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  1. The employer asks: what job related task did you like the least? What's the best way to answer this question?
  2. How to do the scripting.  Is there any inbuilt functions in QTP as in QTP-S.  Whatz the difference between them?  how to handle script issues? 
  3. Without using /,% and * operators. write a function to divide a number by 3.
  4. Difference between Table-Controls and Step-loops
  5. How to install win xp after installing solaris for dual booting?
  6. What is Subscript?
  7. What happens when u complete an invoice?
  8. what is database check point.
  9. Can you comment your form? How?
  10. What is private database link
  11. What is constructors and distructors.
  12. Define the following and explain their usefulness: Change Management, Configuration Management, Version Control, and Defect Tracking.
  13. Stimulate Processing ModelWhat type of processing model does ASP.NET stimulate?
  14. Can we change name of checkpoint? if yes how?
  15. What is the history of HTML?
  16. When is the best time for system testing?
  17. If i have to Automate an application developed in AJAX which tool (QTP,WinRunner)would be more useful. Does Load runner has a protocol to support AJAX?
  18. What are the benefits of AJAX over Java applet?
  19. Why java is not 100% object oriented?
  20. What are the Leadership Styles a good team leader must follow?
  21. How can java supports Operator Overloading?
  22. What the following command will do? psadmin -p start -d hrdmo?Starts a Process Scheduler
  23. how can we use multiple transactions by using bdc_insert.
  24. What Business System Concept is?
  25. What is the diff bet plan,package,dbrm?
  26. What is the difference between Msgbox Statement and MsgboxQ function?
  27. What is an Integrity Constraint ?Integrity constraint is a rule that restricts values to a column in a table.
  28. Define equivalent partitions for a text field which accepts maximum 20 alphabetical chars and hyphens "-".
  29. What is difference RMI registry and OSAgent
  30. What is a serializable interface
  31. What is the diffrence between and constraints and triggers?
  32. In what instancesdo we use virtual object wizard?
  33. how do you enforce garbage collection in .net
  34. How do you configure database connections in loadrunner
  35. How can we use the multiple data providers in a single report?
  36. What kind of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell me what you have devised?
  37. How many Sandboxes can be there for a project?
  38. Invoice for paymentWhat steps would you take before approving an invoice for payment?
  39. Import from Excel to Test LinkAnybody knows if it is possible to import test cases from excel to test link and how to do that
  40. What is difference between Initialize and value?
  41. How to implement the multiple control files for an existing database
  42. What is an Invoice ? How many types of invoices are there in AP and AR ?
  43. Can we execute the testcase manually and automate them later by using Winrunner? If so how?Please Explain?
  44. What is configuration Management?
  45. What is software quality assurance?
  46. can we block a group of materials only for consignment document
  47. in struts why we use servlet as action controller?
  48. Compatability testingWhat are all the test cases you will execute for compatability testing with different browzers?
  49. Name some components of an effective chargeback system.
  50. What is the importance in context in jdbc connection pools?
  51. Complex ConfigurationWhat is Complex Configuration?
  52. what is the difference between the followin

    verify mode
    debug mode
    update mode

    explain with examples in detail
  53. How do I shut down or restart a computer using java?
  54. Write test case for a poker machine
  55. how can I return more than 1 values in an unconnected lookup
  56. Open a Excel File directly from SQL command lineHow to open an excel sheet directly from the SQL prompt?
  57. What is the imp of wrun.ini file?
  58. How do you maintain regression test cases. ?
  59. What method or technic is used to find the minimum no. of test cases.
  60. Interview questions on oracle HRMS/Payroll.
  61. How to select particular value from the combo box in the current page which is entered in the previous page edit box after parameterization?a
  62. What will happen if I allocate memory using "new" and free it using "free" or allocate sing "calloc" and free it using "delete"?
  63. can you allocate the memory using malloc() in C and deallocate the same memory using free() in c++
  64. What is Implementation Testing?
    What is Shake Out Testing?
  65. Different ways to run AE, SQR.(Command, process scheduler)?
  66. Why we need to serialize the object
  67. What is the output of the following query?

    SELECT TRUNC(1234.5678,-2) FROM DUAL;


  68. What is the main use of FOREIGN KEY?
  69. How do you insert check point in synchronization mode?
  70. Did you get trained in Oracle apps or was it in house learning?
  71. What are major d/f's b/w Reporting tools(e.g. Crystal report) and OLAP reporting Tools(e.g. Hyeprion,Cognos )?
  72. What is the corresponding Layout for Card in Swing pls let me know
  73. Experience in UNIX?
  74. What is the difference between SRS(System requirement specification) and BRS(Business requirement specification)?
  75. In workflow can we send multiple email ?
  76. how many types of data base triggers are there, what is cascading
    how many types of queries are there
  77. According the SA-238 course book, the Boot PROM chip is permanently soldered to the main logic board (motherboard)? True
  78. How do we implement custom events in .Net?
  79. Low Level Designhow low level design will be prepared in datastage?
  80. How will you list only the empty lines in a file (using grep)?
  81. What is a CATCH command
  82. What is meant by Source Control?
  83. The Separator [ ] is Used to declare array typesA) True
    B) False
  84. What is the APP engine event in peoplecode?
  85. What is meant by metadata in context of a Datawarehouse and how it is important?-
  86. What are the ranges in bytes over which Btrieve validates the position block pointer, the data length pointer, the data buffer and the key buffer?
  87. Is there any tag in HTML to upload and download files
  88. where we have to use bottomup testing and topdown testing?
  89. Business Development managerWhat exposure do you have for business development
  90. Security testing Let's take an example of Login Page,can you tell me any one how we can do security testing for login page?
  91. What must be done to use an AJAX code be used across different browsers?
  92. What are the characteristics of a hands-on BSA?
  93. What is Test Case, Test Bed, Test Suite and Test Script? And what is the difference between them?
  94. How do you modify a local object repository during run time ?
  95. Difference between Hashfile and Sequential File?
  96. How do you do oracle 4 way inner join if there are 4 oracle input files?
  97. In BO supervisor how many types of users are there. and what are they.
  98. How do you automatically update image checkpoint through script?
  99. Cumulative and Differential Incremental BackupsWhat is the difference between cumulative incremental and differential incremental backups?
  100. What is a synonym
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