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  1. Can we have a commit statement inside a trigger? if no why cant we?
  2. What is IP Spoofing? What do hackers do with it?
  3. what is the difference between checked and verified?
  4. Is it possible to attach same library to more than one form?   Yes
  5. what are the advantages of a database approach compared to a flat file system?
  6. What is the extension with which the CFML gets saved in files?
  7. What is meant by Ascential Datastage Manager and where is it applied?
  8. Name 2 calsses you have used
  9. What is heuristic checklist used in Unit Testing?
  10. What is the query used to display all tables names in SQL Server (Query analyzer)?
  11. Which file extension is responsible for holding address book in outlook express?
  12. Hi
    How Can we Import data from database to global sheet by scripting not by right clicking on global sheet
  13. Describe Coding phases of SDLC in detail?
  14. How to retreive the background colour of a text box in Web environment?
  15. What method or technic is used to find the minimum no. of test cases.
  16. What is Buffer Overlapping?
  17. what is topdown and bottomup logical database?
  18. how do you test mapping and what is associate port?
  19. What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab-initio?
  20. what are the advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model?
  21. What do you like most in QA and Why? What do you like in least in QA and Why?
  22. Write the Steps in Creating an ActiveX Control?
  23. javax.comm APIHow to include javax.comm in Java library and how to use it for serial port access?
  24. Can we add Hashtable/HashMap to a vector
  25. wat is dynamic binding?
  26. Explain life cycle of ASP page
  27. How to share documents can anybody tell me how to share a document and how to check the document which i have shared in web intelligence.
  28. What is a successful product?
  29. The Get Text in wr is not considered as Check Point. Why?
  30. How do you recover password without formatting the Windows system?
  31. what happens when tl_step function is executed in TSL for a context sesitive case..wat willhappen if condition fails
  32. What is the differnce between MVG and assoiciate applet? And is it necessary to have a Intersection table for Associate applet
  33. could any one expain me how to create cascading prompts?
  34. What is the function of a choke in tube light?
  35. Where do u maintain hierarchies & Create access groups Tree Manager?
  36. Data ModelingWhat is the impact of Data Modeling Software Engineering?
  37. Events and Functional Modules in BDCWhat are the events and functional modules in BDC?
  38. What is the lower bound value of array in VB.NET?A) 0
    B) -1
    C) 2
    D) 3
  39. Can we create sequence to a View??
  40. How can we test a java web application ?
    Is there any other function to test web application ?
  41. What is complex stage? In which situation we are using this one?
  42. What is the difference between partitioning with key and round robin?
  43. What is the Difference between Action, Procedure and Function?
  44. If an event, such as a tool bar button or menu click, occurs on a MDI parent how can it invoke an action on one or more MDI child forms?
  45. Are there any practical limits on the levels of subclassing? How deep can you go?
  46. What is working of bean in EJB
  47. what are the classifications of test cases
  48. Can you create budget for daily calender?
  49. Which is betterway of accessing data SELECT or LDB?
  50. Name of the control used to call a windows application
  51. We have two files. and we want to write the matching records from both the files to a third file.There can be duplicate records in both the input files.
  52. wat is extended log in load runner?
  53. What is recovery test
  54. What is Pragma ? How do we know that which ERROR code is associate to what error ?
  55. What is the Page Protect in Reports?
  56. How can I implement error handling in QTP
  57. What are the differences between RowClass and RowSet in PeopleSoft?
  58. why scanf("%d",&n) and gets(string) don't work together?
  59. In the option of insert menu-output value, How can we insert that output value into our excel sheet?
  60. What is SQL Trace
  61. explain how you have used input parameters
  62. Describe to me when you would consider employing a failure mode and defect analysis?
  63. why we use javascript in over the vbscript and other's
  64. What is merits and demerits of White box and Black box testing?
  65. How the server will know (i.e) when it can invoke init, service,destroy methods of servlet life cycle?
  66. How do you compile a package?
  67. what is size of class having no variable & 1 function which returns int
  68. During playback winrunner did not close an already recorded window. what should we do to play back the script
  69. How to handle the exceptions using recovery secnario manager in Qtp? 
  70. What are HINTS in ORACLE?
  71. what are Hash, Nested loop and merge-sorted Join.
  72. What is difference between Test case and Test Suit?
  73. Funtion pointerWhat is the purpose and use of function pointers?
  74. web browser concept using jsp
  75. what is the difference between the routine,transform and function?give some examples for each?
  76. Can u create the instance for abstract classes
  77. How do you convert 4-way MFS to 8-way mfs?
  78. What is the difference between pass by reference and pass by value?
  79. Module Pool ProgramHow to set forground color of fonts during screen designing?
  80. what is gap analysis and when it will be use in the time of project.
  81. How can you create a column to be auto generated when creating a table ? is it possoble ?
  82. what is the difference between functionality testing and system testing?
  83. what are the journal entries which get passed from asset purchasing to asset retirement
  84. What is Resident program?
  85. what is the maximum limit of the data providers in a report?
  86. How do you generate two output files from one SQR?
  87. NBT UDP PacketsWhat is NBT UDP Packets (138)?
  88. Plz Give which cursor is better for better performance means type of cursors.
  89. How do you debug an ASP.NET Web application? Attach the aspnet_wp.exe process to the DbgClr debugger.
  90. Describe How energy is stored in a inductor on electronic level
  91. how do u configure electronic bank statement?
  92. What is meant by JFC
  93. Where is the information stored about all the packages installed on your system at the present time? /var/sadm/install/contents
  94. What is the difference between "NULL in C" and "NULL in Oracle?"
  95. What is the maximum number of segments that can be defined for KFF?
  96. How do you modify a local object repository during run time ?
  97. What are the differences between SIT's & EIT's?
  98. In vsam why we use export-import utility?
  99. What is Namespace?
  100. What is the use of Interface
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