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  1. what is the difference between the test case and a test script
  2. How are the elements of a GridLayout organizedThe elements of a GridBad layout are of equal size and are laid out using the squares of agrid.
  3. What is Test Life Cycle?Definition and steps of Test Life Cycle or TLC
  4. What are the reasons for Firebird not considered as enterprise database?
  5. How to find the host from which the Applet has originated
  6. Operator overloading is also called redesigning the language. Please comment.
  7. How can we join 3 database like Flat File, Oracle, Db2 in Informatrica..

    Thanks in advance
  8. What does WSDL stand for?
  9. Who is Hyperion Developer? What is VMS system?
  10. How to configure relational connection in workflow manager for MS SQL server?
  11. What are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?
  12. How to select a last row in sybase
  13. What are the steps followed in Test Strategy and Test Plan
  14. how can sales/purchase voucher at a vat 1%, 4% & 12% at a voucher
  15. Explain the difference between the “truncate” and "delete" commands.
  16. What do you mean by "Realization"?
  18. What are User Exits and what are different types of User Exits in Oracle Apps ?
  19. Is there any difference between

    String str="abc";


    String str=new String("abc");
  20. Difference between a "assignment operator" and a "copy constructor"
  21. Explain Oracle memory structure.
  22. Is "abc" a primitive valueThe String literal "abc" is not a primitive value. It is a String object.
  23. Why a foreground write in Informix decrease performance?State the reason for the same?
  24. How do you configure mysql on linux
  25. What were your expectations for the job and to what extent were they met?
  26. Composite Primary KeyWHat is Composite Primary Key?
  27. What is pst file in out look express?If user account created, where does it store. (location)?
  28. What is the difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan? Do we really require two Test Plans? Please explain in detail?
  29. Fixed GearWhat is fixed gear?
  30. How to move the mapping from one database to another?
  31. How do you perform system readiness and operational readiness tests
  32. How to generate reports while testing database?
  33. What are the steps you have to follow to register a custom application?
  34. How will you choose a tool for test automation?
  35. What is data processing?
  36. What is Auto Event Fire up ?
  37. How do you view shared memory statistics?
  38. Which class is the immediate superclass of the Container classComponent
  39. What is the minimum length of the wall after which expansion joint is to be provided?
  40. How to handle the exception occured in catch block? (If a exception occurs in catch block,which statement is executed next?)
  41. how do you test mapping and what is associate port?
  42. Have you done dialog programming?
  43. what is the maximum size of array that can be declared in java
  44. Control File Auto BackupHow do you enable the autobackup for the controlfile using RMAN?
  45. hi,
    could anyone tell me about "load size in load testing"
  46. How we drill up week to Month?
  47. What is meant by transformation error
    I want to fail the session if the SAL=5000. How can we do it?
  48. how to convert ocx into DLL
  49. What are the levels of testing in which white box testing takes its presence?
  50. What is a view? Why use it? A view is a virtual table made up of data from base tables and other views, but not stored separately.
  51. how do you define dimensional view??
  52. What is the difference between path coverage and branch coverage?
  53. what is the use of virtual destructor?
  54. Your Customer does not know how to write UAT documents How will you Handle this situation?
  55. how can i get excat value from database in dropdown list which is in datagrid?
  56. Where is the best place to try to locate patches you may wish to install on your box?
  57. What function should you use to display the value entered or selected by a user in response to a prompt?
  58. How do you view batch test results,in QTP with Test Batch Runner, where do the results store?
  59. How do we do calculation testing in banking ferm?
  60. what is a time dimension? give an example.
  61. AliasA logical pointer to an alternate table name. The purpose of an alias is to resolve loops in the paths of joins.
  62. inner classesWhat are advantages of inner class
  63. What is an assembly?
  64. Siebel DropdownWhat does Drop down signify
    a. Subset of data
    b. Screen
    c. Page
    d. View
  65. Pascal TriangleWhat is the C program for Pascal Triangle
    1 2 1
    1 3 3 1
    1 4 6 4 1
    1 5 10 5 1
  66. Interface tables in OE/AR?
  67. What are some of the steps you can take to determine why your program is crashing with "Invalid Page Fault" errors?
  68. Why does not support multiple Inheritance
  69. Datareader DatasetHow to fill Dataset from Datareader?
  70. What are the steps involved in Database Startup ? Start an instance, Mount the Database and Open the Database.
  71. break statement can be simulated by using

    1. go to 2. return
    3. exit 4. both return and exit
  72. What's RAD model?
  73. Add or Change the LOVIn Receivables, How do you add or change the LOV for telephone type in customer standard?
  74. What is Mutable and Immutable Objects?
  75. How do i record actions performed on a scrolling textbox using QTP.? the application that i am working is web based.
  76. What is the role of metrics in comparing staff performance in human resources management?
  77. Does SDLC changes when you use Teradata instead of Oracle?
  78. Drill Through what are the differences between drill through and master-detail relation ship
  79. What are The three tags of a form tag in HTML form
  80. what is meant by IPEDO in Business Intelligence?
  81. How Many Types of CookiesA. 3
    B. 2
    C. 1
    D. 4
  82. what are the advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model?
  83. What kind of books & other publications do you read?
  84. Formatting CommandsWhat are the SQL formatting commands?
  85. Difference between routed and routing protocols
  86. What is the use of Group Flex field and where exactly we use?
  87. what is the difference between weak entity and sub type
  88. What is the Compatibility testing difference between testing in IE explorer and testing in Firefox?
  89. can any one explain me What is smoke testing & Sanity Testing?
  90. ___,___ arguments will be used to run a executable program in shell function
  91. Role of DNS in Windows 2003Explain the role of DNS in Windows 2003 Server.
  92. Test Plan TemplateCan anybody post the Test Plan Template please?
  93. what is the use functions in QTP. public, private
  94. what is the main difference between menu_exits and user_exits
  95. How to send a mail to users with the output file data?It can be possible by using %a in Session Components POST SESSION EMAIL tab.
  96. What is the differance between resuable action & library file?
  97. How do you insert check point in synchronization mode?
  98. Retrive Data in Tree ViewHow to retrive data in tree view from database with child node?
  99. What is the transaction code SM 31?
  100. How to retrieve the records from database into Listview Control in VB ?
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