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  1. What is LUW?
  2. which one is equivalent to multiplying by 2:Left shifting a number by 1 or Left shifting an unsigned int or char by 1?
  3. what is the mail process from source to destination ?
  4. Difference between account payable and bills payable
  5. what is the requirement of board meeting on the annual basis
  6. What are the values that can be taken by property white-space of CSS3?
  7. Why was Java Created?PlatForm Indepentdent ,security,Garbage Collection.
  8. surrogate keyWhat is the Disadvantage of surrogate key stage?
  9. Application Object What methods must be used with the application object to ensure that only one process access a varaible at a time?
  10. Host and ServerWhat is difference between Host and Server
  11. What is the level of system loading expected to occur during specific business scenario?

  12. What is the max size allowed for Max label caption length.
  13. I am automating a web application with QTP, an image is missing. how do I check and send a message that a expected image is missing?
  14. what is driving port
  15. How do I find out what the currently installed release of Applications is?SELECT release_name FROM fnd_product_groups
  16. What is are the main terms in Unit Operations? and what is its charecteristics?
  17. Windows 2003 Server R2Describe the changes included with Windows 2003 Server R2.
  18. Adding Values to a ColumnHow to add values to a column present in target file which column is not present in source file?
  19. AJAX DisadvantagesWhat is the disadvantage of AJAX?
  20. During playback winrunner did not close an already recorded window. what should we do to play back the script
  21. Difference between String & StringBuffer
  22. what is the purpose of running the scenario . To check the response time of the client/server system under load.
  23. How to exceed the funding budget amount limit in the actual journal?
  24. What are advantages and disadvantages of CMP and BMP
  25. How do we make Function Point Analysis.
  26. What is innerclass
  27. What is an Iterator interfaceThe Iterator interface is used to step through the elements of a Collection.
  28. A Simple Query involving Professor, Asst Professor and to find if both can be available before and at a mentioned date?.
  29. Does anyone know any Bugs found in Reportnet 1.1 ?
  30. in which particular situation we use dynamic lookup?
  31. What is descriptive programming?
  32. How can we increase performance in a View?
  33. What is index covering? What are its merits?
  34. In #22and #23 what kind of software tools would you use in these tasks.
  35. What is one time procedure
  36. What is the output of the following program?

    void main()
    int *ptr =55;
    printf("%d", ++(ptr));
  37. what type of access specifiers can we use for local variables?
  38. Why java does not support Multiple Inheritance?
    Why java is not pure Object Oriented?
  39. Explain about bug tracking in banking module
  40. How do you handle conflict with programmers?
  41. what is switch action & forwardAction in struts
  42. Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".
  43. How does traceroute work? Now how does traceroute make sure that the packet follows the same path that a previous (with ttl - 1) probe packet went in?
  44. How Creativity proves very important and useful for Global leaders?
  45. C# Calender Dayshow to find out how many calender days are there between two dates in
  46. What is the purpose of cache? How is it used?
  47. How to get a calender in date field in oracle forms?
  48. State the difference between a Session and an Application
  49. What are the general reasons of session failure with Look Up having Dynamic Cache?
  50. When you have action=get?
  51. How many types of flatfiles available in Informatica?
  52. Which Server Stats are essentially monitored during a Performance test of a Web Application?
  53. C Null and SQL Nullwhat is the difference between the null in C and one in SQL?
  54. We believe in ad-hoc software processes for projects. Do you agree with this? Please explain your answer.
  55. What are PTD, QTD and YTD? Explain
  56. What is Payroll transaction?
  57. what is the difference between auto and register storage class? when we use it in real time?
  58. Define equivalent partitions for a text field which accepts maximum 20 alphabetical chars and hyphens "-".
  59. What are datapool separators?
  60. what is e-scripting in siebel? what are methods and events?
  61. which one is better when compare with Interface and Abstract class ?
  62. What are the different types of Synchronization?
    Is there any other way of method or class or object locking?
  63. how can i rectify errors in bdc.
  64. what is collction framework?How it is working?Explain.
  65. what is defect leakage
  66. provide details of the following standards :RS-23-C 802.3 X.25 802.11
  67. Transfer AP to GLHow to transfer from AP to GL?
  68. IBM WebSphere Service Registry and RepositoryWhat is WSRR? IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  69. Adding Two Numbers How to add two numbers without using arithmetic operators?
  70. What is difference between ROWNUM and ROWID.
  71. Hi
    Are there any Automated tools for testing CUI(Charecter User Interface) Application like Application developped in FoxPro & C/C++.
  72. how is sap useful to mechanical engineer
  73. What is difference b/w acceptance test and other tests, not testing?
  74. Types of BackupWhat are different types of backup? (Hot, Cold, logical, Physical) Explain in detail.
  75. What is role based security?
  76. What is the maximum number of data string can be returned from DBMS_OUTPUT? and
    How do you call a trigger from a table?
  77. what are the roles & responsibilities of an SQA in a CMMI Level company?
  78. we create X reports using template.
    can we change the template?
  79. Suppose from form1 to form2 object property settings will arise to ?
    Invalid procedure call or argument (Run time error – 5)
  80. what is bust in BO ?
  81. Money LaunderingWhat do you mean by Money Laundering?
  82. Examples of unresolved and closed bugs and who is responsible for the completeness / correctness of document
  83. What is meant by reliability testing and in which phase this test is performed and by whom?
  84. what is the usage of Recurring Invoice Report from AP module?
    what is the functionality of Requisition interface from PO module?
  85. What is the use of Pre SQL & Post SQL in source qualifier and target table? How to use?
  86. What is the difference virtual and pure virtual function
  87. Main difference between Datastage7.5 and 7.5.1a. how to upgrade the job written in 7.5 to run on 7.5.1a
  88. Any Interview questions usually asked on web testing,PWP,Webmail homepage,Capture/Playback

  89. Is there any Freeware Tool to do Database Testing, frequently used in I.T. industry
  90. What is Test Scope ?
  91. What is Incremental Aggregation?
  92. State Business reasons for using SOAP
  93. Connect Router and BridgeHow to connect router and bridge?
    How the port is applied in C language, Java or VB?
  94. how to distinguish the surogate key in different dimensional tables?how can we give for different dimension tables?
  95. How to install Oracle Apps 11i on Win 2k Server?
  96. inter process commandinter process command in UNIX be achieved by
    a)pipes b)messages c)semaphores d)shared memory e)all
  97. how can we delete duplicate rows from flat files ?
  98. What does CIDR stand for?
  99. Can anybody tell me what is the role of Configuratin Manager?His one orle is maintaining the build versions.
  100. Control Break StatementOn change of, in control break statement is used for what purpose?
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