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  1. How can we trace PeopleCode in Application Engine Program?
  2. DataStage TXWhat is DSTX?
  3. Oracle 9i Tools and UtilitiesWhat is the difference between the tools and utilities in Oracle 9i?
  4. Can you use WSAD for building web services, if yes How?
  5. What are materialized views? when are they used?
  6. what are kinds of layouts does ab initio supports
  7. Difference between Oracle Forms and Apps Forms?
  8. Can traceout command work across the firewall? If No then why? If Yes then why?
  9. Differences between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation.
  10. What is the different types of sort in JCL and What is the intrensic function of COBOL
  11. What types of data access have you used?
  12. What is the Hirerachy of SQL?
  13. What is First-line pseudo-element in CSS?
  14. What is the difference between compile time error and run time error?
  15. Count Links in WebpageHow to count Links in Webpage by using QTP?
  16. How can we prepare the testcase for integration testing and traceability matrix?
  17. SCROLLABLE_SENSITIVE resultsetExplain with examples for SCROLLABLE_SENSITIVE resultset?
  18. What is an in-line perform ?
  19. How many reporting currencies can be attached to Primary Set Of Books ?
  20. How to communicate two domains without routing devices?
  21. Who should you hire in a testing group and why?
  22. BADIs ProgramingExplain the basics and defination of BADI
  23. Why we use stored procedure transformation?For populating and maintaining data bases.

  24. How can I get distinct values while mapping in Informatica in insertion?
  25. concatenate two circular linked listsWrite a program to concatenate two circular linked lists into a single circular list.
  26. Tail Log BackupWhat is tail log backup? Where can we use it?
  27. what are the differences between weak reference, soft reference and phantom reference
  28. When we are having data in the target table and there are no primary key or foreign key mentioned in the target table then how will you update as well as insert the data?
  29. what is option base? diff between option base
    and option explicit?
    pl explain
  30. What is ISO 9003? Why is it important
  31. What are the differences between TP lite and TP heavy
  32. What is the max size of Data set stage?
  33. Mirrored VolumeHow to configure mirrored volume in Windows 2003 server?
  34. How can you tell a particular script will work in all the browsers?
  35. What is a page?A page is the smallest unit of storage in an IDMS database.
  36. What are Roles ? Roles  are  named groups of related privileges that are granted to users or other roles.
  37. How Does MAXCORE works?
  38. Which process writes data from data files to database buffer cache?
  39. Can a QTP script have two OR's, if so while using one OR sheet, how do you associate the 2nd OR.
  40. Enable a GUI object using WinrunnerHow can we enable a GUI object using Winrunner?
  41. Which bit wise operator is suitable for turning off a particular bit in a number?
  42. what is the difference between final & constant modifier?
  43. How to test the report without using SQL editor?
  44. Edit Check Specificationsdefine Edit Check Specifications.
  45. What is auto reduction?
  46. how to store some value at any desired address?
  47. what is a refferent?
  48. when we have Multiply Object Multiple Property(MOMP) GUI checkpoint, then what is the actual use of Single Object Single Property(SOSP) GUI checkpoint?
  49. Difference between single thread and multi thread model servlet
  50. how can we execute winrunner script in load it possible or not?is yes how we can execute?
  51. HRM and HRDWhat is the difference betwenn HRM and HRD?
  52. How do you call a function from external libraries (dll).
  53. What is the theory behind the JOIN statement in DB2
  54. when does JIT plays its role. Does JIT come along with jdk? If so then what is role of interpreter?Dont know.
  55. How to handle exceptions without using try catch finally
  56. What is the best framework for MainFrame based applications?
  57. C StructuresIs structure a value type or a reference type? why?
  58. wat is the difference between SAP MEMORY and ABAP MEMORY?
  59. Which of the method is used to display the form as modal A) Activate ( )
    B) Show( )
    C) Showdialog( )
  60. What is scenario?Give a simle example of scenario for sending a mail?
  61. can we declare class within interface
  62. One person reviews a QA test plan prepared by his counterpart and gives him comment.
    It is a part of?
    a) QC

    b) QA
    c) Both
    d) None
  63. What is an abstract methodAn abstract method is a method whose implementation is deferred to a subclass.
  64. What happens if public static void main(){} is made protected?
  65. When to use Interface over abstract class?
  66. What is a CDATA section in XML?
  67. what are the differences between rational clear quest and clear case?
  68. How you can activate or call one another servlet method?
  69. Delay SigningWhat is delay signing?
  70. i was asked in interview that if i have created a class and i don't want the class to be inherited by any other members without me which key or function i have to use?
  71. Upload script to Test Director how can i upload my test script into test director in qtp. what is the procedure
  72. what is the default scope of jsp tags?
  73. What method should the key class of hashmap override
  74. what do you do when you receive code late but still have a deadline?
  75. What is the use of Database Form wizard in Delphi?
  76. what is difference between dispose() & finalize() in c#?
    how database remotely connected?
  77. I was able to post a budget journal to a closed period, why?
  78. ASP.NET View StateWhat is view state. How is it implemented?
  79. what is the main difference between css2 and css3.
  80. GrepHow to use logical AND in grep?
  81. How many cursor type and lock type in ADO.Give me Details answers.
  82. what is nightly build?
  83. why single inheritance cannot be use in java/why we alwayz use multiple inheritances?
  84. Do you think tools are required for managing change. Explain and please list some tools/practices which can help you managing change.
  85. What is Modular Test Tree concept in Winrunner
  86. Difference between oracle and sql server 2000?
  87. What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?
  88. URGENT - can anyone define what poduct evaluation actually is with regards to testing? Thanks in advance
  89. how to create SCDs(slowly changing dimensions) in abinitio?
  90. What are the standard programs for Oracle GL,AP,PO modules open interfaces?
  91. What is defect cause graphing? Explain with an example
  92. How do you import images to CICS Maps
  93. What is user activity in datastage?
  94. what are data sources to develop catalog
  95. Access data from DatabaseIn which manner the SQL commands access the data from database?
  96. what is difference between servlet and jsp
  97. How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?
    Give some examples or tips.
  98. Plz give me detail difference between Tomcat & Weblogic server
  99. What is meant by session in db_connect
  100. How to identify that particular expression is compiler dependent or not?
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