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  1. how can u test the security of a web site (from hacking),both manually and by using a tool .If by a tool then which one and how?
  2. what are the testcases for lift
  3. AWT stands for Abstract Window ToolkitSkill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) True
    B) False
  4. 1. what are the actions available in QTP?
    2. What is environmental variable? How many types available in QTP?
  5. What do you mean by Databound Controls? Explain.
  6. How do you denote null in DB2?
  7. In vat implementation, what is the abap role.
  8. Database verificationwhat is Database verification in QTP?
  9. what is dynamic method dispatch
  10. What is the difference between UAT test cases and System test cases ?
  11. Web services can handle any type of data that can be serializedA) True
    B) False
  12. Moving Text Vertically using AppletsWhich class or method is used to move up a particular text vertically using applets?
  13. Give the step by step procedure of web testing.
  14. What is the use of redo log information
  15. Concurrent Engineering integrates product design & process planning A) True
    B) False
  16. What is the difference between JRE & JVM?
  17. What are the uses of List View Control?
  18. What the procedures or process involved in the preparation for the audit?
  19. What are some uses and misuses of variants?
  20. How do you load an HTML page from an Applet
  21. Developing Search Web site using J2ee : How to make use of j2ee to develop search web site?
  22. How to write a SQL query to find N'th largest element in a Column???
  23. What are the issues that may occur while transfering data over the network
  24. What is Interface Testing & Volume Testing?
  25. IP Addresses has ________ bytesSkill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) 2
    B) 4
    C) 8
    D) 16
  26. How Many days we can take to write test cases if the build is going to deliver after 15 days?
  27. Contemporary Information TechnologyWhat is contemporary Information Technology?
  28. what are the datastage strings?
  29. On what basis you assign works to your team members when you are new to that team and accepted the leadership of the team?
  30. what is a jaxp parser
  31. What is a sequential file that has single input link??
  32. Can I customise the trace output?
  33. How do you send a message to the browser in JavaScript
  34. WhatisDSN?
  35. Inversion Key EntryWhat is Inversion Key Entry?
  36. How to share a Microsoft Access database across a network?
  37. give test case for withdraw module in banking project
  38. Difference: Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams.
  39. How we can do Load testing Manually without using any automation tool ?
  40. How do you validate Business Objects Report
  41. what is difference between candidate key and primary key
  42. If unique key constraint on DATE column is created, will it validate the rows that are inserted with SYSDATE
  43. Mechanical Engineering QualitiesWhat important qualities in 3rd mellinium in engineering?
    Reason and effects
  44. Retrieve record from VSAMWhat is the best way to retrieve a record from a vsam file?
  45. What is SQA Activities?
  46. What is the meaning of Context sensitive?
  47. What is Bonus Buy and how would I process?
  48. In how many ways parameterization can be done in QTP?
  49. What is Web Services Testing?
  50. Content Store on NetworkHow to create content store in the network and how to connect the remote database?
  51. What is EJB architecture(components)
  52. What method should the key class of hashmap override
  53. In Oracle DBA, How will you find to which schema an object belongs to?
  54. How to create client independent tables
  55. What is Frequency division multiplexing ?where it is used?
  56. How to perform integration testing on a web application? What are the considerations? Detailed pls.
  57. What are the uses or application of UML?
  58. What are Summary Accounts and Rollup groups?
  59. Is there any tool to calculate how much time should be alloated for Testing out of total Development?
  60. what are the files does a data pool contain and data pool files are stored in which file?
  61. Parametrize file locationHow to parametrize the location of the file
  62. How to find the difference between two dates omitting weekends and holidays?
  63. To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?
  64. how do you analize severity and priority?
  65. User Created StagesExplain Wrapped, Build and Custom stages?
  66. Nature and accounting treatment for fixed assetExplain the nature and accounting treatment for fixed asset.
  67. In my source table 1000 rec's are there. I want to load 501 rec to 1000 rec into my Target table ?
  68. Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5.X, if so tell us some the steps you have
  69. how do c,c++software testin s/w testing?
  70. Difference between Applet and JApplet
  71. what is the difference between local managed tablespace & dictionary managed tablespace ?
  72. what is testing methodalogy and testing techiniques can any one explain with examples.
  73. what is difference between varray and nested table.
    can u explain in brief and clear my these concepts.
    also give a small and sweet example of both these.
  74. what is QALC (QA Life Cycle)? I know it is a part of SDLC.
  75. What happens if i kill a mandatory background processes?
  76. What is ODBC Direct and Microsoft Jet Database Engine ?
  77. how to add the defect in Test Director
  78. What is the testing process?Verifying that an input data produce the expected output.
  79. which one is better when compare with Interface and Abstract class ?
  80. can we declare class within interface
  81. How pass a value through parm parameter which is greater than 100 bytes?
  82. How do you ensure that there are duplication of bugs
    in Test Director?
  83. What is diffrence between ON Change of & At New Field??
    Select Single * from & select Upto 1 rows
  84. wat is meant by Batch TestingGroup of tests executing sequentially one by one is called Batch Testing.
  85. System StackWhat is System Stack?
  86. How many LONG columns are allowed in a table
  87. What is purpose and order of firing the following triggers
    - on fetch
    - on select
  88. What is soap and xml
  89. Can Abstract class contain a private constructor?
  90. What does a COMMIT statement do?It writes a checkpoint to the Journal File and releases any record locks.
  91. What is the difference between the functions memmove() and memcpy()?
  92. What is the significance of null interface in Java?
  93. How can one view all the procedures,functions,triggers and packages created by the user
  94. How many objects in heap after the following statement?
    Thread [ ] threads = new Thread [ 5 ];

  95. Name few common bug's in localization testing?
  96. what is diff between union / union all
  97. What is a "Good Tester"?
  98. What is the purpose of using UNIX commands in informatica. Which UNIX commands are generally used with informatica.
  99. Difference between single thread and multi thread model servlet
  100. Hi ,Recently in an interview they aske me what can we do in mapplets,that we cannot do in mappings? can one please answer me.Thanks for your time
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