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  1. What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?
  2. What is mutation Testing ? please give an example of mutation testing.
  3. How many attribute columns can we have for single dff?
  4. RMAN without CatalogWhere RMAN keeps information of backups if you are using RMAN without Catalog?
  5. How will you add panel to a Frame
  6. SAP ECC5 and ECC6What is the difference between ECC5 and ECC6 in SAP
  7. How is performance management taken care in People Tools?
  8. Why UNIX is Required for a testing Engineer? What is the Role of Testing Engineer If he knows UNIX?
  9. Which Oracle applications PL/SQL standard APIs you are familiar, have you used most of them?
  10. how to ceate a shared reposi. in QTP9.0
  11. Can Any body explain me how to use the following user_exits in apps reports which have flex fields as display/query columns.
  12. What is delayed signing? How can we do a delayed signing for a dll which has to be shared?
  13. What are advantage of Data Dictionary manage Tablespace
  14. How do we test for severe memory leakages ?
  15. Suppose if there are million records did you use OCI? if not then what stage do you prefer?
  16. How far Desktop applications are different from client server application? Any difference between them?
  17. Mention some of the steps to be taken by project manager to reduce stress in the project and among team members?
  18. How can you add add-in's during runtime in QTP
  19. State true or false -- We can implement an interface in JSPSkill/Topic: Programming Constructs
    A) True
    B) False
  20. Familar Unix Files for DBAAs a Oracle DBA what are all the UNIX file you should be familar with?
  21. write a program which sends a token on network and give the list of IP addresses of all the client currently active ?(program is running on server)
  22. If we have two public classes in a single java file ,how i have to give the name of the particular java file and how i can compile it?
  23. Difference between void pointer and generic pointer?
  24. How to create shuttel applet?
  25. Hyperion Financial ManagementHow will you calculate minority interest in Hyperion Financial Management?
  26. what is associated port in look up.
  27. When do we Analyze the tables? How do we do it?
  28. Why DUAL table is not visible?
  29. How to write a C program to find the power of 2 in a normal way and in single step?
  30. what is the difference between the render variable and the style variable?
  31. What are the advantages of sql server 2005 over sql server 2000/ sql server 7.0 ?
  32. Can we reverse the string in cobol ? See the following problem : 77 NAME PIC X(10) VALUE 'MANOJ', 77 SRNAME PIC X(10).I want JONAM in SRNAME.
  33. What is the use of ReDim statement in VBScript?
  34. What are the top ten qualities a tester should have?
  35. How can i count the no of records of a file by giving set of files in a dataset in a PDS member?
  36. whats the difference bt. .dll extension and .exe extension files?
  37. what is the difference between frs (functional requirement specification) and
    srs (software requirement specification) ?
  38. What is procedure to sort the strings in array list?
  39. can we use shared container as lookup in datastage server jobs?
  40. How to move the mapping from one database to another?
  41. how to distinguish the surrogate key in different dimentional tables?
  42. How to register tables and columns in AOL?
  43. what is the difference between bug, defect, problem , fault and issue
  44. How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?
  45. What is the order of execution done internally in the transformer with the stage editor having input links on the lft hand side and output links?
  46. Give examples of different types of list data types and list functions?
  47. Is system testing done by using winrunner or QTP and test director ?
  48. Tell me about important information regarding preparation of call center job
  49. How to calculate the row length?
  50. What is meant by Servelet. What are the parameters of the service method
  51. what is difference between string and stringtokenizer?
  52. What is throughput and how we can measure it during load testing?
  53. What is Edison Effect?
  54. How do you check the application for different web services like internet explorer or Netscape and others?
  55. What are the steps that must be included in testing guideline document for database testing?
  56. How is test estimation done?
  57. why are filtersused in test director?
  58. What is stty used for?
  59. Does SQLClient and OLEdb class share the same functionality
  60. count & running-countwhat is the difference between count and running-count functions?
  61. Explain why and where do we use the look up transformations.
  62. Which of the following is not a method of Debug classA) Assert( )
    B) Flush( )
    C) Open( )
  63. What are the important considerations while using join stage instead of lookups.
  64. What will happened .if the file is open in extend mode and corresponding is equal to old in jcl?
  65. What is the index ,types of index ?
  66. Enable a GUI object using WinrunnerHow can we enable a GUI object using Winrunner?
  67. What is frame level testing and How do we test it?
  68. What are the major differences between SAP DB and other database systems?
  69. what are the differences between class anad object?
  70. Explain real time environment of Ab initio?
  71. Standalone to Web ApplicationHow to convert a complete standalone application(windows forms) to an ASP.Net application?
  72. What is the basic qualification for SAP Implementation ?
  73. What are the benifits of including number of actions in vuser script?
  74. If we need to compare X to a value 3 how do we do it in C#A) If (X==3)
    B) If (X=3)
    C) If (X.equals(3) )
  75. What is the use of database index (apart from fast searching of records);What is use of composite key ?
  76. which stage test should be start and clsoe?
  77. How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager?
  78. 1) In 1 build AUT having " ok" button name ,i wrote script ,run it ,save it.But in next build button name changes from "ok" to "submit", to run script what i do?
  79. What is split?
  80. What are on-account sales credits?
  81. How many secondary Lists u can create in a Report?
  82. Agile DevelopmentWhat various Measurement and Analysis activities can be performed in Agile Development?
  83. Who prepares the test policy document?
  84. What is the use of Ajax non-turn tools?
  85. what is the purpose of interface? And tell the difference between the class and interface?
  86. What is the difference between value data types and reference data types
  87. .profile
  88. what factors effects on selecting a technology. In deatail, A customer came with SRS, how to select a technology (java,.net,c,c++) to develop a application?
  89. How to go next field without filling the text? Which function should use.Phone No Text validation in javascript?
  90. What is the difference between directives and actions ?
  91. DML operations on standby databaseCan you perform DML operations when the standby database is in read only in Standby Database?
  92. What is difference between require_once(), require(), include().
    Becouse above three function usely use to call a file in another file.
  93. Thread class is defined in the package ______Skill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) java.lang
  94. How many ActionServlets are created by struts based application?
  95. What is a datafile
  96. What is API testing? Is API testing and white box testing same?
  97. SQR ValidationWhat are the validation is done in SQR program before loading in to the database?
  98. what is com interface? how does it work in qtp?
  99. What is Hibernate and Spring? Can you suggest any books or documents so that I can go through?
  100. can we do dynamic data verification using rational robot?what i want to do is use a single data verification
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