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  1. How to access session variable in client side script ( vbscript)
  2. Upper and Lower CheckpointWhat is Upper and Lower Checkpoint?
  3. How do i read the information from web.config file?
  4. How to use incremental loading when you load data from staging?
  5. What is meant by Servelet. What are the parameters of the service method
  6. If Client Given The 3 Lines of requirements in that case how to write test cases if the application still in the development phase
  7. How many BDCs were developed by you.
  8. Arrange Date Week WiseHow to arrange date in week wise like from Monday to Sunday?
  9. Explain in detail the concept of synchronization.
  10. How to import the closed RMA's which contains only one return line and no ship lines into oracle using open interface tables?
  11. what are the limitations of cognos reportnet?
    what are the enhancements in reportnet ?
  12. What is the difference between row.delete() and row. remove()??
  13. What are superior keys?How are they diferent from candidate keys
  14. Fill in the blanks :- When a program does not want to handle exception, the ______class is used.A) Throws
  15. Iwas asked in an interview :
    How do you preprare the test bed for integration testing ?
  16. How do we find whether the JDBC connection is connection oriented or connection less among 4 drivers?
  17. what is the result of
    select * from table1, table2

    there is a common column between them but no where caluse has been specified
  18. what is difference about argument and parameter ?
  19. How can we make objects of connection when connection is an interface.e.g. Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection ????
  20. How many Oracle applications reports have you written, total months you have worked on Oracle reports, which client was it.
  21. can u explain qtp arcitecture,what are the terms in qtp architecture?
  22. Suppose a form is created ,which is accessed by multiuser.What should be done to prevent the table getting locked
  23. What is complex stage? In which situation we are using this one?
  24. What is a command that used to run a batch?pmcmd is used to start a batch.

  25. What is the role of the webserver
  26. Can we write Functional testcase based on only BRD or only Use case ?
  27. QFD Block diagram is also called as _______________A) House of Quality
  28. What are the different levels in Wireless Testing?
  29. what is the use of volatile keyword? Give me one example?
  30. Have you ever done any public or group speaking? Recently? Why? How did it go?
  31. what is procedure for testing after implementasion as functional consultant
  32. Action Class is Thread safe if i declare method for database connections before the execute method and when you try to access what will happen for application
  33. What is the use of AutoWireup in asp.netIn which circumstances we have to use this?
  34. The Get Text in wr is not considered as Check Point. Why?
  35. Payroll Result CorrectionWhat are methods used for correction of payroll results?
  36. What is CVS model? Is there any method to transfer programs written in our system to a Server?
  37. interrupt "trap" what is this trap?
  38. How to deploy struts in Weblogic?We need to write the struts_config.xml file or it wil b generated by weblogic automatically as like the web.xml????
  39. Can Redefines clause be used in File section, if yes at which level number ?
  40. What are the primitive types in Java
  41. Please can anyone tell me what is the exact meaning of code combination id and accounting flexfield in GL.

  42. Identify Replicating TableIn SyBase, How we identify which table is replicating to warm standby
  43. what is the advantage of table level constraints over column level constraints?
  44. How to Test Database Procedures and Triggers?
  45. Name the methods that are used to communicate with Web Services.
  46. How many pins are there in RJ11 ports
  47. Size of 9(3)v9(2)What is the total size of 9(3)v9(2)
  48. how to send message to destination ip?
  49. what is a difference between routing & routed protocols?
  50. What is difference in Desktop and web application testing ?
  51. When to use block in the script for LOad runner
  52. How will I access remote Database using rational robot.
  53. What is an Index, Primary Key and Foreign Key? When do one use index?
  54. What are all the third party tools used in DataStage?
  55. please write question of interglobe technologies interview if you have given any interview in interglobe technologies
  56. What is the difference betweeen a statis and dynamic include?
  57. How to Test Payemnt gateway for E-shopping???
  58. operations performed on vector are either posing a value into the vector (or) retriving a value from the vector . which operation is synchronized
  59. What is the difference between sql/pl-sql/embeded sql?
  60. PFMEA means Process FMEAA) True
    B) False
  61. Describe the last project scenario and generate test cases for it?
  62. What is the List interfaceThe List interface provides support for ordered collections of objects.
  63. What is the use of JTable?
  64. Polymorphic Data TypeWhat is Polymorphic Data Type? Give example
  65. What is a view? Why use it? A view is a virtual table made up of data from base tables and other views, but not stored separately.
  66. How can u stop a batch?By using server manager or pmcmd.

  67. How can we create the invoke command in the winrunner script?
  68. How will you generate a Surrogate ID’s for the dimensions in the fact table for indexed and faster accessing of data?
  69. How many main windows and aux. Windows can be opened in on layout set
  70. How many max No. of triggers I can create in a table?
  71. What is the difference between Master- detail view and MVG.
  72. An Assemblyinfo file in a VB.NET project will have _______ as file extesion.A) .config
    B) .vb
    C) .cs
  73. What is the main use of using interface?
  74. What is Localization testing and Globalization testing?
  75. What is lock in abinitio?
  76. What is correlation?In Load rinner.
  77. How do you make decision when to use use HTML & XHTML ?
  78. Types of power transmission ElementsName the types of power transmission elements with respect to drive ?
  79. How to test a message box?
  80. what is the notation for matrix in java?
  81. What is DTD?
  82. What is CPAN ? What are the modules coming under this?
  83. What is the difference between Success and Strength?
  84. Common Tickets in SAP FICOWhat are the most common/important tickets /issues in SAP FICO module? Please list the same
  85. 1. Automation
    2. Manual Testing
    3. Database
    4. Processes

    Which one is best to select and present for experienced tester?
  86. Why don\'t we add null pointer at the end of array of integer?How can we calculate the length of array of integer?
  87. What is the GregorianCalendar classThe GregorianCalendar provides support for traditional Western calendars.
  88. Solaris Administration System MessageWhich command is used to check System Messages?
  89. If you have an open cursor on a table, modify the same tableand commit, what would happen?
  90. User defined exception wasteIn which section of a PL/SQL block is a user defined exception waste?
  91. what is the advantages of converting stored procedures into Informatica mappings?
  92. What is Mass Testing?
  93. What is markup interface? What is the purpose of markup interface?
  94. What is an abstract class?
  95. People Code - Migration of SQL Reportscan we migrate sql reporting?if yes,how?
  96. Can a Byte object be cast to a double valueNo, an object cannot be cast to a primitive value.
  97. How to reverse all the no using a single link list?
  98. Difference between equivalence and boundary value analysis?
  99. Explain the reasons for this error " unable to find the database'goretailers'in the content store
  100. wats meant by struts?how to use struts in IBM websphere appli. ?
    and how to managed with struts?(plz answer simply just an intro. don\'t go very deep)
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