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  1. How to recover a table which is already been droped?
  2. What are the modules available in Oracle HRMS?
  3. What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt? boot -a
  4. How do you capture audio/video in PHP?
  5. What is meant by Employee Retention?
  6. What are the different ways of parameterising in QTP ?
  7. What is auto status?Autostatus is a protocol mode which causes the expansion of each DML statement to include a perform IDMS-Status statement.
  8. Open SourceWhat is the meaning of open source? How it is associated with the meaning of heavily documented?

  9. what are the contents of Traceblity Matrix & Metrics for traceablity?
  10. Latest TechnologyWhat are the latest technologies in networking?
  11. What is DHCP and how it works ?DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  12. How do you concatenate odd/even generations in GDG's?
  13. how many types of graphs have Load Runner ?
  14. What are the thread-to-thread communcation
  15. Trust relationship between two different forestshow to create trust relationship between two different forests.
  16. how to create compile module. give me some example
    how to call tests? example
  17. In Winxp how can we Rename START Button?
  18. What for we use Hashed files in datastage job? Give an example
  19. How can i delete a record by using EJB QL?
  20. what is complete description of FRAME WORK IN W.R?
  21. Reverse Traceabality MatrixWhat is reverse traceabality matrix
  22. Where is Schemas specified in XML?
  23. How to store data through form in xml format without overwriting the previous content
  24. what is menat by exploratory testing?
  25. What are the attributes of the Virtual Indexes
  26. What are the various ways of creating a thread. What is difference between them
  27. what are the limitations of winrunner in testing?
  28. what do review documents include?
  29. What file contains the location of the name space configuration text files such as hosts.rev, named.local, etc? /etc/named.conf
  30. How to create library file in winrunner?
  31. How would you find out what version of Solaris is currently running?uname -a or uname -r
  32. what is the use of tabular model,tabular SQL,tabular reference in real time application?
  33. How can you pass values from COBOL program to non-COBOL programs?
  34. 401k Journal entriesanybody can let me know the journal entries for401k? like it affects the BS or income statement?
  35. explain how to create powerplay reports
  36. what is sdlc and breif the stages in sdlc
  37. Can we call the QTP script using winrunner
  38. Why can't use Normalized Transformation in Mapplet ?
  39. What are the Commit & Commit Intervals?
  40. what are the contineous components in Abinitio?
  41. What is Open Server in Sybase?
  42. What is the difference between servlet init( ) and
    servlet destroy( ) methods?
  43. How many number of sessions that u can create in a batch? Any number of sessions.

  44. What is binding?
  45. Does Astra Load support Document upload in Load Mode (It works in Debug Mode)?
  46. CAPPA in TestingWhat is CAPPA?
  47. How do you insert image file, sound file using CLOB and BLOB.
  48. What are the important segments in vendor master?
  49. What are the decision making steps?
  50. is it possible to delete the append structure in a table
  51. Can we add independent value set to the DFF?
  52. Write a program to copy the odd rows from sheet1 of file1.xls to sheet1 of file2.xls
  53. How to do parameterization, synchronization and correlation in Microsoft VSTS(Load Testing)? How to find the response time for specific number of users run?
  54. In Siebel 7.7 How do you add Button Icon in a Applet?Like New,Query,Delete.How to activate Button?
  55. What is scalability tersting?
  56. what is the difference between Server.Transfer() and Server.Execute()?
  57. How to design Defect Management Cycle and Implement it in Quality Center?
  58. How to configure mail server in sun solaris?
  59. What is the Generation of Garbage Collector ?
  60. What is difference between perform() used in struts1.0 and execute() used in 1.1
  61. what are different datasources to develop models
  62. why we use DoEvents in VB6.0?
  63. What we will define in Struts-config.xml file. And explain their purpose
  64. What is Assembly name and name space? Whats the diffrence between the two?
  65. When I am starting Mysql Server ,DBServer is not getting initialized ?how to check that.
  66. What is search Record?How to create SQC? How to connect other application in component interface?
  67. Load Runner Memory LinksHow to find the memory links in loadrunner.
  68. How to create groups in business objects designer?
  69. Root content of XP OSWhat is the root content of XP OS?
  70. How a custom transformation works and what are the options and properties need to be set?
  71. Write Test cases for GPS
  72. Can we inherit private members of class ?
  73. Which header file should you include if you are to develop a function which can accept variable number of arguments?
  74. whats the difference between R3trans and Tp in SAP-DBA?
  75. How will you test a keyboard?
  76. How to find Nth largest or Nth smallest data from oracle table, for ex..5th highest salary from employees
  77. How to test the website using winrunner? can u give me any example for that? how to do the scripting in the tsl?plz suggest anylink or doc for that
  78. Map Entity Bean Field with OracleHow to map the Entity Bean field with Oracle?
  79. what are the special features of cognos 8 compare to reportnet1.1?
  80. What is the main difference between Enhancements and BADI.
  81. Why java.lang Package is the Default package?
  82. In Distributed Object Technology, why we r using Interfaces (Example: RMI and EJB)?
  83. Testing ProcessHow to implement testing process without having Requirement document?
  84. How do you record movements of mouse in Excel applications?
  85. what is the difference between servlet context and servlet config
  86. What is a private synonym
  87. Why inheritance is not supported by structures??
  88. Can anyone Explain Order Management Flow in detail?
  89. Why we cant use views as a state record?
  90. What is the maximum number of rows in a table in Firebird?
  91. How do you import tables from source metadata
  92. Silk Test Built-in FunctionsHave you used any built in functions, if yes what are they? Explain with sample code and usage ?
  93. What are the differences between the win runner and qtp?
  94. What is Parser Bug?
    It is difficult to use database objects declared in a module from within a form.
  95. what is RTOS?
  96. What are the Internet tools available in VB6.0?
  97. Retrieve Hash FileHow to retrieve hash file data from administrator command?
  98. can we call a procedure into another procedure?If yes means how you can pass the perameters for the two procedures?
  99. What is the command to view the active vg?
  100. Can you explain what inheritance is and an example of when you might use it?
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