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  1. scope for ATM MachineHow to write scope for ATM Machine
  2. what are the things we have in fact table apart from measures & facts.
  3. Can a QTP script have two OR's, if so while using one OR sheet, how do you associate the 2nd OR.
  4. what is procure-to-pay cycle in oracle applications?
  5. Transformer induced emfIs the transformer induced emf E1 and E2 in same phase or in opposite phase? Explain Why?
  6. What is the size of Informix page?
  7. In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer is it important to undertsand these events?
  8. What is recursion?
  9. Why is testing done? Why does QC perform testing? How if testing diff from Internal Review and peer level revew? When to stop testing?
  10. How do you handle session expiration in website testing while recording and play back of the recorted script
  11. Hello,

    Can anybody provide code of any sample script in Rational Robot?
  12. What is the use of sysprint, sysin, sysout, dummy in jcl ?
  13. How do you delete duplicate row from oracle table that does not have any primary key field?
  14. can i do test a stand alone application with load runner while load runner and that application are on the same computer ?
  15. Can we develop a Oracle Apps form without using User Exit's?
  16. How do you join strings in VB.NETA) +
    B) &
    C) Both A & B
  17. Why JAVA does not have POINTERS?
  18. What is mutable and immutable in Strings?
  19. If you have four lookup tables in the workflow. How do you troubleshoot to improve performance?
  20. If i have to Automate an application developed in AJAX which tool (QTP,WinRunner)would be more useful. Does Load runner has a protocol to support AJAX?
  21. what is the role of a personnel manager in a company of approximately 500 staffs
  22. Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".
  23. AliasA logical pointer to an alternate table name. The purpose of an alias is to resolve loops in the paths of joins.
  24. Database InstanceHow can I copy a table from one database instance to another database instance
  25. Write and explain compile module?
  26. Can an abstract class be finalAn abstract class may not be declared as final.
  27. What is data merging, data cleansing, sampling?
  28. What is the difference between outlook exp and ms outlook?
  29. In evevts start-of-selection is default event. When we have to use this event explicitly? Why?
  30. How can we perform testing without expected results?
  31. Original Data saved in .xls sheet. How do you use "call" to call the data into the application?
  32. What is citirix tests in Load runner?
  33. what is the difference between source qualifier transformation and filter transformation?
  34. Difference between SYSOUT and SYSPRINT
  35. what are the advantage of servlet over jsp and what are advantage of jsp over java?
  36. If you are asked to include particular requirement in current requirements ,what will you do
  37. Who is a Paykey?
  38. How do you test credit card authorization system.
  39. Hi all....

    What is Presenter? Tell me what is the difference between Presenter and Condition.
  40. Differences between role and operator class?
  41. Java Singleton ClassHow to create a class that has only one object?
  42. How many JDBC drivers are there ?A) 2
    B) 4
    C) 3
    D) 1
  43. What are the events fired when web form page has user control in it? What is sequence of those events?
  44. How can we organize the tablespaces in Oracle database to have maximum performance
  45. how to sort String, for example: abced. to change to abcde ?
  46. what are the characteristic of efficient bug reporting ?
  47. How many cursor type and lock type in ADO.Give me Details answers.
  48. How can I connect to flat file and access data using data driven testing
  49. Your client wants to ensure only specific users can create reports in Query Studio with other users creating reports using Report Studio. How can this be accomplished?
  50. WIRE What is the full form of the trem WIRE in wire payment ? Expalin the process for making and receiving the payment through WIRE?
  51. How to change the target table dynamically?
  52. what is the diffrence between static and dinamic in credit management
  53. How would you use the functions sin(), pow(), sqrt()?
  54. Where query string is stored
  55. What is the default run level in IBM AIX? What are the 4 fields in Inittab file? How to see runlevel of unix system? Describes difference types of runlevel?
  56. What are the components of Test Matrix?
  57. How do you change the Per-action Object repository option to shard object Repository option on the Test settings dialog window on QTP?
  58. What is garbage collection?
  59. How to break an application by testing ?
  60. What is the default session out timeSkill/Topic: Beginner
    A) 20 Sec
    B) 20 Min
    C) 1 hr
  61. What is Record group in Peoplesoft?
  62. Application Isolation is assured usingA) Threads
    B) Remoting
    C) ApplicationDomain
  63. Java compiler is an executable codeA) True
    B) False
    Explanation: It is NOT an Execuatable Code. It is a Bytecode
  64. How can we invoke private method using refleciotn API(AccessibileObject class)?
  65. How do you capture dyanmic content in silk test?
    How do you use the GetSource function in silk test?
    Provide an example
  66. hi,
    can we make an object as nessessary object, i.e without that object that report will not work,
    how can we do that?
  67. What is ActiveX Document?
  68. What qualities do you think you can bring to mechanical engineering?
  69. How do you extract job parameters from a file?
  70. If a script is recorded on an application as part of one browser, can it be played directly when the same application is opened in another browser without any changes ?
  71. what is recovery scenario?
  72. Retained EarningsIf Retained Earnings account is showing wrong figure (amount), what it means?
  73. What is the difference between a DB config and a CFG file?
  74. Main difference between Datastage7.5 and 7.5.1a. how to upgrade the job written in 7.5 to run on 7.5.1a
  75. Capturing Webtable ContentHow to capture the run time value of the web table?
  76. How will you activate/deactivate integrity constraints
  77. What are components in Delphi?
  78. what is the need of creating derived tables in the BO universe design
  79. What tactic can tester use ti insure that bugs which are founded are fixed?
  80. what is difference between sy-ucomm and ok_code ?
  81. how do you record retained earnings when you sold company (assets only), for closing of books that sold?
  82. What is the relationship between Quality & Testing?
  83. what is j2ee project life cycle
  84. How do you export reports to repository
  85. What are multiple symbolic parameters. Can we have multiple symbolic parameters in asingle JCL. If so kindly explain with an example
  86. Parameterize a Load Runner ScriptHow to Parameterize a Script in Load Runner?
  87. How Swings are implemented using MVC Model?
  88. What is the Disadvantage of StoredProcedure?
  89. what is session synchronization in EJB
  90. Hi ..can any one explain me the performance issues faced in real time ...any real time scenarios would be great...thanks in advance.
  91. Descriptive Program to Execute DOS CommandsHow to run dir, cls time msconfig, scandisk etc commands by using QTP Descriptive Program
  92. What is meant by Bug Seeding?
  93. How many implicit variables are used in JSP?what are they?
  94. How many bugs in ur project? what will the correct answer of this question, how we convince the interviewer regarding numbers of bugs
  95. Which header file should you include if you are to develop a function which can accept variable number of arguments?
  96. How to delete the DSN name or DSN link from the informatica designer.
  97. If you were asked to change about yourself, what would be?
  98. Q: Why are Java ARchive (JAR) files important? JAR files bundle .class files and optimize applet downloads.
  99. How can we improve the performance of a link collector in the case of handling more than 25000 records?
  100. What is the difference between UFS and VXFS and advantages of VXFS?
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