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  1. how can we see a query which is behind a view and can we access a table which is residing in other schema with out using a synonym ,if yes how?
  2. Let us know your understanding of Audits ?
  3. How to write tets cases for electric bulb please explain me in brief
  4. How many type of siebel Data model extensions are there?
  5. What is the role of a bug tracking system?
  6. what is the difference between OLAP and datawarehosue
  7. how many layout's are there in  java? explain each one of them
  8. What is difference between Structure and Unions?
  9. Frequency Bands What frequency bands are used in Satellite Communication?
  10. how the object code of my made header file is added to the object code of already existing file?
  11. what method used to add a jsp to the servlet
  12. What is the difference between "stored procedure" and "dynamic SQL" ?
  13. How to Generate the Metadata Reports in Informatica?
  14. what is BRds/FRS/SRS in testing. what these document contains
  15. ASP.NET web pages can be programmed in C#?Skill/Topic: Beginner
    A) Yes
    B) No
  16. how to solve problem of SMC in solaris 9
  17. SubclassA component within a class that groups objects. A subclass can itself contain other subclasses or objects.
  18. How many tables are created when you copy a Co.Code in SAP?
    What are the main tables required for a FI/Co consultant to refer upon in delivering his duties?
  19. If 2 companies are there, they have maintained separate chart of accounts, how can you consolidate their activities?
  20. How to use different debuging modes in QTP
  21. hi! .. There are three different types of user-created stages available for PX.
    What are they? Which would you use? What are the disadvantage for using each type?
  22. Classes InterfaceExplain how many classes can an interface inherit?
  23. How can we create the invoke command in the winrunner script?
  24. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  25. what is a bo repository
  26. What is DHCP and how it works ?DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  27. SCROLLABLE_SENSITIVE resultsetExplain with examples for SCROLLABLE_SENSITIVE resultset?
  28. If i use System.exit(0) in the try block or catch block will finally block will be executed?
  29. What is the difference between Test Bed and Test Harness?
  30. When is a good time for system testing?
  31. What is XMLA in SQL Server 2005I would like to know whether it uses SOAP or XML.
  32. When NoSuchEntityException is thrown
  33. How can you calculate number of nodes in a circular Linked List?
  34. What is Sound Bite Testing and how to perform it?
  35. What will happen if I allocate memory using "new" and free it using "free" or allocate sing "calloc" and free it using "delete"?
  36. What are the tools used for data analysis in DHW especially where DataStage is being used as the ETL tool?
  37. how to execute test plan in testdirector?
  38. what is a failure if a program doesn't work correctly?whether its testing issue , programming issue or both
  39. from a procedure if suppose we want more
    values to return, then which parameter
    should be used ?
  40. How has BTech prepared you for this job?
  41. How can you reduce/eliminate duplicate test cases

  42. why single inheritance cannot be use in java/why we alwayz use multiple inheritances?
  43. What is inline view?
  44. How many clients can share a same instance of a stateful session bean?
  45. What are the standard process of asset under construction in settlement?
  46. How can we call a function from an anonyms block?
  47. What is the use of the class Toolkit in the awt package?
  48. what is the difference between logical and virtual memory in databases
  49. I have a class with constructor, if i throw an error inside the constructor what will become the object while initializing
  50. what is a prerequisite and what is a pre-condition?
  51. Cost Accounting and Management Accountwhat is the difference between cost accounting and management account
  52. what is the difference between report program and dialog program
  53. Main data object in between Source and TargetWhat is the main data object present in between Source and Target.
  54. Why we use static method in Business Logic?
  55. how inspection process takes place?
  56. 1. AMDOCS Testing
    2. DW testing
    3. ERP testing
    4. Mainframe testing
    5.SOX Testing
    6. Six sigma testing
    7.RUP-CMM testing
  57. How to do performance of a method that is written in Eclipse
  58. Explain security related things are to be considered in Banking domin
  59. char(20) = 'name'
    When comparing these two values, are the spaces padded in char are considered or not? Are both values equal?
  60. What is DLL hell?
  61. How can we backup the sql files & what is SAP?
  62. What is Creative Types?
  63. How a custom transformation works and what are the options and properties need to be set?
  64. What is the built-in used for showing lov at runtime?   Show_lov
  65. What is data - driven automation?
  66. What is the difference between logical data model and physical data model in Erwin?
  67. we create X reports using template.
    can we change the template?
  68. What is lock in abinitio?
  69. What is the difference between positive and negative test cases ...plz any one explain with example...
  70. what is session synchronization in EJB
  71. what are the disadvantages of check points?
  72. It is not permitted to declare modifier on the members in an interface definitionA) True
    B) False
  73. Can we use bugzilla for our Measurement and Analysis? If yes, what matrices does it support?
  74. what is meant by version control?
  75. How to use JNI in java? and what are Struts and jini?and how to apply native code in java?Pl. explain with the e.g.
  76. What is the procedure for running the batch job in mainframe?
  77. dff between OCX , DLL and EXE ?
  78. How can we write userdefined funtions in QTP?
  79. Which operator is used for TypeCastingA) [ ]
    B) ( )
    C) TypeOf
  80. What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your testing career?
  81. For what purpose are virtual users created?
  82. Can we add Hashtable/HashMap to a vector
  83. How to create a chat application using Servlets, and it should be exactly same as that we use?
  84. how we use NLS function in Datastage? what are advantages of NLS function? where we can use that one? explain briefly?
  85. What is the output of SIGN function
  86. What are Struts properties?
  87. How would ASP and ASP.NET apps run at the same time on the same server?
  88. What is the difference between SQL Overriding in Source qualifier and Lookup transformation?
  89. What is the corresponding datatype in VB.Net for variant in VBA) Array
    B) Object
    C) List
    D) String
  90. Flex FieldsWhat are Flex fields in Oracle Apps Technical? What is different between Flex Fields and User Parameter.What r types of Flex Fields?
  91. How many ways do we have to load a class
  92. Control File Auto BackupHow do you enable the autobackup for the controlfile using RMAN?
  93. What is chunk in Informix?
  94. what is the repository agent?
  95. What are the steps for connecting Clipper database from PHP script?
  96. What is hyperlink?
  97. what is AUT???
  98. Which current or past responsibilities have you enjoyed?
  99. What is the name of the declaration with increased weight?
  100. What happens when you overload the stack?
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