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  1. I created one mapping successfully but not getting output (database connection is okay) can anybody suggest me?
  2. What is dynamic content?In real time example?
  3. What is RAID? A method for providing fault tolerance by using multiple hard disk drives.
  4. Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled "batch" jobs do not "collide" with each other.
  5. How many LONG columns are allowed in a table
  6. What is the difference in storage type of numeric and decimal data types in sybase?
  7. Dim x, y as integer. What is x and y data type?X as variant and y as integer.
  8. How to Map the test cases with Requirements??
    can you any body give me clear example or screen shot.
  9. What are the settings to be made after PGI for an account to be debited/credited ? i.e account doc scenario.
  10. What is the default argument and parameter for main?
  11. Name two subclasses of the TextComponent classTextField and TextArea
  12. In oracle application how do you debug or trace errors?
  13. Which of the following is not included in the government accounting Balance Sheet: 1) Asset, 2) Cost, 3) Liability, 4) Surplus.
  14. what is default Buffersize of any Bufferedclass?
  15. What was the most difficult problem you ever found while testing?This is homework. Think about one and give it as an example.
  16. What is open issue?
  17. Standard Table and Non-Standard TableWhat is the difference between Standard Table and Non-Standard Table
  18. How do we document defects in PVCS Tracker?
  19. What is the command pattern ?where it is used?
  20. How to launch a script (java) on a remote machine with QTP ?
  21. What are some test cases for testing a search engine website e.g google
  22. What is the relationship between Quality & Testing?
  23. NULL MacroWhat is NULL Macro? What is the difference between a NULL Pointer and a NULL macro?
  24. what is remedy testing, how can use that
  25. What is data warehousing life cycle in terms of informatica?
  26. Which bit wise operator is suitable for putting on a particular bit in a number?
  27. Describe to me when you would consider employing a failure mode and effect analysis. This is a interview question.
  28. What can a method do with a checked exception?
  29. How many types of user profiles are there in business objects WI?
  30. please give the following fields objective qns and answers.
  31. Why does not support multiple Inheritance
  32. In the tabular form how to check the duplicate entry at the time of data feeding.
  33. Who defines quality?
  34. What is correlated sub-query ?Correlated sub query is a sub query which has reference to the main query.
  35. Frequency Bands What frequency bands are used in Satellite Communication?
  36. how to test a localhost web application by using rational robot?
  37. What are the similarity between Oracle and sybase?
  38. How to add multiple categories through PHP?
  39. can we use the function lr_load_dll in a web vuser script? if we can , how? please give an example
  40. how to find problem in server for taking support of event logs
  41. advance pricingwhat is advance pricing and how do you define it in oracle application
  42. servlet containerwhat is difference between servlet container and servlet config?
  43. What are the difficulties faced in using DataStage ? or what are the constraints in using DataStage ?
  44. What is ClassDefNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError and explain differences between these two?
  45. what is merging
  46. How do you eliminate duplicate rows?
  47. what is burst reporting
  48. how do u identify the objects in an web application?
  49. What is encapsulation?
  50. fflush() in Multiple Scanf callsWhat is the requirment of using fflush() in multiple scanf calls.
  51. What is the Oracle rowid counterpart in MySQL?
  52. How do you do Usage analysis in datastage ?
  53. what happen internally when the following statement is executed in java?
  54. what is the difference between rfc and bapi function modules
  55. What values are stored internally for time (hour,minute ,second) if the date format is dd-mon-yy??
  56. What is the difference between unix and windows?
  57. i want to use a column as blob datatype incase of long raw datatype.what is the process of data insert into and retrive from this table .
  58. what r the 5 different ways of opening the notepad
  59. I need to set up a named set within a cube selecting only 2 members, can anyone out there provide me with a simple piece of MDX that will achieve this?
  60. Why cann't we overload the sizeof, :?, :: ., .* operators in c++
  61. What is the difference between flexfield qualifier and segment qualifier?
  62. What are the problems solved by business analysis?
  63. Define major number and minor number ?
  64. What will happen to the Exception object after exception handling
  65. How to compare the existing system performance test results with the upgraded system results in ERP
  66. what is the role of PVCS tracker in a tester's career?
  67. What is autonomous Transaction? Where are they used?
  68. How to retrive the property values from "" after recording the script with "Standard checkpoints" and "TextCheckpoint?
  69. Complete Testing with Time Constraints  :

    Question: How do you complete the testing when you have a time constraint?

  70. Which types of protocols designers have to used for making any type of embedded system.
  71. Domain Name SystemCan a machine with a single DNS name have multiple IP addresses..?If, How Could this occur..?
  72. What is Declaration
  73. What are the differences between voltage and current controlled devices?
  74. Sparse Lookup and Normal LookupWhat are the differences between Sparse Lookup and Normal Lookup?
  75. what are the limitations of cognos reportnet?
    what are the enhancements in reportnet ?
  76. What state does a thread enter when it terminates its processingWhen a thread terminates its processing, it enters the dead state.
  77. what is a BUILD? Please give me an brief answer with an example?
  78. What is the logic behind viewing the database contents in same page asif different one, -like page 1 of 10. and giving previous and next. Please include the code. help me.
  79. What are the steps for conversion from legacy system
  80. which s/w support to rational robort tool
  81. What is DFS?What is DFS stands for in the trem of Windows Server 2003
  82. What is Negative testing?
  83. How to run Genbscript.exe?
  84. What do you like least about Quality Assurance/Testing?
  85. When do you start developing your automation tests?
  86. What do you understand by an Independent Source from the context by AP?
  87. How to reduce the the burden/main memory on database if i am using refcursor to hold large data to increase performance.
  88. What is component interface, where did you use?
  89. can you able to delete the company code data in customer master data?
  90. What do you mean by OCI, Data guard and Advance queue responsibilities for a Oracle developers?
  91. How to fetch the rows by dynamicaly passing table name through cursor
  92. How to find entity Relation in siebel tools?
  93. How we can merge file in winrunner ??
  94. Where does test director stores its data?
  95. what is link test and it's usage in silk test
  96. Which items belong in balancesheet statement and do not appear in income statement?
  97. What is the difference between positive and negative test cases ...plz any one explain with example...
  98. what is data validation strategies for data mart validation after loading process
  99. What is difference between sub-report and drill-through report?
  100. Why is group in Loadrunner script used for ?
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