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  1. Process Profile contains?a) Sequence of processes b) Sequence of jobs c) batch processes
  2. what is the default size of the hash file?
  3. To which numbering system can the binary number 1101100100111100 be easily converted to?
  4. What is a library?A library is a collection of subprograms including user named procedures, functions and packages.
  5. Remittancedifference between Standard Remittance and Bills Receivable Remittance?
  6. C Program for CombinationsWrite a program to generate all combinations of 1,2 and 3 using for loop?
  7. What is importance of UNIX shell scripting in Testing and how to test UNIX platforms ?
  8. Can we do performance Testing of an Window application using WinRunner?? If yes plse do tell me How, with an eg....??
  9. What does the term panel refer to with regard to pages?A panel is the no. of physical pages needed to print one logical page.
  10. How can we automate Excel objects without using shortcut keys?
  11. Validate FrameworksHow we validate and create frameworks?
  12. what is difference between dimention table and fact table
    and what are different dimention tables and fact tables
  13. How to read rejected data or bad data from bad file and reload it to target?
  14. Private Dim x as integer. Valid ?Private cannot be used in front of DIM.
  15. What is Boundary Value Analysis and how it can be related to Testing Software interfaces?
  16. Sine WaveWhy we use sine wave in supply system rather than square and triangular wave?
  17. How do you maintain quality in Winrunner to test a application
  18. Can anyone explain about Auditing in BO XI R2?? What is the use of it??
  19. What happens when you add a double value to a StringThe result is a String object.
  20. State the process of environment parameterization, Random no parametarization with exp
  21. What is LOE? What does it stand for? (Usually seen in business requirements document).
  22. How do you search the string for vowel's occurrence and number of occurrences of each vowel
  23. Why do you Canvas
  24. What about S_PARTY Concept in Siebel?
  25. Why are the methods of the Math class staticSo they can be invoked as if they are a mathematical code library.
  26. How we can use control array in ASP.Net?
    (like textbox[i]...)
  27. Write one example that you have not find the bug in black box testing but you will find in white box testing?
  28. When do you use "CanInvoke(False/True)" method in scripting?
  29. How to handle the various types of exceptions in winrunner??
    What is a compiled module in winrunner?
    How to write TSL in winrunner??
  30. OLAP tools and Reporting toolsWhat is the difference between OLAP tools and reporting tools?
  31. How do you estimate the performance of a mapping
  32. Explain few Real time scenarios related to deadlock, flashback queries and autonomous transaction
  33. What is the immediate superclass of the Dialog classWindow
  34. Why main() need not to be declared before defining?
  35. What is meant by Stream Tokenizer
  36. TSO commandwhat is an SDSF?
  37. What values are stored internally for time (hour,minute ,second) if the date format is dd-mon-yy??
  38. Create a query that will display the total number of employees and of that total the number who were hired in 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983. Give appropriate column headings.
  39. 'this' in C#Explain about 'this' and where and when it should be used?
  40. What is the theory behind the JOIN statement in DB2
  41. when does JIT plays its role. Does JIT come along with jdk? If so then what is role of interpreter?Dont know.
  42. what is the difference between c&c++?
  43. How to configure mail server in sun solaris?
  44. How do you clear a GUI map files?
    We can clear a GUI Map file using the “Clear All” option in the GUI Map Editor.
  45. can we run a group of sessions without using workflow manager
  46. how can we validate any date format like todays date(02/15/06)?
  47. How many Oracle Application Forms have you customized. Which one was a major customization , is it given in your resume.
  48. What is the environment on which Delphi was based?
  49. What are the type of comp usage?
  50. Have you used any version control
  51. State true or false :- The word synchronized can be used with only a method.A) False
    B) True
  52. Boundary value analysesBoundary value analyses catches error that happens or arises at...
    1)End 2)Beginning 3)Middle 4)At boundaries
  53. How do you validate Email textfield using QTP
  54. rational functionHi, what is rational function it works?
    Please describe me if anyone knows.thanks
  55. How much interaction with user should tester have and why?
  56. can anyone explain about incremental aggregation with an example?
  57. Loadrunner Protocol for Oracle e-business suite Which protocol has to be selected for record/playback Oracle e-business suite ?
  58. How to get output on list screen that already has first basic list output on it, in a same report program?
  59. write program for single objects returns two instances?
  60. Verifying test resultsHow do you verify the test results and How do you proceed when you do not get the expected results?
  61. what is the transaction code to check how many times the program executed
  62. what is the tsl for login window in winrunner?
  63. What is diffrence between ON Change of & At New Field??
    Select Single * from & select Upto 1 rows
  64. How to create Customer Territory KFF
  65. what is the difference between SAP memory and ABAP memory
  66. What is the order of method invocation in an Applet
  67. How are Structure passing and returning implemented by the complier?
  68. Reference types are stored in :Skill/Topic: Advanced
    A) the Heap
    B) the stack
    C) the hard-disk
  69. How to integrate a new part in an existing Citrix Vugen script without scripting all.
    (start -->new step --->end)
  70. What is control array and how many we can have it with in the form?
    Group of control share the same name. Max 32, 767.
  71. How do you communicate in between Applets & Servlets
  72. What is Flexibility leadership?
  73. How will you write test cases for a code currently under development?
  74. Pass input parameters using UNIX Shell scriptHow to pass input parameters using UNIX Shell script to DataStage Director?
  75. Which items belong in balancesheet statement and do not appear in income statement?
  76. Why the input impedance of OP-Amp is so high?
  77. How to transfer data into line items using batch input session method?
  78. can anybody help me in how both combiningly webserver & application server Project can run in Eclipse IDE, with source code
  79. what is clarify CRM?
  80. How to schedule the report in B.O?
  81. What is the use of global variable $ in Ruby?
  82. how to insert and retrive images on MSACCESS using java
  83. How should you address the maintenance of summary templates when new values are added?Redefining summary templates can be confusing at times.
  84. Explain normalization with examples?
  85. How can we perform testing without expected results?
  86. What is the meaning of Btrieve returning a status 22 and how to overcome this?
  87. What is Location Transparency? Is it in RMI Technology
  88. why vector or arraylist will increse or decrease in when ever objects r added or deleted?
  89. What is the difference between far pointer and near pointer?
  90. When, where and why we are using overloading and overriding???
  91. Why should we not hire you?
  92. How does Windows NT supports Multitasking?
  93. Re-engineering of OrganizationWhat is Re-engineering of an organization?
  94. GL - Transfer Funds from Retained earningsHow do you transfer the funds from Retained earnings?
  95. A variable declared as final prevents its contents from being modified A) True
    B) False
  96. what is ISO of Testing?
  97. What are the attributes of the Virtual Indexes
  98. ORACLEs AIMHow are ORACLEs AIM (Application Implementation Methodology) used in testing?
  99. What field do you set in BC to control visibility?
  100. clearly explain the difference between union and group
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