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  1. I want to create two instances of a class ,But when trying for creating third instance it should not allow me to create . what i have to do for making this?
  2. How many drivers in MYSQL?
  3. what is the difference between Applet and Frame in java?
  4. How to write test case for mobile phones
  5. Explain the differences between White-box, Gray-box, and Black-box testing.
  6. How can we make a jsp as singlethread?
  7. What are the libraries attached to TEMPLATE form ?
  8. What is a Package Procedure ?   A Package procedure is built in PL/SQL procedure.
  9. What is the process of setting in peoplecode debugger?
  10. What event gets fired after DB Update?SavePostChange
  11. Which command is used to delete all files in the current directory and all  its sub-directories? rm -r *
  12. What is "JIT ENGINE" in Java?
  13. How can we improve the performance of DataStage jobs?
  14. “Exit” and “Stop”. What is the difference?
  15. where do you go for perl help?
  16. How can i test with the help of winrunner ,an animated banner which wen clicked expands its size ?Its position and coordinates shud not change?
  17. Data BlockWrite an SQL query if you want to select the data from one block which intern reflects in another block?
  18. Distillation Vs FractionationDifference between Distillation and Fractionation?
  19. WhatisDAO?
  20. What are the differences between IIS 5.0 and IIS 6.0?
  21. Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.
  22. What is check pending and copy pending status in DB2, how do you resolve it?
  23. How to access data from two internal table using join condition
  24. what do you mean by develope and enhanced script in qtp?
  25. Which is better coverage method? and whats the difference between path coverage and branch coverage?
  26. How can a break order be created on a column in an existing group?By dragging the column outside the group.
  27. how to create a constraint for a tablecolumn which is already created
  28. How can you perform validation on client side, if the validation controls are Server side?
  29. What is meant by encapsulation ? Explain with an example
  30. What are properties of good requirement?
  31. How important is flexibility plays role in business success and why?
  32. What is Document Testing
  33. explain the differences between cost-based optimizer and Rule-based optimizer ? Why DB2, Sybase is cost based and SQL, Oracle are Rule Based Optimisers ?
  34. How is requirement analysis done by business analyst?
  35. how to execute sql query using qtp ? Explain with sample code.
  36. What is GUI test case writing. Can you kindly elaborate with an example?
  37. How can i run my own qtp scripts in remote rational test manager
  38. what are the major difference between B.O XI R/2 and B.O XI R/1?
  39. How will you copy the structure of a table without copying the data?
  40. Oracle maximum data files limit How many max datafiles can there be in an Oracle Database.
  41. Why is people management attribute very important for a team lead?
  42. What are the disadvantages of using threads? DeadLock.
  43. What methodologies have you used to develop test cases?
  44. how to hide URL shown on address Bar
  45. What is the difference between abstraction, encapsulation and data hiding?
  46. Tables in databaseHow to find how many tables in each data base
  47. How to read last record in vsam file.,I don't know how many records are there?
  48. I have update Row in table using Revert that update Row it means original position?
  49. 1)what is the starting "oracle error number"?
    2)what is meant by forward declaration in functions?
  50. Why the size of CD is limited to 650/700 MB?
  51. What is bench mark?
  52. How to save a path in command prompt to recall it later.How can I save a path to my favorites in command prompt to recall it later?
  53. what is nightly build?
  54. write a program to generate any one number randomly from a list of numbers.
  55. When do you start developing your automation tests?
  56. How to check an XML schema (XML Schema Validation--from XML file)? Ttell me about .XSD file format.
  57. Interface Programs in OMWhat are the interface programs done in Order Management?
  58. what is the difference between rownum,rowid
  59. what is Log4J and it's advantages & disadvantages ?
  60. What type of documents would you need for QA/QC/Testing?
  61. how to verify the response time for server or any device, to test the performance test, is there any tool available for this
  62. Is it possible to set a filter condition in a cross product group in matrix reports?No.
  63. How is triggers concept taken care in Firebird?
  64. What are all the key factors to write system test plan?
  65. what is the use of command tab in Debug viewer ?can we execute any user defined queries
  66. What is difference between perform() used in struts1.0 and execute() used in 1.1
  67. How can you provide an alternating color scheme in a Repeater control? AlternatingItemTemplate
  68. How the Sub Ledgers(AP,AR) integrate with GL
  69. Test Web Application in Offline ModeHow to test a Web Application in Offline Mode in QTP
  70. What is byte offset of a field within a structure?
  71. How can I connect Project1 to Project2 in Visual Basic?
    Pl send the Answers with proper coding As soon as Possible.
  72. What are the attributes a team leader must look for while selecting members for their team?
  73. What is the difference between fact and measure?
  74. who are stakeholders
  75. CICS Job SubmitHow can we submit a job from CICS?
  76. what is RTOS?
  77. How to convert Stack in to Queue and v varsa ?
    c with data structure.
  78. Hi

    How do I import some test plan (say written in word document) directelly to Test Directory. is any way to do it.

  79. How to check whether 'X' (for closing window or dialog) icon exists for a .NET based application using QTP
  80. Nested tables How do you create nested tables?
  81. What is Target Update Override? What is the Use ?
  82. What is serialization
  83. What cost-cutting measures have you implemented?
  84. Is it necessary to have QTP installed machine "A" where we intend to run tests from machine "B" having QC or only installing remote agent on machine "A" should be enough?
  85. Verify Expense Report / Invoice PaymentWhat items would you verify when processing an expense report /invoice for payment?
  86. What is the extent of your participation in major reports that have to be written?
  87. Can i use dropdownlist control in my datagrid.if soi want the code also how to do it.Its urgent plz send me u r answer
  88. How often is learning process important for a project manager and why?
  89. What are the different types of internal audit?
  90. what are the differences between rownum and level pseudo columns?
  91. Which controls have refresh method.
  92. IS DNS catching in Run Time Setting set to 'NO' required for Load Balancing. Is there any other way for Load Balancing
  93. Compression ParameterYou have a database of 2GB. Can you convert the database to 1GB. Which compression parameter will you use?
  94. How can the efficiency of the Tester be mapped? Is there any process flow or matrix for this?
  95. What do you do if the documentation given to you unclear/not understandable?
  96. Static testing requires...?Static testing requires...?
    1)Binaries 2)Source code 3)Product 4)Executables
  97. The hardware-level user interface that you see before the operating system has been started is called: open boot
  98. Network operating systems NetWare is from Novell Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) True
    B) False
  99. Which debugging window allows you to see the methods called in the order they were called?
  100. What is your greatest strength?
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