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  1. What is run time? Is there any difference between run time and compile time?
  2. Hi All,
    In Qtp how to get text available in html frame.

  3. what is hashing algorithm and explain breafly how it works?
  4. how exactly the testing the application compatibility on different browsers and on different operating systems is done
  5. How do you transfert the data from data warehouse to flatfile?
  6. How to insert and update rows into a record using Application Engine and Component Interface?
  7. What is the diff between Stress & Load Testing?
  8. What are the settings to be made after PGI for an account to be debited/credited ? i.e account doc scenario.
  9. What is meant by Deferred Revenue Expenditure
  10. How to connect a RDBMS with EEPROM present in the microcontroller?
  11. what is the difference between router ACLs and Firewall ACLs?
  12. Does Astra Load support Document upload in Load Mode (It works in Debug Mode)?
  13. How can i hide a particular table name of our schema.
  14. What is the term load in wireless testing?
  15. What is load configuration in designer?
  16. How will you monitor rollback segment status
  17. load and performance testwhat is difference between load test and performance test can u explain brief?
  18. What is difference between Hard and Soft mount?
  19. How to apply Regular expresions to a web page in QTP
  20. How to pass the argument to the sql query using winrunner.

    class_name=ddt_val(table, \
  21. Is WinRunner platform independent. Can this be used to test any kind of application
  22. What is Virtual Object? Plz Explain me with an example?
  23. isolated joins in universewhat are isolated joins?
    whether there will be any problem if we have isolated joins in our universe?
  24. what is the back ground process in oracle architecture
  25. What is the difference between InputStream/Outputstream classes
  26. What are the uses of List View Control?
  27. What do mean by Test Environment?Why we need Test Environment during Testing?How many types of Environments are there during Testing period?
  28. The methods and variables defined within a class are called members of the classA) True
    B) False
  29. ColumnMapping belongs to which namespaces?
  30. Hi friends,

    I was asked a question in one interview that is How can we connect to database in QTP.I need the script. Can anybody help me.
  31. which type of framework used in automation testing?
  32. what is complete description of FRAME WORK IN W.R?
  33. How to Know which version used in your system in command line
  34. what is criteria for suspension of testing?
  35. How would you use the functions fseek(), freed(), fwrite() and ftell()?
  36. what is the difference between a script and a report
  37. what is a bank guarantee
  38. Invoice Accounting - TDS entry not generated in service bills?
  39. SATA hard diskfull form of SATA hard disk
  40. What are the implicit objects in JSP & differences between them
  41. what is the code to call one applet from another applet?
  42. Explain about regression of bugs
  43. how do you stop the application servers in siebel
  44. Can any body tell something about the common erros that we come across while using jboss Appserver in the application. Please specify the steps to rectify the same errors.
  45. What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?
  46. What is the base class of .NET?

  47. what is oops? what is polymorphism ?
    does vb supports oops concept in totality?
    pl explain
  48. How do you read data from excel file using DAO in VB 6.0?
  49. What is the purpose of rational sitecheck?
  50. What is difference between Oracle and MS Access? What are disadvantages in Oracle and MS Access? What are features&advantages in Oracle and MS Access?
  51. What is the difference between web testing and Application testing?
  52. Internet and IntranetWhat do you mean by internet and intranet?
  53. What is the difference between DataStage and DataStage Scripting?
  54. What is the difference between Validate() method in ActionForm and Validator Plug in?
  55. Can Any body gives the description of Power Plug and Power Channel?
  56. Have you ever used classes? If so, how have you used them?
  57. What is an interface class? It is an abstract class with public abstract methods all of which must be implemented in the inherited classes.
  58. what is the use of lockboxes?to import receits from a bank file using lockboxes.
  59. What is the usage and syntax of command connect in Unify database?
  60. Server Recovery OptionsWhat are the recovery options for a server that won't boot?
  61. What is the code to create a table having a column named DATE, which takes date in the format dd/mm/yyyy, in SQL Server2000? Or any format of date.
  62. what is the difference between functional testing and nonfunctional testing?
  63. # What is an algorithm (in terms of the STL/C++ standard library)?
  64. What is Custom Servlet?
  65. Log TableWhat is log table? What is the use of log table?
  66. explian rowid,rownum?what are the psoducolumns we have?
  67. Difference between routing protocol and routed protocol?
  68. How can we perform testing process on unix platform? what are various unix command for testing, (with command detail) ?
  69. How you will define GlobalHow you will define global variables in DS?
  70. Plz give me detail difference between Tomcat & Weblogic server
  71. What is MTU of a link ?
  72. Is It possible to embed MSWORD application inside a web page with its full functionality?
  73. How do you use Outer Join in MySQL
  74. How to generate a report with all the columns within a single field inside a single repeating frame in the Layout.
  75. How many autonumber columns are allowed?
  76. Does mentioning the array name gives the base address in all the contexts?
  77. What motivates to do your best on the job? Do u like to compete? Idea of success in life? Biggest failure to date?
  78. What is the difference betwen Java Bean and Enterprise bean
  79. SELECT Data without using JOINHow to select data from different tables in ABAP without using JOINS?
  80. what is Cognos Visualizer and Cognos Scripting?
  81. How to call EJB from JSP.
  82. Which is better: "" loop or "for" loop?
  83. what is the difference between data driven framework and keyword driven framework?
  84. wat is the difference between object library and pl/sql library
  85. When to extend Thread Class and when to implement Runnable Interface
  86. What is the difference between excute query and excute nonquery.?
  87. Explain briefly about compare reports?
  88. what is the use of "RETURNING" in plsql .
  89. Net Income What is the difference between net income and free cash flow
  90. In Java, a source file is officially called a compilation unit.A) True
    B) False
  91. What is the significance of reference field in a DFF?
  92. if GET method is less secure than POST method then why they introduced GET method.and we\'ll use only POST method alone.wats the need for GET here?
  93. Value prompt disadvantagesWhat are the disadvantages of value prompt?
  94. How all can you free memory
  95. How can I find out how much memory is available?
  96. What are the types of synonyms
  97. how to deploy EJB 3.0 on weblogic
  98. Clustering and Sampling What is the difference between Clustering and Sampling
  99. what is difference between copy constructor and constructor?
  100. What is FinderException and CreateException in Entity Bean and when it is thrown
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