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  1. What is the use of Group by in Select statement?
  2. How to by pass the step without cond parameter?
  3. Can Anyone Tell , How Will U Report Bug to Developer and Wat is Ur Status wen Reported?
  4. what is think time in load runner?
  5. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  6. what is the function of 'force' in view?
  7. How do you configure mysql on linux
  8. Multi-Valued DimensionIllustrate one detailed example for multi-valued dimension or bridge table?
  9. What are the two broad classes of middleware? General middleware Service-specific middleware
  10. How do you load an Image in a Servlet
  11. What is the process to call a report from a form of current record of the form whth out parameter form?
  12. what is security and sharing in file server.
    what is configuration process of ADS in 2003 server
  13. How to use shell scripting and Perl scripting in testing? pls explain with examples?
  14. what is diffrence between IS and AS in procedure?
  15. How do I display row number with records
  16. ETL Transformationswhen can we use stored procedure transformations.
  17. How do you integrate the modules before performing the integration test?
  18. How to Draw a Horizontal Row below a Text in CSS.
  19. System Testing Test CaseHow to write system testing test cases during Requirement (SRS) analysis in SDLC process
  20. What is the difference between a Window and a FrameThe Frame class extends Window to define a main application window that can have amenu bar.
  21. Ab_job CommandWhat is use of Ab_job command in Abinitio?
  22. Fill in the blanks -- The full form of JDBC is _________________A) Java Database connectivity
  23. How do assign the memo data type in ASP page as variable? and I want to place that variable in HTML's textarea as its value?
  24. How many tables are created when you copy a Co.Code in SAP?
    What are the main tables required for a FI/Co consultant to refer upon in delivering his duties?
  25. what is psychic windows in relation to VC++?this question is related to windows programming using VC++
  26. Create CAPCHA CodeHow do you create CAPCHA code in ASP.Net?
  27. How can we test a java web application ?
    Is there any other function to test web application ?
  28. what is the diff b/w & and tell about its architecture.
  29. What is result of commenting out of root in /etc/ftpd/ftpusers file ?
  30. What is the difference between Seq. generator and reusable seq. generator?
  31. What is mean by Accurate test cases and Appropriate test cases please give one example also?
  32. what is time stamp in compilation & execution of a COBOL program with SQL queries? what is bind process in it?
  33. How flexibility is achieved more in CSS3?
  34. What are the parameters should we consider while building a datawarehouse?
  35. What is the difference between Web Server and Application Server ?
  36. which s/w support to rational robort tool
  37. What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP?
  38. What is dangling pointer
  39. Can we edit the repeater control ?
  40. Tell me about ASP.Net Web Matrix?
  41. Is the accounting entry different for Credit Card Transactions or normal Invoice - Payment transactions. If so, how?
  42. Front End LoadingWhat is front end loading in Informatica?
  43. How to use interfacing table?
  44. How to use Lookup file in the graph?
  45. Module Pool ProgramHow to set forground color of fonts during screen designing?
  46. What happens if the client object and the remote object are running in different JVMs, but on the same physical machine?
  47. How to find out the location of the SRF file, in a siebel application?
  48. How we can create marker interface in java?
  49. Where is Schemas specified in XML?
  50. How to set router of linksys?
  51. Header FileWhy should we use header file?
  52. what is the use of procedure overriding when do we use that procedure overriding
  53. Explain the complete working of defect/bug life cycle?
  54. How to create a durable subsriber ?
  55. What are the different types of internal audit?
  56. Is there any difference between

    String str="abc";


    String str=new String("abc");
  57. 1.In middle level project aprox How many Number of Dimension and Facts are exists?

    2.In a complex report how much maxm. No. of dimension are exist in a Cube?
  58. Describe typical activities or elements of investigation you would employ when trouble shooting complaints of localized process slowness.
  59. why do we need to create a force view?what is its purpose?give some examples?
  60. Config. Command for JOLT? psserver in configuration properties
  61. What is the difference between SQL override in Source Qualifier and SQL override in Look up transformation.
  62. what is on change of event
    what is append structure and include structure
    what is difference between bdc and bapi
  63. How to migrate report from PPES to Cognos 8 without using Migration tool?
  64. Can a property clause itself be based on a property clause? Yes
  65. Mirror ApproachWhat is Mirror-Approach
  66. How to make QTP to recognise the activeX controls.
  67. How do you configure mapping in informatica
  68. UNIX ShellsWhat are the different types of shells available in UNIX?
  69. FilesetWhat for exactly fileset is used?
  70. Silk Test Built-in FunctionsHave you used any built in functions, if yes what are they? Explain with sample code and usage ?
  71. can some tell me about siebel testing. which area we need to concentrate more for siebel testing.
  72. How do you do path testing?this is related to whitebox testing.This is urgent..anybody tell me please
  73. What is default state of session bean in a ejbjar.xml
  74. What are snapshots? What are materialized views & where do we use them? What is a materialized view log?
  75. What is the difference between call transaction and session method?
  76. What is the difference between recursion and iteration?
  77. Which of the folloing kind of collections are supported by VB.NET?A) ArrayList
    B) HashTable
    C) DynamicArray
  78. 18 kpaswhat are the 18 different kpas (key process area)
    define each of them?
  79. dealing with irate customersyou take a call from a customer who is very upset they cant work how do you deal with this?
  80. How GC (Garbage Collector) knows the objects reference is unused.

    Whether GC removes the unused object Parmanently or it maintains something.
  81. Difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness?
  82. How many concurrent programs you have customized, can you name some of them?
  83. What are the primitive data types in Java
  84. what are the enhancements made to Informatica 7.1.1 version when compared to 6.2.2 version?
  85. what is meant by group chart of accounts in sap fico
  86. What are the tools are in BOXIR2
  87. How many types of Actions are there in QTP?
  88. What is the purpose of the Runtime classThe purpose of the Runtime class is to provide access to the Java runtime system.
  89. what is .net
  90. How to find the error meassge related to the SQL Error Code ?
  91. Can we decrease the Datafile size?
  92. if web.config file is deleted from the web application, is the application executes or not . if it will not execute why?
  93. Difference between realloc() and free?
  94. why fact table is in normal form?
  95. What is "map" in STL?
  96. How do we write test cases for IVR(internet voice response).pl give an example.i have an interview.
  97. Hi, When is database testing done? After functionality testing? What should we check in database testing?
  98. Hypothesis TestingExplain the reasons why you apply to "Hypothesis Testing"
  99. How to go next field without filling the text? Which function should use.Phone No Text validation in javascript?
  100. Built-in RoutineList the built-in routine for controlling window during run-time?
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