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  1. why java dosen\'t support pointers?

  2. what is average transactions in loadrunner?
  3. How do you test the server response time?do you use any tool?if so what tool?if not how can it be done manually?
  4. What is the difference between connected and unconnected stored procedures.
  5. After all the testing has been done, what will be the next?
  6. What is ADS & ADSL?
  7. What is the difference between conversions and interfaces ?
  8. Where query string is stored
  9. what is the payrollsytem
  10. How can Parameters be added to a query in Microsoft Access database?
  11. What is the role of abapers? What is the Work Bench?
  12. Why we use stored procedure transformation?For populating and maintaining data bases.

  13. What are inline functions?
  14. what is servelet?
  15. How do you call dll file from winrunner?
  16. Space parameterWhat are the various ways to define Space parameter
    ie using CYL/TRK/LRECL.
  17. Disk (sort) RatioThe ratio of disk (sort) is high. Is that good or bad? Why? How will you reduce disk sort?
  18. How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?
  19. when do you not use PERL for a project?
  20. In NetWare, names of hard drives are called volume namesSkill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) True
    B) False
  21. how did you handle errors?(ETL-Row-Errors)
  22. how to write a filter condition to get all the records of employees hired between any two given dates.
  23. What is scroll select, etc?
  24. what is availability check, how to configuration of it?
  25. What is the similar for Goto specific step or function in QTP QTP does not support GOTO statement
  26. What restrictions are placed on method overloadingTwo methods may not have the same name and argument list but different return types.
  27. When an application is having database, name few checks that need to be carried out for testing database?
  28. What is SQA testing? Tell us steps of SQA testing
  29. What are the procedures for restarting a CNC machine after immediate shutdown
  30. What is the Architecture of QTP?
  31. why arraylist(and other classes) cantnot be synchronized
  32. How a rotate a control (rotation like shapes are rotated in ms powerpoint ) in
  33. Can you use a LONG datatype on multiple columns in one table.
  34. How statefull session bean remembers it's client state
  35. What is the package concept and use of package
  36. Measure Testing Supliers EfficiencyGive examples of metrics to control the efficiency of the testing suppliers.
  37. What is method Overriding ? What is it in OOPS
  38. How do you call functions in QTP Project without adding test settings, resources(library functions).Is there any other way around?
  39. Which of the following may contain a menu bar?A) A panel
    B) A frame
    C) An applet
    D) A menu bar
  40. when you have a global forward and a local forward in struts-config.xml, which one will be called
  41. what is banking domain and explain briefly?
  42. Difference between natural join and equi join?
  43. What servers are included in post-production?
  44. what is the difference between ledger and general ledger
  45. Arrays can be resized by using the keyword REDIM
  46. what is the difference between QA Analyst and QA Tester?What are there roles?
  47. Complete Auto invoice interface information?
  48. Explain the keywords - native, transient, volatile, finally
  49. What does the parameter Initial Catalog define inside Connection String? The database name to connect to.
  50. What is result of commenting out of root in /etc/ftpd/ftpusers file ?
  51. What is bulk SQL
  52. What is the difference between ForwardAction and IncludeAction?
  53. What is JSON in AJAX?
  54. C++ Default FunctionWhat are the four functions that compiler automatically provides? How can you prevent compiler to provide automatically?
  55. Explain Struts Framework flow? and How JSP file can be processed?
  56. Can you record right click and the menu appearing after right clicking on any of the links in the browser...??

    If YES then HOW...??
  57. How to use C language to create hex reader/compiler/editor to modify an existing * bin files?
  58. If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence points to tell him the answer
  59. Discuss realtime system testing
  60. what is bust in BO ?
  61. Explain the usage of thse prameters Split, Mid, instr?
  62. What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table?
  63. How do you invoke a Servelt. What is the difference in between doPost and doGet methods
  64. What is the immediate superclass of the Dialog classWindow
  65. what is QA and QC? Explain Briefly.
  66. Explain Contribution Margin ?What is the meaning Contribution Margin ? How is use ? etc
  67. What is the use of Item Identifier?
  68. what are the ways for passing a variables? tell me all the possibilities please.
  69. Reconciliation statement and Investment bankingWhat is reconciliation statement and investment banking ?
  70. What is MSMQ?
    What is N-tier System
  71. What is the difference between datagrid and gridview?
  72. what is the name of the collection class which is by default sorted under list implementation
  73. Details about FORCE VIEW why and we can use
  74. Can we open the full cleint reports on thin cleint and vice verse?
  75. What are your expectations from Project Manager?
  76. How do you declare external functions in TSL?
  77. How mapping can be done from JSP page to Actionservlet in Struts?
  78. It is possible to access Text (x.txt) files? Explain.
  79. Have you used MSVC? What do you think of it?
  80. Why will the control Not come out of Silk Test after invoking an Application exe with Sys_execute() function
  81. What is diff. between ASP State Management and ASP.NET State Management?(Imp) 19. How can we pass info between 2 pages?
  82. How can u call the Sessions?
  83. how to apply the cyclomatic complexity?plz explain with the example
  84. How to read and write of a open file?
  85. What is auto reduction?
  86. How many clients can share a same instance of a stateful session bean?
  87. what is meant by GR/IR clearance account?
  88. What are the types of functional testing?
  89. Why QTP is termed as icon_based tool?
  90. how to pass paramter from cobol to Jcl
  91. what is data skew? how can you eliminate data skew while i am using partitiion by key?
  92. In c++ have a default constructor ?
  93. what are the various attributes in time dimension, If this dimension has to consider only date of birth of a citizen of a country?
  94. What is 'sleep' in sync point?
  95. How To Open Outlook Explorer in VB Code
  96. what are the advantages and disadvantages of shared object repository and per test object repository in QTP
  97. How can we define a dynamic memory allocation in UNIX operating system?
  98. What is meant by P1 bug? any another similar bugs
  99. Session log, Task and Workflow ManagerWhat is a Session log, task in Informatica.
    What is the work of Session log and workflow manager.
  100. What can be the possible test cases for the Black Board Duster?
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