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  1. how to create the object to the anonomous class
  2. How many JVM's we can run in a system?
  3. In evevts start-of-selection is default event. When we have to use this event explicitly? Why?
  4. How would you use qsort() function to sort the name stored in an array of pointers to string?
  5. How to Read text files sing JAVABy using InputFileReader Class
  6. what is the difference between internel table and structure?
  7. How the jsp changes will be effected in servlet file after converting?
  8. What is the life cycle of Stateful session bean
  9. What is meant by casting
  10. testing a web based application manuallyWhat are the important points to be considered while testing a web based application manually?
  11. What are the steps to prepare Test harness in solaris Environment
  12. Binary Access-method isused to access file in which manner?
  13. Why Developers don't do testing?
  14. How would you center a form on the screen? How about centering it on another form?
  15. what are the possible test cases for administratorwhat are the possible test cases for administrator module in banking project?
  16. What is control table ? and what is its purpose?
  17. If you have the same application screen with 7 drop down boxes and approximately 70 values how do you test with QTP?

  18. what are the differences between informatica6.1 and informatica7.1
  19. what is difference between Defect Age & Build Interval Period?
  20. What is meant by Pay Group?
  21. What is Semaphore?
  22. Write a test case for telephone?
  23. What is the job of Quality assurance engineer? Difference between the testing & Quality Assurance job.
  24. What is partitioning? What are the types of partitioning?
  25. How many parameters can be passed to a function in c++ ?
  26. What problems did you run into while gathering requirements?
  27. What are the important components of OLEDB?
  28. What is the advantage to use trigger in your PL?
  29. What is protected and friendly
  30. How do you import Activex component in to .NETA) With AXImp.exe
    B) With Pinvoke.exe
    C) With Tlbimp.exe
  31. How do you answer this question "what is company code".
    2) Is it necessary to create Sundry creditors a/c while we use Vendor a/c in SAP?
  32. How can a user access all the Data Dictionary Views - Say If Scott user needs to be given the privilege of viewing all the Data Dictionary Views, What needs to be done ?
  33. what are all the things that happen behind the screen when we run the script in winrunner 7.6?
    please expain the core concept or winrunner internals.
  34. Jbutton is Swing is equivalent to ______ in AWTSkill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) Button
  35. What is the fastest way of accessing a row in a table
  36. How many ways a function can be used according to the argument list and return types? Explain
  37. How many temporary records are there in app engine?
  38. which on is best string or string buffer?which one is mutable and immutable?
  39. What is the difference between java command line arguments and C command  line arguments
  40. How do you create custom program for chargeback,I tried with the API ,arp_process.crate _chargeback,but its not working,any other method or suggestions to do this.
  41. Integrate Oracle with QTPHow will you integrate Oracle with QTP and How QTP integrate with application
  42. How many test cases will be written for a project(approximately)?
  43. Changing Prompt Table with NO Edit to Prompt Table with Edit?Only selection of existing data is possible
  44. Why is XML referred as self-describing data?
  45. C# and ASP code to insert dataHow to write code for inserting data first to datagrid and then click on the save button to save in database.
  46. Write sample code for pagination using java script.
  47. Test Web Application in Offline ModeHow to test a Web Application in Offline Mode in QTP
  48. What are the vital features of Sybase?
  49. how to skip rows from datatable while reading from QTP.
  50. Why did you ever become involved in QA/testing?
  51. What is a view? How it is related to data independence?And what are the different types of views,and what is Materialize view
  52. Vector Handling Object Types How Vector handles different types of object types?
  53. What is a fantrap in Business Objects?
  54. What are the different XML files used in J2EE
  55. What SPARC emergency keyboard sequence will take the system to the ok prompt (forth monitor) but will send output to TTYA? stop f
  56. Role of CommunicationHow communication plays an important role in your life?
  57. What are the browsers and platforms supported by AJAX?
  58. What is difference between JSP 1.0 model and JSP 2.0 model
  59. Explain about logical databases?
  60. How to insert an image into data base using JDBC? The JDBC BLOB data type available from which version of JDBC.
  61. What are batch tests and how do you create and run batch tests ?
  62. How to Format the Date in VU Script Ex:10-05-2006
  63. How many pushbuttons u can create in application toolbar in selection screen?
  64. What are the uses of S-Keys?
  65. What is the difference between transient variable,volatile variable
  66. Why is it necessary to hash?Skill/Topic: Hash Table
    A) Hashing assures that the format of keys is uniform and unique
  67. what is selective flooding?
  68. How many max parameters are allowed in concurrent program?
  69. can i know what are methods that a classloader calls when it is loading the class
  70. what is "Connection string"?
    what is "View"?
    what is "Stored procedure"?
    what is "delegate"?
  71. What option is used to ftp files to or from the ColdFusion server?
  72. How will you integrate QTP and Quality Center?
  73. What are the types of database links
  74. What method do you use to explicitly kill a user s session?
  75. What are the advantages of SOAP over standard http requests ?
  76. Basic Concept of TQM is "Unwavering Customer orientation or Focus on BOTH Internal and External Customer"A) True
    B) False
  77. what is the routed protocols & routing protocols?
  78. what is basic teradata query language?
  79. Virtual FunctionsExplain the virtual table generated in memory at the time of declaration of virtual function?
  80. What is the difference between Data modelling and Dimensional modelling?
  81. pls any one can tell some test cases for account inquiry menu,customer detail inquiry menu,customer deposit history,current histroy transactions in banking.
  82. what is severity and priority?its differnce
  83. How do you label a Reconcilitaion spreadsheet for a customer that is billed monthly in advance?
  84. what are the contineous components in Abinitio?
  85. How do you automate test scenarios for an Solaris Application using WinRunner
  86. What is the difference between Working-storage Section & Linkage Section?
  87. What is the use of AutoWireup in asp.netIn which circumstances we have to use this?
  88. why we cannot use checkpoints in compile modules
  89. Explain about Dead-locks in Sql Server database
  90. Boundary value analysesBoundary value analyses catches error that happens or arises at...
    1)End 2)Beginning 3)Middle 4)At boundaries
  91. When is a good time for system testing?
  92. A step-by-step procedures for using a test case to test a specific unit of code, function, or capability.
  93. what is the exact difference b/w LOOKUP stage , JOIN stage and MERGE stage?
  94. RMAN Backup InformationHow do you see information about backups in RMAN?
  95. What are the types of inheritence models and describe how they work like vertical inheritence and horizontal
  96. My breakpoints stop working! anyone have a clue how can it be or how to repair it?
  97. how do we remove the staging area
  98. why should we setContentType() in servlet ?what is the use of that method?
  99. What will happen if we have two DHCP servers in our network. Will there be any problem. How does it work?
  100. What is static-active flexibility?
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