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  1. What is HIGH WATERMARK?
    I got to know that it is reset when the TRUNCATE command is executed on a table.
  2. What is the difference between // comments, /* */ comments and /// comments? Single-line, multi-line and XML documentation comments.
  3. What is Micro Strategy? Why is it used for? Can any one explain in detail about it?
  4. What servers are included in post-production?
  5. What is the minimum number of objects an object group can consist of? 1 19.
  6. What is object pooling
  7. Journal ImportWhat is Journal Import.
    How do I import vendor info into purchasing.

    Thank u,
  8. Strongest Normal FormWhich one is strongest normal form? Why?
  9. What is enumeration?
  10. what is the difference between block structured language and highly block structured language
  11. Explain about V-Model and it's usage in Testing Process
  12. how to handle the rejected rows in datastage?
  13. How to trap Data Base Error?Dim x as RDOError
  14. Table Name AliasWhy do we use alias for the table name? What is its importance?
  15. what is theta join??
  16. What are CLR, CTS and CLS?
  17. How to retrieve an image from sql server into Image Control using C#
  18. How Connect to a Database in Shell Programming?Please tell me Step by Step?
  19. Do you prefer working alone or in groups?
  20. Earthing and GroundingWhat is the difference between Earthing and Grounding?
  21. Can we test a programming language such as c ,c++ (non IDE) >
  22. what are application objects
  23. How to delete a constraint if it is not named?
  24. What are the new features available in QTP 8.2 compared with earlier versions?
  25. write a sql query to reflect changes made in one table if u have two tables Emp1& Emp2.
  26. What is the difference between Object and Instance?
  27. Main difference between Datastage7.5 and 7.5.1a. how to upgrade the job written in 7.5 to run on 7.5.1a
  28. What is the corresponding datatype in VB.Net for variant in VBA) Array
    B) Object
    C) List
    D) String
  29. How you will resolve if there is problem between your Team member and get work done?
  30. How do you feel about the possibility of relocating?
  31. can any one tell me what are the limitations of QTP
  32. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  33. What does the unit "psi" represent?
  34. how can we register EJBHome in JNDI Directory Service?
  35. what is the syntax for ref cursor working with forms 6i?
  36. How to register a table value set ?
  37. Which control would you use if you needed to make sure the values in two different controls matched?
  38. Do you know dts in SQL SERVER 2000?
  39. What are Function Modules?
  40. # Select option work like _____________on Selection Screen ?
    seeking answer
  41. ____is using when accessing Enterprise Bean.
  42. what's the definition bet interrupt & exception?
  43. Base table of View tableHow do we view the query used while creating a View table? i.e How to find the dependencies of a view table.
  44. Have you ever slipped any schedule?
  45. 401k Journal entriesanybody can let me know the journal entries for401k? like it affects the BS or income statement?
  46. What is difference between configuration and customization?

  47. How do you delete records in ODS
  48. Can implement same method name in both baseclass And derived class with different action?
  49. What is a TextStream object?It allows you to access(read/write) the contents of text files stored on the web server.
  50. What is RAC? What is Data Migration? What is Data Pumping?
  51. Java allows two or more statements to be grouped into blocks of code called Code Blocks A) True
    B) False
  52. # How does DataStage handle the user security?

  53. How Dot Net Manages Memeory and what are the Generations in Garbage Collection?
  54. How is rounding performed under integer divisionThe fractional part of the result is truncated. This is known as rounding toward zero.
  55. how to bring values of parent Bc into the child bc fields
  56. what will happen During play back,you accidentally hit"pause"
  57. What is the use of Shared Folder?
  58. What is difference between switch & hub?
  59. What is the main difference between For and While loops in Java, C or C++
  60. What are ISO standards? Why are they important?
  61. what is cache memory? Can we increase cache memory size as large as a hard disk(40GB)? What are the adv and disadv? What is diff betn swap(solaris) and cache?
  62. What are the types of memory management?
  63. What is the process in designing a Workflow?
  64. What is client server computing
  65. what is difference between the common and the private mode in TD?
  66. How you will begin to improve the QA process?
  67. Which of the Task cannot be done through PSADMIN?Starting Web Server
  68. when we know that testing is complete?
  69. Mention the difference between R3trans and Tp in SAP-DBA?
  70. How can you unload an ASP.NET App. without touching the IIS?
  71. please can any body help out some important real time questions in Silk test it very very urgent please
  72. Name 2 ways the AUT can be changed when the tester interacts with it during reording?
  73. How is sub queries handled in MySQL?
  74. when do u we use dynamic cache and when do we use static cache in an connected and unconnected lookup transformation
  75. What are Dirty Test Cases?
  76. Why is White box testing more expensive than Blackbox testing?
  77. What are the built-ins used for finding Object ID function? FIND_GROUP(function) FIND_COLUMN(function)
  78. If A.equals(B) is true then A.getHashcode & B.getHashCode must always return same hash codeA) True
    B) False
  79. LSMWHow the LSMW process goes on in modern senario?What are the steps?
  80. How micro processor works without internal memory?
  81. What is the difference between "overloading" and "overriding"?
  82. What parameters define RDBMS?
  83. Name the system calls used for process management?
  84. How will you see the number of Hardisk in an solaris operating system
  85. Who are all the members involved in product release?
  86. what are sort cards
  87. Give me an example of any major problem you faced and how you solved it?
  88. Tape Backup SolutionsWhat are the various tape backup solutions available in the market?
  89. what is raid & how it can be implemented ?
  90. what is framework in qtp how do start frame work in u r company?

    what is qtp architecture which is following in ur company?
  91. what is the difference between memory leak and buffer over flowing
  92. What is IF table in EIM?
  93. Inner Join Problem Why IN query not worked in inner join?
  94. What are Inline elements in CSS?
  95. How to insert any data in table which contain single quote ('). Like "Father's Name" By Using SQL.
  96. How can we exit from long running report, ie. if the report is running for more than 15min it must exit automatically,is there any command.
    Plz help.
  97. What is the basic data structure that is required for creating an LOV? Record Group.
  98. Can we declare a class as static? If we can declare where will the execution begins?
  99. Can we execute winrunner TSL in QTP?
  100. How can we acheive Correlated sub-query in Designer?can anyone help me in this regard.
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