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  1. what is backend and frontend testing?
  2. How has BTech prepared you for this job?
  3. what is the difference between condition & filter.
  4. write a test case for computer keyboard
  5. How Hibernate is related with Data Warehouse?
  6. Variant ConfigurationWhat is a variant configuration?
  7. How are the elements of a GridLayout organizedThe elements of a GridBad layout are of equal size and are laid out using the squares of agrid.
  8. What is the difference between ATP check and availability check how these reflect in sales order(which check system considers) what are the IMG settings for the same
  9. Is .Net Platform independent ?
  10. How do we know if application is in High Interactivity mode and What is the differences between High Interactivity and low interactivity modes?
  11. can anybody explain me about tracebility matrix with an ex? how can we calculate whether testing is completed by using tracebility matrix?
  12. What is BPT?
  13. How yo get the path dynamically in QTP?
  14. Have you set up a back ground job ? How to create a background job without a variant ?
  15. What is the difference between the String and StringBuffer classesString objects are constants. StringBuffer objects are not.
  16. Why do we need to use 'WHERE CURRENT OF' clause
  17. why we insert the rendezvous point while running the scenario. If a multiple vuser to perform a tasks at exactly the same time.
  18. how do you configure the system to send notifications to the userid instead of email
  19. How to design Defect Management Cycle and Implement it in Quality Center?
  20. we can overload assignment operator as a normal function.But we can not overload assignment operator as friend function why?

  21. What Is The Difference Between ViewState and SessionState
  22. Pix FirewallWhat is Pix Firewall Security? How does it differ from a firewall?
  23. What is the List interfaceThe List interface provides support for ordered collections of objects.
  24. What is the maximum no of dimension that an array can have in VB.NET ?A) 3
    B) 5
    C) 32
    D) Unlimited
  25. What is the main functionality of the Prepared Statement
  26. Write testcases for satellite
  27. What's is the Guidelines to Build Universe with Better Performance? R Performance tuning Issues of Universes?
  28. how to find out the no of connections in SQL server?
  29. when would you use production data in a test environment?
  30. why unix is more stable than windows?
  31. What is the meaning of System.out.println(). How it is constructed?
  32. Where do you need to install connectivity software?1. batch server2. App server3. two tier client
  33. what is non-regression testing? what is its need? difference between regression and non-regression testing?any example?
  34. what is the difference between media recovery & crash recovery..?
  35. What is the difference between transparent table and pooled table?
  36. How to import MS Excel file as Global Input File for parameterization in WebLOAD ?
  37. Developing and DesigningDoes the ETL developer involve in physical database design and logical database design. Are these developer duties?
  38. what is an inline view?
  39. Is it possible to have primary key and foreign key in one table if yes so what is the use of foreign key?
  40. Negative and positive adjustmentswhat is the difference between Negative and positive adjustments?
  41. Difference between Conditions and Filter in a Designer..
  42. What is Java Reflection.?
    2. For what are triggers used in a database.
  43. In scripts how u set the Fonts dynamically?
  44. Why we do use very small size of RAM compairing then HARD DISK?
  45. How do you know which index a table is using?
  46. What is the difference between . NET testing & Java testing ?
  47. What is difference between dc and adc?
  48. what is the different between CGS system and MKS system?
  49. What is Dataware house key?
  50. What is difference between global sheet anh action sheet?
  51. what is the addin to run a .net application with QTP
  52. what is crosstab
  53. What are the fields u can see in Test Report.
  54. How to capture and display text check point value in message box without using o/p checkpoint
  55. Garbage Collector Generations AlgorithmExplain the Generations Algorithm used in the context of Garbage Collector
  56. What is the difference between Process and thread with real time examples?
  57. Is the Static testing a functional testing?
  58. What is the role of QA in a company that produces software?
  59. Can you give a protocol implementation in detail?
  60. What is an index segment
  61. How do you reduce processing time in the program?
  62. How many select statements are there and list those.
  63. What has been the highest pressure situation you have been under in recent years? How did you cope with it?
  64. Setting up of nodeHow do we set up nodes in Datastage?
  65. What ways you followed for defect management?
  66. What is the difference between a Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order?
  67. How do we integrate AP or AR to GL ?
  68. what will happen During play back,you accidentally hit"pause"
  69. What versions of VB have you used? Have you also used VBA or VBScript?
  70. What steps server process has to take to execute an update statement.
  71. How many types of environment variables are there in QTP? what are they?
  72. Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet - connected ODBC dbengine.
  73. What triggers are activated when master detailed relationship established?
  74. What is page life cycle in
  75. What's the major difference between regular universe & metric universe?
  76. Why we can't implement interface in JSP?
    Why we can only extend classes in JSP?
  77. How to deploy struts in Weblogic?We need to write the struts_config.xml file or it wil b generated by weblogic automatically as like the web.xml????
  78. When you have been told , or discovered for yourself , a problem in your job performance, what have you typically done? Can you give me an example?
  79. What is Web Services Testing?
  80. what is the use of "STDERR()"?
  81. When the build comes to testing, how to start testing with QTP in Real time environment
  82. What is RELOAD privileges in MySQL used for?
  83. i got an oppertuntiny to work on sales and retailers domain, can any body give the mostly used facts and dimensions used in this domain
  84. Point in Time RecoveryExplain the steps to perform the point in time recovery with a backup which is taken before the resetlogs of the db?
  85. What is the difference between keyword view and expert view?
  86. What are some of the problems you encounter in doing your job? Which one frustrates you the most? What do you usually do about it?
  87. Difference between Cluster and Non-cluster index?
  88. What is ZOOM?How it works?
  89. How would you use the functions randomize() and random()?
  90. Write a C program to convert Decimal to Binary conversion without using inbuilt functions
  91. Push Back from Business UsersWhat type of push back have your received from the business users in relation to QA?
  92. How to check availibility of user name using hyper link in the same form?
  93. Which one is faster interms of accessing, interface or abstract class?
  94. How do you connect two fact tables ? Is it possible ?
  95. how to recover when bootblock is corrupted ?
  96. V &V ModelCan anybody V&V modle,I mean to say Verification sepeartly and validation sepeartly
  97. what is meant by excepted result?
  98. What happens to the test plan if the application has a functionality not mentioned in the requirements?
  99. can any one explain in Detail abt how to handle virtuall objects in QTP 8.2
  100. How would you declare a SingleThreaded servlet
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