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  1. When we deploy an application into a server, to which servlets these JSP will convert into?
  2. Why do you want to join our company?
  3. Shall we create procedures to fetch more than one record
  4. How can I change in custom.pll? After changes how can I send on the server and what's effect in this condition?
  5. I am new to the informatica ..Can anyone explain stored procedure,sequence generator and lookup transformation with example...

  6. what is recovery scenario?
  7. how i can get ip address
  8. What is the max size allowed for Extension in Visual BasicFrm, bas, cls, res, vbx, ocx, frx, vbp, exe
  9. Use Case ProblemIf a stakeholder does not want to read your entire use case, what could you do convey the message across?
  10. What is the best way to do regression testing using QTP.
  11. ER diagram of personnel management,
    inventory management
    Data flow diagram of financial management, college management
  12. How does traceroute work?
  13. What are the types of functional testing?
  14. Minimum Alternative TaxWhat is Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT)?
  15. How to give select privilege on all the objects owned by an user(say user1) to another user say(user2) using a single sql statement?
  16. R E on paving What do the initials R E scribed on paving denote
  17. how to write requirements and test cases for sign up yahoo new user account .
  18. How did you use automating testing tools in your job?
  19. Implements and Inherits What is the difference between Implements and Inherits keyword?
  20. What are snapshots? What are materialized views & where do we use them? What is a materialized view log?
  21. What is the limit to the number of sources and targets you can have in a mapping
  22. How to break cycle in circular single link list?
  23. What are different types of star schema??
  24. Infragistic ControlsDoes Loadrunner support Infragistic controls or not? If Yes, how?
  25. How JPA and hibernate are related as per EJB 3 specifications?
  26. what is the use of public access modifier in
    public static void main(String args[]) in java
  27. Common Causes and Special CausesWhat is the difference between common causes and special causes?
  28. How to change the Object Repository Mode using CODE?

    ie from Shared to PerAction.
  29. What are the steps to be taken for repairing a corrupted Design Master?
  30. What is the difference between windows authentication and sql server authentication
  31. How do you query Quality Centre database using an external application ?Can anyone tell me the main tables that are used by Quality Centre?
  32. what is synapshot?
  33. If you disable the index, can you use it or not?
  34. PHP SessionWhere does the session stored, either client side or server side?
  35. Briefly explain how code behind works and contrast that using the inline style.
  36. How to check an XML schema (XML Schema Validation--from XML file)? Ttell me about .XSD file format.
  37. I was asked this question in 2 interview,how do perform dynamic object testing

    plz reply immediately
  38. The last time you did not know what decision to make, what did you do?
  39. lr_get_host_name vuser functionsHow to use lr_get_host_name vuser functions? and also How to see the result
  40. Explain about secondary tracking segment flex field qualifier ?
  41. What is the repository for objects in QTP
  42. what is the difference in creating filters in Designer and Business Objects?
  43. How will you test a stapler?
  44. How to generate a XML log file using VB script
  45. What is the interface used in QTP?
  46. How to change the font color of few itmes in the listbox control while loading in VB6
  47. What is the difference between Instance and a Database?
  48. whar are the major diff. between the Winrunner 6.0 and 7.0 (with internal procedure)?plz. send the answer
  49. If I can write a test script using one virtual user that will log onto my system as 100 different users, what does a virtual user really mean?
  50. Why C?Why C considered as a High Level language? In C we are using pointers to access memory ,hence why HLL?
  51. How do we know about the build we are going to test? where do you see this?
  52. Parent Node is also called as _____ Node.Skill/Topic: Tree
    A) Main
    B) Root
    C) Branch
    D) Stem
  53. Overview of test plan – IEEE standards.
  54. What is the use of Ajax non-turn tools?
  55. How do you say XML is secured language on the information exchange over the network?
  56. after run depreciation i have forget calculate depreciation of one asset then how to calculate depreciation of that asset
  57. What is spooling?
  58. how can we create reports in query studio?
  59. What for we use Hashed files in datastage job? Give an example
  60. Are the value sets mandatory for DFF segments?
  61. Password Protect Win XP FolderHow can we password protect a folder in Win XP?
  62. In Database testing What will you keep in consideration and Why. Explain.

  63. Define each of the following and explain how each relates to the other: Unit, System, and Integration testing.
  64. What is checkpoint restart option in jcl?
  65. What is the difference between product and project?
  66. What is the return type of a program's main() methodA program's main() method has a void return type.
  67. What is difference between DESCRIBE and DESC please define
  68. What is external Style Sheet?
  69. what is the difference between OLAP and DSS?
  70. Can we load multiple files?
  71. DML operations on standby databaseCan you perform DML operations when the standby database is in read only in Standby Database?
  72. What does separation option in static hash-file mean?
  73. Is there any heavy weight component in Swings
  74. Block Corruptionwhere we can find block corruption? which view desc block corruption?
  75. Is it possible to get the logical name of parked object through script. if yes Plz explain with example.
  76. What happens if you don't specify a Search Record for a Component?
  77. What kind of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell me what you have devised?
  78. What is the difference between Retesting and Regression Testing?
  79. What are all the benefits & bottlenecks of using loadrunner.
  80. What is the difference between typedef & Macros?
  81. Whats MSIL, and why should my developers need an appreciation of it if at all?
  82. What is the importance in context in jdbc connection pools?
  83. what are the JSP atrributes?
  84. How to add company logo to a report?
  85. what is fact load?
  86. How is referential integrity enforced in a SQL Server database?
  87. How do you tune a query using explain plan?
  88. what is homogeneous transformation?
  89. When a web based application is automated, How does QTP identify the GRID Control?
  90. When do we need to use 2 or more data providers to make a report??
  91. Why did you ever become involved in QA/testing?
  92. do we need to have knowledge of .net to test a .net application OR java to test java application
  93. What Chart fields did you use?
  94. Can u copy the batches? NO

  95. When many Users are browsing the same application at the same time and they click the "Submit" button will many objects be created for each and every User?
  96. What is the difference between Simple Recovery and Compound Recovery Scenario?
  97. What is a zombie?
  98. Whats an assembly ..?
  99. What is the difference between the String and StringBuffer classesString objects are constants. StringBuffer objects are not.
  100. Open SourceWhat is the meaning of open source? How it is associated with the meaning of heavily documented?
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