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  1. Why can't use Normalized Transformation in Mapplet ?
  2. How many maximum number of columns can be part of Primary Key in a table in Oracle 9i and 10g?
  3. Explain pmcmd?
  4. What is redo log buffer
  5. How to insert bulk data into the oracle database from excel sheet ?
  6. IF we use batch testing.the result shown for last action that how can i get result for every action.
  7. how is customisation of forms done through developer 6i?
  8. How can we create VPN to connect to branch office of the same office.what would be the preliminary requirement?
  9. what do review documents include?
  10. What does $# stand for?
  11. what is a Guispy?
  12. how do u identify high risk areas in ur software?
  13. What are ASP.NET Web Forms? How is this technology different than what is available though ASP (1.0-3.0)?
  14. In interactive report how we can jump on to the different different list ?
  15. What are advantage of Data Dictionary manage Tablespace
  16. In what situation we have to use alias& and in what situation we to use contexts?
  17. how can we remove/optmize source bottlenecks using "query hints"
  18. what is ref cursor in pl/sql?
  19. What are the Differences between Tread class and Runnable ?
  20. Explain the concept of object repository & how QTP recognises objects?

  21. What is Introspection
  22. How do we write test cases without knowing the Proper requirement and Documents?
  23. (1)Can we have more than one connection object with database at same time?

    (2)Why Interfaces in JDBC have objects?
  24. how to compare Stringbuffer objects?
  25. How can we implement Slowly Changing Dimensions in DataStage?.
  26. Partition sizes can be set manually or from what configuration? /etc/format.dat
  27. can anyone pls clarify diffn between functionality and GUI testing in a web based project?does field validation is GUI or functionality?
  28. Explain SSL?
  29. How to enable the runtime column propagation in the datastage?Where does this option exists?
  30. Performance tuning of SQR?
  31. what is the notation for matrix in java?
  32. What are the flaws in water fall model and how to overcome it?
  33. While printing, 10 columns are printing in first page and the next 4 cols in next page, how do u resolve this to accommodate all the 14 columns in a single page?
  34. Whats is the difference between router and modem?
  35. What is the data type for the parameter of the sleep() method?A) double
    B) int
    C) long
    D) float
  36. How do you load GUI map?We can load a GUI Map by using the GUI_load command.
    Syntax: GUI_load(<file_name>);
  37. What is an accrual ?A provision of costs.
  38. What is the 2 way of creating a thread ? Which is the best way and why
  39. What is pragma?
  40. what special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for overseas job?
  41. What command is used to get back the privileges offered by the GRANT command?


  42. When importing data through fixed-width wizard, how will u distinguish between different columns if the file is of multiple lines terminated by a \n character.
  43. From which designation is it preferred to send the output to the printed?Previewer.
  44. remove duplicate bugsIf at all 3 testers of a teem found same defect how to remove duplicate bugs
  45. The two declarations are different
    Can you explain where these declarations are applicable effectively
    const char *s;
    char const *s;
  46. Given time is short and u have to test and release application,what approach u follow to test?
  47. what is the difference between auto and register storage class? when we use it in real time?
  48. What is GETMAIN and FREEMAIN? What are the restrictions while using GETMAIN and FREEMAIN?
  49. How to do tracing in wireless testing?
  50. Could any one please explain the process of Load and Stress Testing done manualy? I need the steps followed in company, not the definations. Thanks
  51. How can you recognize a shell (C / Korn / Bourne) just by looking at the prompt?
  52. What is different between Web.Config and Machine.Config and Where it will be ?
  53. what are web database?
    advantages and application of web database.
  54. what are hierarchy in production support process
  55. Advantage of using Mercury Quality Center over Test Director
  56. Why for loop is effective than while loop
  57. Why does not support multiple Inheritance
  58. How to configure the jdbc driver in welogic server? What are all the necessary jar files to be used?
  59. How many child forms can MDI have??
  60. If we create a array of structures(structure must contain string field) we cannot store the data ny getting input from keyboard.Why?
  61. What is the difference between discounts and adjustments?
  62. Why are the methods of the Math class staticSo they can be invoked as if they are a mathematical code library.
  63. Ampersand in SQL OutputHow to display & in Oracle SQL output
  64. Is it possible to declare an anonymous class while implementing an interface?
  65. How will u pass the argument from one servlet to another servlet?
  66. Types of ActiveX Components in VB?
  67. provide details of the following standards :RS-23-C 802.3 X.25 802.11
  68. What is the procedure or steps implementing versioning if you are already in version7.X. Any gotcha\'s or precautions..
  69. Testing FrameworkWhat testing framework QTP supports
  70. Access the Last RecordHow we can access the last record from KSDS file?
  71. At-Line selection, At user-command etc..,
  72. What is data mapping and data modelling?
  73. que: what is difference between Black Box and Grey Box Tewsting?
  74. what is vuser script. While run a scenarion every vuser execute a script that script known as vuser script .
  75. When should testing be stopped?
  76. Why might the optimizer use a table scan when an index is available?
  77. how to find the size of an integer without using the sizeof operator
  78. Describe the main tables involved in AR, and what is the data stored in them
  79. what is difference between mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_row() and mysql_fetch_object()
    please insert with example
  80. For what purpose, virtual user are created?
  81. can i use bc4j with spring framwork
  82. What is the difference between D2K Reports and Oracle Apps Reports?
  83. What is an intelligent agent?
  84. NETBIOS and DNSWhat is the difference between NETBIOS and DNS?
  85. how to call list box in the text
  86. Differences between Dnaset& Snapshot?
    what is MTS?
    define ADO
    define ActiveX
  87. How to record right click of a context menu . and click on the selsection
  88. what is revaluation in general ledger
  89. How is bank reconciliation handled in SAP
  90. compress PDShow did you compress a pds? explain in detail?
  91. I have a table with a column city. The values are “delhi” and “hyderabad”. I need to update Hyderabad with delhi and delhi with Hyderabad. Define a query for that
  92. What are the problems faced in report generation & universes?
  93. Why is insert faster than delete?
    Which indexing technique works best for Oracle based database?
  94. how can i insert database checkpoint in qtp-6.5
  95. what is the defference between writeoff and receipt writeoff?
  96. What are the differences between the win runner and qtp?
  97. Difference between Cluster and Non-cluster index?
  98. What is the use of contextual selector?
  99. test cases for coffee machine?
  100. Change SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK valueCan SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK value be changed. If yes how? If no Why? Give with example
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