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  1. What is SQL injection? What are the uses of it?
  2. Can any body tell about silk meter why we are going to use it and also silkrealizer
  3. What is the difference between Retesting and Regression Testing?
  4. Is it possible to create prompts directly in cognos8 BI Anlysis Studio? If so please explain the steps?
  5. when we save any test it will automatically save as folder which are the files generated in it?
  6. Can you create budget for daily calender?
  7. What is vendor evaluation
  8. How Search engines work?
  9. Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  10. can we declare class within interface
  11. Can u kill thread manually. What is the disadvantage
  12. How to define Informatica server?
  13. What is Auto Invoicing? Explain?
  14. what is the diffrence between JAVA Mail and JMS Queue
  15. what is the difference between doGet methods,doGet()and service() used in servlet?can we use service() methods replace of doGet() and doPost()?
  16. Which is the best online manual for the SHELL SCRIPT
    These scripts are used by many companies like IBM, WIPRO, SATYAM, ORACLE....
    Can anyone help me.
  17. Roll Back in SQL Server 2000How to Roll back Deleted records in SQL Server 2000 through Query Analyser?
  18. How can one view all the procedures,functions,triggers and packages created by the user
  19. How do you ensure the quality of the product?
  20. Output value in QTPHow to get the output value in QTP
  21. How to you move from Dedicated server Process to a Shared Server Process
  22. how to implement type2 slowly changing dimensions in data stage?explain with example?
  23. Overlay and Correlate graphWhat is overlay and correlate graph give the graph details
  24. A method in Java, that calls itself is said to be recursive. Skill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) True
    B) False
  25. when we click a button on webform it shows java script which function is used to show this

    thanks friends

    ambica kiran kumar.majji
  26. How can we do load testing for Webi Reports? (Example if I have have to test one webi reoprt for Concurrent users refreshing report at one time)
  27. advantages of Quicktest pro over Rational robot
  28. Difference between listbox and combo box.
  29. PFMEA means Process FMEAA) True
    B) False
  30. what is difference between business area or cost centre?
  31. What is the method to find if the object exited or not
  32. Which system tables contain information on privileges granted and privileges obtained?


  33. Site ReplicationHow does replication takes place between two sites?
  34. Link Button and HyperlinkWhat is difference between link button and hyperlink?
  35. EthernetWhat is the differnce b/w Ethernet And Internet?
  36. How many Test Cases we have to write for E Finace Project?
  37. Hi,
    could any body explain me,about Business process in oracle applications?
  38. What is Dynamic Testing Testing software through executing it. See also Static Testing.
  39. Is there any provision in java to find the address of a particular memory location?(like & in 'C' language)
  40. what is the difference between datawarehouse and BI?
  41. what type of access specifiers can we use for local variables?
  42. what is bidirectional method of testing?
  43. What is the function that can used in coldfusion for getting the value out of a dynamically
    named variable?
  44. How do you test a weblink which is changing dynamically
  45. what is the difference between constraind base load ordering and target load plan
  46. I have an interface that is implemented by 100 classes, if I add a method to the interface will my classes compile? How can I fix any errors?
  47. How to delete result file (XML) in QTP?
  48. Why does EJB needs two interfaces(Home and Remote Interface)
  49. what is the definition and use of volatile and transient in java
  50. How many threads at a time can access a monitor?A) one
    B) two
    C) none
    D) three
  51. What property do you have to set to tell the grid which page to go to when using
  52. Cognos List reportHow many rows can you add above a selected row in a list report
  53. How would you declare a SingleThreaded servlet
  54. What COBOL construct is the COBOL II EVALUATE meant to replace?EVALUATE can be used in place of the nested IF THEN ELSE statements.
  55. How do you make changes to a standard letter template using Microsoft Visual Basic programming skills
  56. i want to know how to encode textbox in servlet so we find complete column information from the databaseplese help me
  57. what is the control parameter in setting item category
  58. Hi

    How do I import some test plan (say written in word document) directelly to Test Directory. is any way to do it.

  59. Why does a character constant require two bytes of memory space in C programming
  60. what is the difference between Instance and Object in CoreJava
  61. what are high level and lowlevel requirements in traceability matrix?
  62. If an application name changes frequently, i.e. while recording it has a name Window1 and then while running it becomes Window2. How does QTP handle this?
  63. What are some of the problems Business Analyst runs into different phases of SDLC? And, how to solve those problems?
  64. what are data sources to develop catalog
  65. How can we link enquiry, quotation & sales order
  66. Connect id?
  67. Hi,
    Can anybody tell me how to call a web service through Java script.

  68. How to break an application by testing ?
  69. How can we make a jsp as singlethread?
  70. What is angile testing?
  71. Why can't you serialize the stub? Why do we need handles?
  72. Driver and StubWith what type of test is a driver and a stub most closely associated?
  73. what is performance baseline testing and at what stage of testing it is used?
  74. What is Conditional DML? Can anyone please explain with example.
  75. How to know the size of the table we created?
  76. If i want to excute a program only in background not in forground is there any option for this?
  77. Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp() function.
  78. How can you change to get the decimal separator as comma instead of the decimal point (.)?
  79. I have qtp 6.5 installed and it worked fine on IE 6. However, after installing IE 7 it does not work?
    any suggesstions??
  80. Waht are main advantages and purpose of using Normalizer Transformation in Informatica?
  81. What errors can occur when the page loads?
  82. Quality means conformance to specificationsA) True
    B) False
  83. Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes? Specify the function names.
  84. How to handle the exceptions in SQL like what to do when the data is not available?
  85. How to implement stack in Perl?
  86. The hardware-level user interface that you see before the operating system has been started is called: open boot
  87. correlated sub-query and nested sub-query examplesplease give some sub-query examples based on correlated sub-query and nested
  88. sigma comperator optical systemsExplain about calibration method of sigma comparator optical systems ?
  89. What is version Control?
  90. When should you consider denormalization?
  91. How can we change the index (column position) of Datatable?
  92. By using test_io.putline command how can I change the font and colour of the test
  93. What is index cluster
  94. Oracle table space Quota and usersHow to create User in Oracle, allocate quota on Oracle table space
  95. what is a bo repository
  96. How can you save and Get data from Clipboard
  97. where do we use MQ series source qualifier, application multi group source qualifier. just give an example for a better understanding

    thx in advance
  98. How is an iterator handled in Ruby?
  99. Is it possible to query a hash file? Justify your answer...
  100. Signal & WaveHow does a Signal differ from a Wave
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