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  1. What do Redo Log Buffers contain ? Redo Log Buffer stores redo entries a log of changes made to the database.
  2. SQL Query Tuning ConsiderationsWhile tuning SQL query what should be taken into consideration?
  3. What is the Hirerachy of SQL?
  4. What are java archives?
  5. How do you create a permanent cookie?
  6. What is the exact difference between Transaction Codes se01, se09 and se10? Dont say all are same please, There is some difference between those in real time.
  7. How to validate xmlschema in xml document?
  8. How to create users with "Admin" and "Guest in Test Director
  9. What is the max size of Data set stage?
  10. Write a query to display employee records having same salary?
  11. how do you define dimensional view??
  12. Read Data from PDFHow to read the data from a pdf in SSIS?
  13. INSPECT verbcan we use "'" in BEFORE or AFTER phrase for limiting the length of the string to be searched in the INSPECT verb
  14. What is the difference between SQL Overriding in Source qualifier and Lookup transformation?
  15. What is the option or command for handling procedures in Firebird?
  16. Question on Connect Id, Shared Key used to connect to the DB
  17. what is the difference between cmm level 5 company and cmmi
  18. In this example class-var = new classname( ); class-var is a variable of the class type being created A) True
    B) False
  19. What's difference between Response.Write() and Response.Output.write()?the later one allows you to write formattedoutput
  20. In a multilevel hierarchy how are the constructors are calledA) TopDown
    B) BottomUp
    C) None
  21. What is the use of Tabledef?
  22. How differ servlets from its peer technology?
  23. What TSL function you will use to pause your script?
  24. Intercompany in GLWhat is the purpose of Intercompany in GL? Explain purpose of criteria
  25. Global Temporary TableWhat is Global temporary table? and what are the benefits of it?
  26. What is the difference between 2 tier and 3 tier Architecture? Can you please tell the difference.
  27. How many layout set are there and what are they
  28. How PL SQL is different from T-SQL
  29. what is desired machine and n/w config while integrating QC with QTP
  30. how to choose between indexing and partitioning , to make query faster.
  31. How copy constructor works?
  32. what is dynamic insert?
  33. What are the Ways to Import Data into Catalong?(2 ways)
  34. Which property is used to define the relative position of one field with another
  35. rnWhat is the use of locale objects?
  36. what is a junk dimension
  37. in Execption handling What is exactly difference between throws and throw?
  38. What is the main use of business content? How data can be loaded into business content after installation?
  39. Why C or C++ Stack index starts from 0.
  40. may i know the use of spool command with syntax.
  41. what is monkey testing
  42. Tail Log BackupWhat is tail log backup? Where can we use it?
  43. How do developer find duplication of bugs in Reported bugs?
  44. When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to? Classes in the same namespace.
  45. Is it possible to insert comments into sql statements return in the data model editor?Yes.
  46. Name of the class of SQL?
  47. how we can write code to generate message boxes in ASP.NET
  48. What is at-rule in CSS?
  49. FDiskWhat is the use of fdisk cmd? How to create new file system on unix terminal?
  50. What is the relation between process system time, process waiting time , and process CPU time?
  51. What are the methods in Applet
  52. how to link two different universes ?
  53. What is the corresponding Layout for Card in Swing
  54. what is transaction performance graph. Display the average time taken to perform transaction during each second of the scenario run.
  55. Can we put all the logic in the trigger?
  56. How can we organize the tablespaces in Oracle database to have maximum performance
  57. What is causal dimension? What is the use of causal dimension? Where casual dimension is used?
  58. what is Associated grouping? and how it works in cognos impromptu?
  59. Parameter file in mappingHow to create parameter file and how to use in a mapping and workflow? Explaon with eg
  60. What is difference between Session and caching
  61. what is the difference between encapsulation and datahiding.explain with example
  62. What are virtual classes?
  63. What is the command to check consistency/errors of a file system?
  64. how to modify the script. Using vuser script information dialog box.
  65. What will happen to the Exception object after exception handling
  66. what is primitive data type.
  67. India Localization setupHow to create India localization setups?
  68. Where do we use the Bridge Design Patterns?
  69. Why UNIX is Required for a testing Engineer? What is the Role of Testing Engineer If he knows UNIX?
  70. How to make a multi column drop down list for my web application
  71. How was your progress measured? How were u rated?
  72. why most of the companys go for manual testing rather than automation testing ,when automation testing useful?
  73. what is the difference between str & stristr
  74. Which java.util classes and interfaces support event handlingThe EventObject class and the EventListener interface support event processing.
  75. Which of the following are primitive types?A) byte
    B) String
    C) integer
    D) float
  76. static and friend function in a classuse of static and friend function in a class
  77. What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?
  78. What is the maximum combined length of command line arguments including the space between adjacent arguments?
  79. what will you test if you were given an application with 35 foreign languages which you don't know?
  80. What Chart fields did you use?
  81. How do you read and extract values from an HTML table for save in to variable?
  82. State true/false: Rational administrator cannot be used to delete a project.
  83. what is an offline process ?
  84. what is the difference between stub and driver?
  85. what is the difference between declaring the variables in the scriptlet tags and in the declaration tags?
  86. Can some one tell how normalizer works with an example? Please
  87. i want to know how to encode textbox in servlet so we find complete column information from the databaseplese help me
  88. What is the Repeater function...and What does Data Integrity means?
  89. what are the procedure to migrate a data from a sql server to oracle?
  90. How can i count the no of records of a file by giving set of files in a dataset in a PDS member?
  91. Which command is used to delete all files in the current directory and allĀ  its sub-directories? rm -r *
  92. what is the protocol is used in type4 driver?
  93. Runtime analysis: SE30
  94. What are the differences between Weak Reference, Soft Reference and
    Phantom Reference with appropriate example
  95. What is the difference between Bug Reporting and Bug Tracking?
  96. Do you support automated testing? Why?
  97. what is differance in defining constraints at table level and column level
    what is main pupose of making constraints at table level....pls ans me
  98. Is it possible to have primary key and foreign key in one table if yes so what is the use of foreign key?
  99. What is the diffrence between IBM Web Sphere DataStage 7.5 (Enterprise Edition ) & Standard Ascential DataStage 7.5 Version ?
  100. How to submit concurrent program through pl/sql?
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