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  1. what is differance in defining constraints at table level and column level
    what is main pupose of making constraints at table level....pls ans me
  2. subform in ms access having data from linked table to sybase, gives odbc data in of type text.
    Kindly throw some light. Thanks in advance. Karira, S.
  3. How to edit existing procedure in sql * plus?
  4. I have a view with form applet on the top and list applet at the bottom.There is "score" field in the list applet.How to display the totals of score in form applet?
  5. What is page life cycle in
  6. How do you write a C program which can calculate lines of code but not counting comments?
  7. A stream of packets from a source to a destination is called a ______Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) Flow
  8. Leasership vs ManagementDiscuss the similarities and differences in leadership and management
  9. Which part of the webserver is responsible for initialization of the servlets?
  10. What so you mean by Hierarchical and non Hierarchical security type in value set?
  11. What points you take into consideration while verifying the test cases written by your subordinate?
  12. What is the reason for wait() & notify() methods defined in the Object class? Why they are not defined in the Thread class?
  13. How to make a multi column drop down list for my web application
  14. Lexical ParameterHow to use the Lexical Parameter in the Oracle 10g report?
  15. D.C Motor RheostatIf the position of rheostat is changed from minimum position to maximum position in D.C shunt motors speed is increased, how?
  16. how can container will know this is a struts application?
  17. why should we pay you 10K salary? why not less or more?
  18. What is Cost of time and who said it
  19. How can we do Database Testing?
  20. WhatisOLEDB?
  21. what r the defferent types of dimension tables?

    how can we join the table if they have no matching point and related keys?
  22. Functionality of the cancel() methodWhat is the functionality of the cancel() method, provided in java.sql.Statement?
  23. How Do U Create Report in BO,If given Fixed length file ( Notepad) as source?
  24. How can you detect the removable disk from ie whether the USB drive is connected or not?
  25. what is meant by a 'pack' in perl?
  26. Metrics ProcessWhat is metrics process and who will collect data?
  27. Why do you want to join this company? Why do you want to leave your previous job?
  28. How we perform allocation method is INCREMENTAL In Mass Budgets?
  29. AND - OR OperatorsIn the combination of Logical Operators - AND, OR (more than 2) operators which one gets 1st preference.
  30. when we are running the report the date prompt always showing the sysdate.can we change this to the required date(ex before 1 week)?
  31. Is it possible to run a load test on a VB - Client/Server app using Rational Robot? If yes, please explain how do I go about this?
  32. What are 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control?
  33. When should testing start in a project? Why?
  34. Abinitio Air-Project ParametersWhat are air-project parameters and air-sandbox? What does it contains?
  35. What is Diff. Between Use Defined Function and Array.
  36. setting kernel parameters How to set kernel parameters in Red Hat Linux, AIX, & Solaris.
  37. what is the security module used in cognos
  38. What are the two parts of a procedure ?   Procedure Specification and Procedure Body.
  39. What is software quality assurance?
  40. BGP stands for _______Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) Border Gateway Protocol
  41. Halstead in MetricsWhat is Halstead in Metrics and How we will Calculate it?
  42. Write test case for a poker machine
  43. How to submit a JCL from Cobol program?
  44. Why are the methods of the Math class staticSo they can be invoked as if they are a mathematical code library.
  45. If the HR asks me "Being mechanical engineer why you want to the IT industry. Please give me answers as i am going to attend campus interview in few days.
  46. How to run a query using macro in Microsoft Access database?
  47. Whats the difference b/w repetition testing and retesting?
  48. What is the List interfaceThe List interface provides support for ordered collections of objects.
  49. How to find the custom objects(non functional objects)?
  50. how can we catch the values of controls which are placed in the datagrid
  51. BootloaderWhat is bootloader?
  52. What is the vital and real strength of progress database?
  53. Date ConversionsHow to convert any kind of date that comes in any format from the user to 'yyyymmdd' in Oracle?
  54. How can we test PDF without validating in text streams?
  55. What are the advantages of using pointers in a program?
  56. what is complete description of FRAME WORK IN W.R?
  57. Explain about regression of bugs
  58. When we create a class, we are creating a new data typeA) True
    B) False
  59. What is the use of Group by in Select statement?
  60. Siebel Support - L2 supportExplain about Siebel Support - L2 support
  61. Find all tables in a databaseHow to find all the tables existing in a database?
  62. how can we delete a check constraint in a table
  63. How do you configure SNMP, configuration of MRTG terminal
  64. MQ SeriesWhy and where and how is MQ series stage used in datastage?
  65. What are the types of loading in Informatica?
  66. what is the job description of a payroll officer?
  67. Explain the method of viewing log files of the VoiceXML browser?
  68. Advantages of disconnected record sets
  69. What is DCLGEN? DCLGEN stands for declarations generator; it is a facility to generate DB2 sql data structures in COBOL or PL/I programs.
  70. In the MM module for finding out the standard cost what is the view one has to look at?
  71. wat s the role of GUI map editor?
  72. what is the main event fired when we call bind method in a datagride?
  73. what is Powermart and Power Center?
  74. can you create a table having same structure of another table only name differ and having no data of olf table?
  75. In Sap we have n number of fields.some fields names we know and if we dnt know abt table name of that particular field or vice versa then what is the way to find out.
  76. What is the role of surrogate keys in data warehouse and how will u generate them?
  77. Could you tell me two things you did in your previous assignment (QA/Testing related hopefully) that you are proud of?
  78. What are the conditional statements used in VBScript?
  79. What are some recent major computer system failures caused by software bugs?
  80. Philip B. Crosby authored the book ___________A) Quality is Free
  81. What difference between a directory and active directory?
  82. What is the application of itoa()
  83. how can i extract the formated word(bold,italic,underline,font,color etc) from the msword file.
  84. What are the procedures for restarting a CNC machine after immediate shutdown
  85. Can any one help in knowing the FAQ's in SAP CRM...

    I am in very urgent need of it....
  86. What happens if i kill a mandatory background processes?
  87. How do you increase the performance of %LIKE operator
  88. Null MemoryHow to verify null occupy memory?
  89. Is the accounting entry different for Credit Card Transactions or normal Invoice - Payment transactions. If so, how?
  90. Can we call two Procedures in On-Break? If yes Then How?
  91. how to find the process id?explain with steps?
  92. What do ByVal and ByRef mean and which is the default?
  93. Laptop Modem test How do you test if the laptop's modem is working or not?
  94. 1. can we use DML operations on Dual Table?
    2. What is difference between View and materialisedView?
    3. New features in Oracle9i SQL?
  95. Constructively working as a team lead?How do I work constructively as a leader of a multi skilled team?
  96. How can you tell a particular script will work in all the browsers?
  97. Benchmarking makes you competitiveA) True
    B) False
  98. What are the differences between C# and VB.NET apart from syntax?which is more powerful,how do we determine which language to be used when designing a .NET app?
  99. what are the contents that go into the object model and domain model during GAP analysis. how are the AS-IS and To-BE system documentation prepared
  100. how do you reformat system date in MySQL?Explain various formats ..? how to add a date/hour/minute/second to a date?
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