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  1. Use technology to solve problemHow can you use technology to solve problem?
  2. Transformational LeadershipInclude characteristics of transformational leaders and how transformation takes place.
  3. What is Invocation ID?
  4. What namespaces are necessary to create a localized application? System.Globalization, System.Resources.
  5. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series
  6. GSM TechnologyWhat is GSM? explain the difference between previously used technology and GSM
  7. What is eapps.cfg file. and what is its significance?
  8. what is the difference between servletcontext and pagecontext?
  9. What is the need for using function purity in pl/sql
  10. What is Boundary Value Analysis and how it can be related to Testing Software interfaces?
  11. Create table based on another tableHow to create table emp1 based on emp, except comm column?
  12. Aspects of Code ReviewDefine and explain any three aspects of code review?
  13. What are the phase to project management? Which phase is the most important and why?
  14. What happens when you overload the stack?
  15. What is the difference between set_window and _set_window
  16. What is the command to interact with the Operating System ?
  17. how do c,c++software testin s/w testing?
  18. What is Reference path in QTP?And what is the way to get name of the browser at run time?
  19. What is the pivot operator in MS SQL Server2005? What is the use of it and how do we use it
  20. what is element wizard?
  21. Do you test your own code? How do you test your code
  22. How to create Virtual BC's?
  23. If any one working on EJB and Weblogic, plz give me the code of writting the descriptor files required to deploy the EJB component in Weblogic.
  24. What is a Public Synonyms ?

    Public synonyms can be accessed by any user on the database.

  25. Difference Types of Instancing Property in ActiveX Dll and Exe.
  26. What is abstraction?
  27. When should testing be stopped?
  28. Is the dynamic testing a functional testing?
  29. How can an object from a per action repository be called to another per action repository?
  30. how do we insert new data pool columns while creating a data pool?
  31. where does unix script of datastage executes weather in clinet machine or in server.suppose if it eexcutes on server then it will execute ?
  32. what is indexer? where it is used plz explain
  33. can we insert a record in dual?
  34. What is at-rule in CSS?
  35. what is meant by centralised data warehousing?
  36. What is diffrence between automatic Payments Batches and automatic payments
  37. Are the variables argc and argv are local to main?
  38. What is Quality? Difference b/w quality and reliability?
  39. XML for testersWhat is the use of XML for testers? What are testers supposed to know about XML?
  40. What is the difference between writing code in shell and editor?
  41. How to install multiple Central Instances on the same physical machine?
  42. How we can protect SQL Server Database?Tell me about Process?
  43. What is a structure?
  44. Mention few real time errors in Siebel configuration?
  45. How do I prevent overlapping of the tables in webi?
  46. what is a transforamation?It is a repostitory object that generates,modifies or passes data.

  47. how to make a progarm using switch case statement?
  48. what is the differences between JSP LifeCycle and Servlet LifeCycle?
  49. where can we use BOXING and UNBOXING concept ?
  50. Target file has duplicate records, eventhough the source tables has single records. Selecting data from 5 different SQL tables using the user defined join.
  51. Dodge & Romig developed ________ SamplingSkill/Topic: Statistical Process Control
    A) Acceptance Sampling
  52. what is the difference between java and core java
  53. What is quick method to find slope and deflection for a beam?
  54. Difference between Execute, Execute Query, Execute Update and Execute Batch.
  55. From which designation is it preferred to send the output to the printed?Previewer.
  56. how do you partition time dimension in cognos.
  58. Maximum number of Actions in a Step?7
  59. hi
    I plan to go for a Free"Bug Tracking Tool,which is easy to use, can anyone suggest me , which one to go.
  60. how can i find the total number of times a word
    occurs in a file ,by using wc -w or someting likethat......
  61. why unix is more stable than windows?
  62. What is a class instance variable?
  63. How to enable the runtime column propagation in the datastage?Where does this option exists?
  64. ImpersonationWhat Is Impersonation and explain it's uage
  65. How to increase Inode numbers in Solaris10?
  66. how to rename a file in cognos 8 ?
  67. how many types of approaches (like data driven) r there in winrunner and qtp. plz explain each approach.
  68. How do we convert the output of the same form basic english language to the global other languages?
  69. What are the Repository types in Informatica PC 6.1 onwards.
  70. QTP and AJAXDoes QTP support AJAX testing ?
  71. What is the difference between EVENTS and FUNCTIONS?
  72. Oracle ObjectsWhat do you mean by objects in Oracle and how do they differ from Java objects?
  73. How PL SQL is different from T-SQL
  74. how to choose websphere other than any application servercomments
  76. What is trust relationship? How to make trust relationship b/w Server and Client Server 2003 and Client Windows XP
  77. What are the different XML files used in J2EE
  78. Why is that we have to add same code in PBO and PAI when we are using TABLE CONTROLS?
  79. What are the attributes that make a good team leader?
  80. How to get output on list screen that already has first basic list output on it, in a same report program?
  81. An open form can not be execute the call_form procedure if you chain of called forms has been initiated by another open form?True
  82. What are the Reporting tools can be integrated with WinRunner
  83. Clone database using RMANHow do you clone the database using RMAN software? Give brief steps? When do you use crosscheck command?
  84. what is co-relation in load runner>
  85. Do we have any negative frequency?
  86. what is serialized bean in java ?
  87. How do we know if application is in High Interactivity mode and What is the differences between High Interactivity and low interactivity modes?
  88. DC & AC motorWhats happens when we give DC to a induction motor
  89. How to use type method for webedit
  90. Can any one tell what are the components of test cases. I faced this in one of my interview.
    How to use that ?
  92. What is the max size allowed for Msgbox Prompt and Input Box?
  93. making proposals for improvement of the test process
  94. What is ADO, OLEDB & ODBC?
  95. Name four Container classesWindow, Frame, Dialog, FileDialog, Panel, Applet, or ScrollPane
  96. How is tools architecture constructed in in Siebel?
  97. After completing Sob, how it is assigned to organisation , how legal entities are then made and then how operating units are connected.
  98. what is the difference between base table and normal table?
    what is the difference between character mode and bitmap mode in reports?
  99. What is the purpose of the Runtime classThe purpose of the Runtime class is to provide access to the Java runtime system.
  100. What are Labels in SAP and description or Example code of Label?
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