice discrepancy that you discovered and how you resolved the discrepancy
  93. How do you recognise that a particular table (Base table) can be extended?
  94. How is structure of a table got in MySQL?
  96. Target Load OrderExplain What is Target Load Order?
  97. What is BO SDK?
  98. If we declare a page isThreadSafe="false" then how the page will act?
  99. How to record objects of Windows taskbar
  100. Explain about scheduling real time in informatica
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