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  1. How do you check whether the session is active in Stateful session bean
  2. what is http header
  3. how to write code for object exceptional handling and TSL exceptional handling and popup.can anyone write the code for me. thanks
  4. When a Step has ended with JCL error the data sets WOULD BE allocated?
  5. Profile OptionsWhat are profile options and how are they useful?
  6. What is the data type for the parameter of the sleep() method?A) double
    B) int
    C) long
    D) float
  7. Is there any difference between Execution Engine and the JIT in java?
  8. Better Tunning PL/SQL BlocksWhat steps should a programmer should follow for better tunning of the PL/SQL blocks?
  9. What is Test Summary Report ? What are its contents, its format and fields
  10. how to make immutable collection
  11. Minimum Alternative TaxWhat is Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT)?
  12. Load data onto db2How to load data onto db2 environment other than FTP
  13. Explain about secondary tracking segment flex field qualifier ?
  14. 1.different types of languages compare in c++ and other lanuages
    2.oops concepts in other language oops
  15. what is serilization and deserilization
  16. What are the types of loading in Informatica?
  17. How many data types are supported in Vbscript
  18. what are the cmm1 standards followed in a company?
  19. What is Subscript?
  20. how java supports inheritance and is java supports multiple inheritance, if so what about c++
  21. I am trying to install the evaluation version of QC for TestDirector and am having DB connectivity problems. Can anyone please help ?
  22. Disable Print OptionHow to disable print option from the report preview?
  23. How can i break a test if a bitmap-checkpoint fails ?
  24. I woudld like to know how a basic/simple J2ME application is complied and executed ?The process....?
  25. How to check an XML schema (XML Schema Validation--from XML file)? Ttell me about .XSD file format.
  26. Meta-SQL where is it stored?a) Temp Table b) SQL Table c) Query Table d) Dynamic(Guess: Temp Table, check People books – App Engine)
  27. What are all stored in System Catalog?a) SQL table b) SQL View
  28. Database ConvertionHow to convert .mdf to .sql or .xml?
  29. Attributes and FactsExplain what is the difference between a Fact and an Attribute.
  30. Grade of PPC cementWhy is the grade of PPC cement is not mentiond or defined as per Indian Standard" IS 1489-1991.
  31. What are SMART Goals?A) SMART goals are the goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Tanginle
  32. How to create Cube from Power play transformer by using SQL Server Database(with out creating IQD file using Cognos Impromptu from SQL Server)
  33. What is the powerful database utility that can be used for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases?
  34. Comments in Java Program must begin with /* and end with */A) True
    B) False
  35. what is the difference between a system crash and a media failure?
  36. what is the difference between Assembly testing and System testing?
  37. How to test GUI scripts for more than 1 Vusers?
  38. What is Cookie Testing and How it will be done?
  39. where the assembly is stored in
  40. What event gets fired after DB Update?SavePostChange
  41. What are the functions and characteristics of stores supervisors?
  42. What is the maximum record length for the VSAM dataset?
  43. How to do back ground processing in BDC Session method ?
  44. In CSS, how define the space between the element's border and content?
  45. Is it possible to use LONG columns in WHERE clause or ORDER BY
  46. 1) write a program that singleton objects returns two instances?give me answer
  47. How can we start the database if both the pfile and spfile is lost?
  48. How do you pass the variable that is entered into a prompt from a Macro of a Hotfile and get the data to show in the final report?
  49. Object creationHow can we stop the user make an object on stack, i.e. user must be able to create the object on heap only.
  50. What is ISO 9003? Why is it important
  51. What is the difference between two types of threads
  52. Sample code for Count Down Timer in Lotusscript ?
  53. Which of the following has stream as the base classA) Buffered Stream
    B) MemoryStream
    C) FileStream
  54. A delegate in C# is similar to:Skill/Topic: Advanced
    A) COM
    B) a function pointer
    C) a pointer
  55. What is the procedure to test flash applications using QTP?Can anyone please answer
  56. Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data?
  57. How to create sequence keys in data stage server edition?
  58. what is the difference between start , update and transfer routine and explain it's need
  59. What DataType is return in Postback property
  60. What about protecting static variable state? If you have static methods that change the static variable state, can you still use synchronization?
  61. What is the benchmark for creating the test plan?
  62. How many tables are created when you copy a Co.Code in SAP?
    What are the main tables required for a FI/Co consultant to refer upon in delivering his duties?
  63. what is test data?
  64. What is the regular expression for any number between 0 and 1200? please give some examples of regular expressions for various combinations of characters.
  65. Create CAPCHA CodeHow do you create CAPCHA code in ASP.Net?
  66. How to prepare or method adopt to prepare a testing schedule for a module , which tells how much time it will take to complete the testing for a module?
  67. Mastering Pages, Themes and Skin ConceptWhat is the main difference between Mastering Pages, Themes and Skin Concept?
  68. How to do parameterization, synchronization and correlation in Microsoft VSTS(Load Testing)? How to find the response time for specific number of users run?
  69. How a grid can be made editable int ASP.Net?
    How to Access a particular cell of Grid?
    What is the difference between datagrid and datalist?
  70. What is the difference between Routed and Routing protocols?
  71. what are the latest versions of MSDOS?what are the latest versions of dos?how does it help in booting the system?what are commands used?
  72. Which directory service provides a standard interface for COM and DCOM based applications?
  73. How many windows can be made in one report
  74. Explain the reasons for this error " unable to find the database'goretailers'in the content store
  75. Bind processWhat happens during pre-compilation and finally bind process?
  76. What is difference between client/sever , web server application in Testing Point of view ??
  77. What is serialization used for
  78. What is a DSM(Demand Side Management)?.
  79. Can we provide any access specifier in namespace also?
  80. Describe how you would ensure a T-SQL script ran on a particular database where there are multiple databases on a single server.
  81. Transient and Volatile. What is the difference between Transient and Volatile. Does volatile variable is serialized and synchronised.
  82. what is the difference between Java API & Applets. 
  83. What is initialization.
  84. what is the use functions in QTP. public, private
  85. what are peer classes concept in java
  86. how to upload an image from a localserver into a jsp page
  87. Is the procedure to own the moniter by many threads?

    in this question what is the meaning of monitor
  88. If the valueset if of type –TABLE then how many tables can we attach in the valueset ?
  89. Academic GoalsWhat are the academic goals that you would like to accomplish during your studies at our university?
  90. Selenium Interactive ModeWhat is the use of Selenium Interactive Mode?
  91. how would you hide a table in sql. ie the table can be only visible to its maker.not known yet
  92. Does QTP supports for VC++ applications? Is there any add-ins?
  93. when programmer using the vector and arrylist? and when ur using linkedlist and hashmap and hashtable?pls ans me
  94. can we write bussiness methods in servlets? if yes, then how can u access that from out side of the servlets?
  95. parametrization using fileHow do we input values from file
  96. What are the three components of a Message ?
  97. Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".
  98. JIT Compiler and Interpretor in JVMIn Java JVM we have both JIT compiler and interpretor What are the functionalities of both?
  99. How would ASP and ASP.NET apps run at the same time on the same server?
  100. How can we emplement strutsframework using jsp or servlets.
    what is ans.
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