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  1. Fresh Instance in ImplementationHow to start the implementation in fresh instance. Outline the steps briefly.
  2. If the application is running very slow? At what points you need to go about the database in order to improve the performance?
  3. what is the exact purpose of http handlers and interfaces?
  4. what is the difference betwwen TD 7.5 and TD 9.0?
  5. What is reflection in Microsoft .NET Context?
  6. As a team lead how do you enforce priority on a group member when he feels that the other thing is more important than the first ?
  7. i got an oppertuntiny to work on sales and retailers domain, can any body give the mostly used facts and dimensions used in this domain
  8. How do you test siebel application using qtp?
  9. Why cant we use more than two groups connecting the target in router transformation?
  10. tell me about Business objects architecture
  11. Form 1099What is the for 1099 - Misc used for?
  12. Security testing and Performance testing on Communication interface? Please suggest
  13. Expectancy Theory of MotivationDescribe expectancy theory of motivation. How can a leader use it to improve performance?
  14. please send a model question paper for selection of software functions.
  15. Plz give me detail difference between Tomcat & Weblogic server
  16. India Localization setupHow to create India localization setups?
  17. can u plz anybody tell the security testing in manual testing?
  18. cascading and nested promptsHow do I create cascading or nested prompts
  19. What happens when u complete an invoice?
  20. How many Vuser you dealt with in your current project?
    1 Vuser = How many real users?
  21. what is the diference b/w servlet-config and servlet-context?
  22. what is Session Synchronization in EJB
  23. How to send an email using siebel application?other than using F9 functional Key?
  24. How many defaults can be placed on one column of a able.If this col had an existing default, what will happen if one more is added?
  25. How can we print the error code in exception handling section?
  26. LightWieght ControlsWhich control is lightwieght control among gridview, detailsview, formview, datalist and repeater controls in ASP.NET 2.0
  27. what is spool buffer?
  28. What is a Schema ?   The set of objects owned by user account is called the schema.
  29. what are the three methods in IUnknown interface and their use?
  30. Is there any difference between these elements: char *p,char* p,char * p,char*p.
  31. In the example below 05 WS-VAR1 PIC X(5),05 WS-VAR2 REDEFINES WA-VAR1 PIC 9(5),PROCEDURE DIVISION MOVE 'ABCDE' TO WS-VAR1.Now what is the value of WS-VAR1 and WS-VAR2 ?
  32. How do you connect to the database from JSP
  33. How to bind the controls(best practice) comboboxes to the data in the dataset ?
  34. Is Inheritance supported in PHP?
  35. What is a segment qualifier and how is it set for the segments of a KFF ?
  36. How do we secure a custom table, custom program and a custom transaction code? What are the alternative approaches available for each of these?
  37. What is the interview questions for post of Technical Assistant -B in ISRO?
  38. What is the kernel abbreviation for the devices? instance
  39. Difference between retail banking and core banking?
  40. How is payroll tasks managed in Oracle HRMS?
  41. IBGP and EBGP What are IBGP and EBGP?
  42. Describe some of the methods used to allocate support costs.
  43. Rename DatabaseHow can we rename a Database with query?
  44. How does the server recognise the source and target databases?
  45. External TableDefine External Table
  46. what is the difference between block structured language and highly block structured language
  47. What is Dedicated Server and Shared Server?
  48. What is the name of the program that runs first when the OS boot process start?
  49. How to connect Report Studio Directly to datasource?
  50. How can I run a oracle package as background process
  51. what is test bed?
  52. What is thyristor?
  53. Can us able to set Instancing properties like Singleuse, GlobalSingleuse to ActiveXDll?
  54. Explain the difference between Java and JavaScript?

    General understanding of Java, J2EE, SOA.
  55. what is "hard coding"
  56. Which controls have refresh method, clear method
  57. Replace and TranslateHow and in what way REPLACE is different from TRANSLATE?
  58. What is the best book for building construction?
  59. Difference b/w retesting and regression testing?
  60. difference between 4.6 version and 4.6c ,4.7ee
  61. How to call an external file in winrunner.
  62. How to update the Bank Master Records from FedWire and FedACH in SAP R/3Is the program RFBVALL_0 valid for both FedWire and FedACH
  63. how we can optimise our internal business process?
  64. How many types of sales orders are there in order management. What are they?
  65. What is the statement that can be used in Python if a statement is required syntactically but the program requires no action?
  66. What is the max size allowed for Msgbox Prompt and Input Box?
  67. How do you test when the resolation of a window is changed ?
  68. mandatory fields what are the mandatory fields you should enabled while designing the descriptive flexfields?
  69. What are the characteristics of data files
  70. Which class should you use to obtain design information about an objectThe Class class is used to obtain information about an object's design.
  71. what are the different methods to find all the requirements are covered other than traceability matrix ?
  72. Purchase Entry RecordWhat entry is recorded when $75.00 worth of supplies are purchased on account?
  73. What happens if we code Exit program instead of Stop Run in main program
  74. Test DirectorWhen does a BA use Test Director tool and for what purpose in a project?
  75. Where the integrity constraints are stored in Data Dictionary ?The integrity constraints are stored in USER_CONSTRAINTS.
  76. how can you load DLL files when your java class is loading first time ?jni using here but exactly do not known.
  77. What are the important considerations while using join stage instead of lookups.
  78. What is single-ton pattern?how can we achieve this?
  79. what is LR-function. obtain the information about vuser running in a scenario .
  80. How to avoid using cursors? What to use instead of cursor and in what cases to do so?
  81. How to remove the duplicate value row using self join in Oracle !! please assist
  82. What is the Business Integrity in Oracle Apps?
  83. What is port address
  84. How can we get the data into the datafile when we upload the data from legacy system to Oracle Apps
    base tables?
  85. My question is after releasing the work product if client will find out any defect as a tester what will u do?
  86. What is share action,per action and object repository in QTP? Please explain me along with the example.
  87. What is the difference between Inheritance and Aggrigation?
  88. What is object file? How can you access object file?
  89. What are the built-ins used for finding object ID functions? Find_group(function) Find_column(function)
  90. What kind of books & other publications do you read?
  91. What are these three elements typing, persistence, and concurrency in oop approach while studying system analysis and design?
  92. can i write commit transaction in finally block first statement?
  93. Can main() be overridden
  94. how to convert the data present in MS-Access to SQL server 2000?
  95. How to test the complex view using manually testing?
  96. What is the need of transactions in WinRunner?
  97. Explain the working of Virtual Memory?
  98. Overloaded but not inheratedIn operator overloading Which can be overloaded but cannot be inherated?
  99. How would you remove a semaphore / shared memory whose owner processes have died?
  100. How to write Integration Testcases?
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