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  1. Laying FoundationOutline step by step procedure of laying the foundation.
  2. How to access values from Unix OS and how to write command in the unix OS through QTP?
  3. Why doesn't C have nested functions?
  4. What is the difference between function overloading and operator overloading?
  5. What is file type of winruuner test files , its extension.?i want to know
  6. Repeater TableWhat is Repeater Table ?? How its More Useful Over List Table ??
  7. How can we integrate two share object repositories and split one object repository to several per actions
  8. what is the work bench in sap and what are the roles of sap hr consultant
  9. What does a ROLLBACK do?It rolls back (reverses) all database updates to the point of the last rollback or to the beginning of the run-unit.
  10. Where do peopletools data is cached?app server
  11. How should a Project Mgr react when one of his key team member resigns with a short notice period?
  12. what is control level and control break statements
  13. WinRunner is suitable for which type of applications?
  14. output of the following program
    void main()
    unsigned i;
  15. How to integrate the stored procedures in ASP code.
  16. What is metadata?
  17. how can we upload logo in ALV?
  18. What are classic server and super server in Firebird?
  19. how to modify the host attribute .
  20. What is MTU of a link ?
  21. how can we use hashset in collection interface?
  22. What is the reason for using ColdFusion only on the server side.Can Coldfusion be used in the
    client side?
  23. please send me infotech interview question papers based on SAP(ABAP/4).
  24. What is Crop2crop recruitment? what is the difference between US recruitment and Indian recruitment/ what is W2W
  25. why sorter transformation is an active transformation?
  26. Unique Index and Simple IndexWhat is difference between unique index and simple index?is it possible, two rows can have the same unique index?
  27. What is a job of a tester in SDLC?
  28. Whats the difference between product testing and project testing?
  29. How do you restrict user not to copy web page in Java Script ?
  30. Can a function take OUT parameters. If not why?
  31. What is magneto rheological damper?
  32. What are the modules in a J2EE application
  33. What is predefined Test cases?
  34. What is the use of table control in bdc is it same in module pool table control?
  35. What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date in GL ?
  36. What is the difference between echo and print?If anyboyd knows, do tell me.
    waiting for your prompt response.
  37. what are the advantages of a database approach compared to a flat file system?
  38. how to write test cases for find and replace window?
  39. How WinRunner reads the color of the window/Object?
  40. Are reusable test cases a big plus of automated testing and explain why.
  41. What is a power event?
  42. How many sessions can be opened max. in SAP
  43. In QTP how can we run the test for various user name and password (EX: 100 username, Password
  44. what are the file utilit comands used in PL/SQL procedures?
  45. Report in Word FormatHow to generate report in word format
  46. 3)what is the difference of approach for Testing Client/server and webappications.(wat is the main difference).
  47. How can u describe the basic flow of automation with conditional and programmatic logic?
  48. What are the triggers in a component?
  49. what is pf and esi compliance work details in bpo
  50. Explain when we use the following scenario's:Base table having extension columns Extension, table have extension columns Which one do you prefer, Explain?
  51. What is bulk binding please explain me in brief ?
  52. Siebel S_PARTY Tableswhat is the use of S_PARTY Tables ?
  53. Access Remote DatabaseHow user can access remote database
  54. What is the name of the declaration with increased weight?
  55. What do you like least about Quality Assurance/Testing?
  56. whether final method can be overridden or not?
  57. how many cookies(max) can store a browser?
  58. What is the use of Immediate, Local Window?
  59. How to estimate a test automation project from scratch? or What is the base for estimating test automation projects?
  60. How will you prepare test plan and extimates without having requirement analysis.
  61. How to develop the SCD using LOOKUP stage?
  62. what is static array?and how it differs from char *ptr?
  63. What is LDB?
  64. Can we use QTP(8.2 or 9.0) with Test Director?
  65. Oracle Datafiles limitHow do you control No. of Datafiles one can have in an Oracle Database.
  66. Other than PLOGI is there any Feature to integtate between OM & PA?
  67. STPIWhat is STPI ? why STPI knowledge required in Accounts Payable ?
  68. What is the difference between analysis model and design model?
  69. What are the importent tables in peoplesoft finance modules AP,AR,AM,GL and po
  70. what is a self-join and when can it be used
  71. Design a class for car inventory . For every new car from the manufacturer there should be minimal changes to the code.
  72. What is a Singleton class, what is it\'s significance? Thanks in advance!
  73. How we upload and download files in JSP and Servlets ,What methods we are using??
  74. how to drop the index befor loading data in target and how to rebuild it in data stage?
  75. Using the crontab command, what is the command to display the lines in your crontab file? crontab -l, -l
  76. Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled "batch" jobs do not "collide" with each other.
  77. if the cookies on the client side is disable ie., no cookies to track session. Then how one will be able to track session.

  78. What is Auto Invoicing? Explain?
  79. How to implement pagination from database level. Please provide me any sample source code for the same
  80. How to test the product's specification to find bugs before they make it into the software.
  81. OPTION exists in VB.NETA) True
    B) False
  82. Hi,
    May I know what is the shell that is working by the mail user.

  83. How do I prevent the output of my JSP or Servlet pages from being cached by the browser?
  84. what is perspective in websphere?
  85. What is Empty Elements in HTML?
  86. What is the diffrence between ERP testing and Web based testing?
  87. What is the life cycle of an page?
  88. what is micro metrics,least square method and 3 point method
  89. What are the commands and steps for converting Unify data to Oracle data?
  90. Explain difference between and
  91. How to do tracing in wireless testing?
  92. what are the challenges you have faced while testing web based application using the automation tools
  93. How do you set port free in Windows O.S?.
  94. Test Coverage MatrixWhat is a test coverage matrix?
  95. What are the triggers we should not modify?
  96. When there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts, what do you do in QTP?
  97. Stored Procedure Performance TuningHow can we improve stored procedure performance? Explain the performance tuning techniques.
  98. What is the use of TABLES option in EXP command ?   List of tables should be exported.
  99. What is 'sleep' in sync point?
  100. What is the syntax for eliminating the duplicates in Internal table.
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