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  1. what is the difference between global int & static int declaration
  2. How do I enable a database column to use it in a DFF segment?
  3. What are Entry and Exit criteria in Test Plan?
  4. Invoice for paymentWhat steps would you take before approving an invoice for payment?
  5. Can any one tell the process of testing through Rational Robot like in winrunner 1)create GUI Map file 2) Record test ..........?
  6. How would you describe the involvement you have had with the bug-fix cycle between Development and QA?
  7. ___ Property is to compress a image in image control.
  8. What are the induction processes a project manager must plan for team members?
  9. Complex ConfigurationWhat is Complex Configuration?
  10. What is ISO 9003? Why is it important
  11. Suppose I call one subroutine for another report , but that is not exists what will be the result?
  12. How can i handle the after job subroutine in the transformer stage?
  13. What is the Recovery system in preparing the testcases?

  14. Where query string is stored
  15. what is the difference between cost center elelment and a GL account
  16. How do you use cursor dynamically?
  17. What are enumerators? and what are in-line functions? giv ans with eg.
  18. How to create a permenent cookie
  19. Generally what object repository mode is preferred?

    Generally in real time projects we use Shared Object Repository file.
  20. What is the basic difference between user acceptance & beta testing when both testing are done by end user.
  21. Return an Array from a functionHow to return an array as the output parameter of a function?
  22. Which transformation has the most complexity Lookup or Joiner?
  23. What about protecting static variable state? If you have static methods that change the static variable state, can you still use synchronization?
  24. What is the difference between paycheck and Payslip?
  25. What are "HINTS"? What is "index covering" of a query?
  26. What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date in GL ?
  27. What is the difference between importing a class
    and creating the object for that class
  28. How do you record an .NET application which is on Citrix server.
  29. how do you insert rejected records of a lookup into db2 database ?
  30. The assembly class is defined inA) System.Reflection
    B) System
    C) System.InteropServices
  31. How will you communicate between two Applets
  32. How is memory allocated by new ?
    a) In a heap b) in a stack b) both a & b c) None of these.
  33. What is meant by flickering
  34. what is drivers and steps in testing concepts?
  35. What is soap and xml
  36. How to write weekly status report
  37. How do you test VB.NET applications ?
  38. how we can findout the Nth largest No from the table.
  39. What step(s) must be completed to allow a single instance of Framework Manager to connect to multiple ReportNet dispatchers?
  40. Can you create Alerts in WEB Intelligence?
  41. How to perform integration testing on a web application? What are the considerations? Detailed pls.
  42. What goals do you have in your career?
    How do you plan to achieve these goals
  43. How many transactions, BDCs, Scripts developed by you.
  44. Please Explain Low Level Design(LLD) and High Level Design (HLD) in the Design phase of SDLC
  45. What is DTD?
  46. How did you upgrade your PO?
  47. What is the main component of operating system?
  48. How to Format the Date in VU Script Ex:10-05-2006
  49. how to access files from destination IP
  50. SAP and mySAPWhat is difference between SAP and mySAP ?
  51. How does your preferred work style work with the ideal test-manager role that you just described? What is different between the way you work and the role you described?
  52. What is stored procedure. How do you create stored procedure
  53. Nested and Normal TableWhat is the difference between Nested Table and Normal Table?
  54. Component Object Model - COMExplain Component Object Model used in C, C++ and .NET
  55. What is the most important part of setting up Automation?
  56. How do you validate Business Objects Report
  57. If anybody have the knowledge of Bugzilla, Please let me know. Its very Urgent.... If you have any interview questions please tell me. Thank you very much all
  58. what is the difference between SE38 and SE80?
  59. what is difference b/w Informatica 7.1 and Abinitio
  60. can the main() method be overloaded? or overrided? and what happens when we do so?
  61. Please can anyone tell me Real-time Siebel eFinance Project Scenarios
  62. What is the use of catch command?
  63. What is the option for making a new paragraph in HTML?
  64. When you will chose CMP and BMP
  65. What is cyclomatic complexity?
  66. Explain about token feature in Struts
  67. What methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful?
  68. How do I run Unix Shell scripts using WinRunner tool,
  69. What is ost file?
  70. What modifiers may be used with a top-level classA top-level class may be public, abstract, or final.
  71. Controller FunctionsDescribe the functions of Controller?
  72. What are the technologies combined in AJAX?
  73. What is benchmark testing? How do you use it? Give me some examples
  74. Which is the default Scripting Language of ASP (server-side)?VBScript
  75. What is the difference between the C#.NET and VB.NET?
  76. how can i maitain multiple records in for the same employee applying for insurance two times
  77. What is added as new option in Build apart from Create Tables, Indexes, Views?Create Trigger
  78. Is struts thread safe?
  79. Query transform and SQl transform What is the difference between Query transform and SQl transform in BODI?
  80. Describe how you determine what constitutes top priorities in the performance of your job?
  81. Explain Scheduling?
  82. how do we remove the staging area
  83. Oracel 9i and 10g Configuration fileWhere is the configuration file is stored in Oracle 9i and 10g
  84. why friend function cannot be used to overload the assignment operator?
  85. How the data will propagate from DAO's to the view(i.e jsp)
  86. How to take care of null values in SQL Loader ?
  87. At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin?
  88. Can we load multiple files?
  89. Can anyone tell me about MRC and Multi-Org?
  90. Is there any condition in cobol to check the variable has any special characters?
  91. Can anybody tell me how do u define action and transaction in QTP?
  92. What are the validations to be taken in doing Customer Conversion using TCA APIs
  93. Explain about CHAR function and it's use in DB2
  94. What are the ADO objects? Explain them.
  95. what are the file used in hibernate?
  96. create a query that will display the total no.of employees and, of that total, the no.of employees hired in 1995,1996,1997, and 1998. create appropriate column headings.
  97. What is meant by source is changing incrementally? explain with example
  98. What are different types of transactions in AR ?
  99. Is it possible to send recorded messages through email in VoiceXML if so how it is done?
  100. Display Double Qoutes in SilkTestHow to display the double quotes in result window by using testscript language in SilkTest tool
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