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  1. What does not-complete direct cover status mean
  2. Inductive LoadHow to design inductive load for 3 phase 440v and maximum 5 amps for star or delta?
  3. what about the Default Transaction Attribute?
  4. How do you catch bad rows from OCI stage?
  5. How to write Negative Testcase?Give ex.
  6. what is the difference between function pointer and pointer to function?

    why we use static variable as a global instead of defining it a local?

  7. we have a trigger on data the trigger body we have created
    a body using dbms_output.put_line(********) ;this should be fired
    when ever trigger executed;
  8. Write a program to find prime numbers using pointers
    2)Write a program to check armstrong numbers using pointers
  9. what is the use of GUI map editor?
  10. What is SCN number in Oracle? Plz any one give me the explanation for SCN
  11. What is flash back query and trip stop
  12. Is it possible to set a filter condition in a cross product group in matrix reports?No.
  13. What about protecting static variable state? If you have static methods that change the static variable state, can you still use synchronization?
  14. SQL*Loader ProcedureHow to call a procedure in SQL*Loader?
  15. How can you convert a String value into integer and viceversa in Java
  16. Why scripts that run fine with Winrunner 7.5 does not run with 8.2 version?
  17. How to find the length of the edit box through WinRunner?
  18. Clear logsHow to clear logs after 5 days, by using a routine?
  19. What is ActionMapping ?
  20. what is the difference between free goods & bonus buy?
    How do you configure bonus buy?
  21. How much interaction with users should testers have, and why?
  22. What is Atomic transaction?
  23. How to break an application by testing ?
  24. What is Conditional DML? Can anyone please explain with example.
  25. What is Biasing?
  26. How swap memory can be allocated to certain process ..what is command to give swap space to certain process?
  27. Loop BackHow to take loopback? What are the commands used to take loop back?
  28. What is the diff between Stress & Load Testing?
  29. What are the new methods used to allocate and release the memory in java?
  30. how to find the number of arguments defined in graph..
  31. What is the Oracle rowid counterpart in MySQL?
  32. hi
    I plan to go for a Free"Bug Tracking Tool,which is easy to use, can anyone suggest me , which one to go.
  33. Difference b/w retesting and regression testing?
  34. what is the difference between block structured language and highly block structured language
  35. What is the role of QA in a development project?
  36. How to call external webpage from siebel application?
  37. Tail Log BackupWhat is tail log backup? Where can we use it?
  38. What are some uses and misuses of variants?
  39. What is slicing and dicing? Explain with real time usage and business reasons of it's use
  40. My breakpoints stop working! anyone have a clue how can it be or how to repair it?
  41. Which type of procedure does a delegate point to A) Static procedure
    B) Instance Procedure
    C) Both
  42. What are the validations to be taken in doing Customer Conversion using TCA APIs
  43. Abinitio Password In production also do they will give same password which was given in .DBC?
  44. Blinking TextHow to create a blinking text in IE6?
  45. can you please clarify the difference between compatible and incompatible objects?
  46. what is commerce/portal performance testing?
  47. what is defect leakage?
  48. What is Generics?
    Difference between OLEDB.OLEDB command builder & OLEDB.OLEDB command?
  49. ____ 's name is best known in relation to the concepts of Do It Right First Time & Zero Defects. A) Philiph Crosby
  50. Why call section and SQL are mutually exclusive in application engine
  51. Plz Give which cursor is better for better performance means type of cursors.
  52. Where is Schemas specified in XML?
  53. Write sample code for chart generation (bar chart...) using the data available in the database...(in jsp)
  54. What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life?
  55. Did you work in UNIX environment?  Yes. One of the most important requirements.     
  56. HR-IBM: "Customer is a key, or key is a customer" Describe. Please give me the answer.
  57. What is DIV?

    What does 100V/DIV or 50A/DIV mean?
  58. Give me any example of semi and non additive measures..
  59. Reverse A Linked ListWhat is the most efficient way to reverse a linklist?
  60. If you have an application, but you do not have any requiremnts available, then how would you perform the testing?
  61. Have you ever written test cases or did you just execute those written by others?
  62. How we print the contents on a[][].If the a[][] is filled with some elements.but the y dont specifiy the sizes of two dimensions arry?
  63. what is the difference between Winrunner & QTP?
    what is the advantage of using QTP then winrunner?
  64. What are the benefits achieved by computerized payroll system?
  65. what are components of reportnet?
  66. What are The two tags for framesets
  67. What is a server and What is meant by server side implementation of com in Visual C++?
  68. What are Pre defined Queries?
  69. What is the use of catch command?
  70. What is auto invoice in OM module?what is use of it?
  71. How must the team leader play the role of learner to benefit a team?
  72. is it possible to declare a dynamic array without using malloc,calloc,and pointer.
  73. What is single-ton pattern?how can we achieve this?
  74. I have some QTP tests i want to execute at 2.00 am can i set time to execute them unattendedly? If yes How?
  75. how do you configure lotus notes 6.5
  76. Who created Internet Protocol?Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf
  77. Oracle Snapshot too old errorWhat is Ora1555 error. Snapshot too Old error. Explain in detail.
  78. Void pointerExplain about void pointer and it's real time usage in Business
  79. what is ithe significance of v-model in software testing?
  80. How database testing is done using manual testing i.e., without using any automation tools
  81. Are all the project listed actual real life project.
  82. Memory LeakHow can you identify memory leak without using database tool?
  83. in struts what happens if made any changes in actionservlet?
  84. what is a Lowest level computer language
  85. What is meant by Junk Attribute in Informatica?
  86. Explain briefly about compare reports?
  87. Can any one help in knowing the FAQ's in SAP CRM...

    I am in very urgent need of it....
  88. In which situation condition 88 variable used,give example?
  89. How would you attach pictures in Treeview Control?
  90. ASP.Net 2.0 and ASP.Net 3.5What is the key difference between ASP.Net 2.0 and ASP.Net 3.5 Version.
  91. What are the testcase generally we convert into vuser script Citeria for performance testing
  92. Explian breifly about 3-tier architecture in designng a project
  93. RMAN DuplicateIs it possible to specific tables when using RMAN DUPLICATE feature? If yes, how?
  94. what is database check point.
  95. What is the use of parameter tag?
  96. hai AVS,

    iam not agree with you, because we can change form shared repository to per action repository viceversa.
  97. Walkthrough & ReviewWhy are walkthroughs & review important while implementing a process?
  98. compress PDShow did you compress a pds? explain in detail?
  99. Please can anyone tell me Real-time Siebel eFinance Project Scenarios
  100. Activity Vs. Partial PressureWhy ACTIVITY is so useful than considering PARTIAL PRESSURE in thermodynamics point of view?
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