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  1. what enables the controller and the host to communicate with each other in Load Runner?
  2. Which College is the Best College to Study B.Ed in Chennai or Madurai?
  3. How do we ensure the requirement coverage other than Tracability Matrix ..this was the interview question
  4. can we declare final variables in side a method.
  5. What file is the controlling file for the volume manager? /etc/vold.conf
  6. motor insurance domain facts and dimension table with attributs
  7. How do you rename a database?
  8. Difference between shadowing & overriding?
  9. What is the difference between drs and odbc stage
  10. What is the best way to modify a mapping if the target table name is changed?
  11. What is static ip and what is dynamic ip ?
  12. How to retrive imagebinary in image control from database
  13. in which particular situation we use dynamic lookup?
  14. How to identify where to use SERVER Script and where Browser Script
  15. All of Swing's text components inherit from the same superclassSkill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) True
    B) False
  16. Why does EJB needs two interfaces(Home and Remote Interface)
  17. Sine WaveWhy we use sine wave in supply system rather than square and triangular wave?
  18. Business objects is which type of the OLAP Tool?
  19. To launch an Application Engine program from another App Engine program, which one of the following is correct? CallSection Action
  20. ADCCP means Advanced Data Communication Control ProcedureSkill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) True
    B) False
  21. How to run multiple programs at a time?
  22. Define Query Interface,Adref,Release
  23. Explain the pipeline partition with real time example?
  24. What is the difference between call by context and call by reference?
  25. In CSS, how define the space between the element's border and content?
  26. Can i store DataReader object in Session State?
    How? Is it recommecded to store DataReader in Session State from performance point of view?
  27. How are SQL's in one transactions written in DS. I mean open a transaction , insert, update, delete, close transaction.
  28. Is there any difference between Weblogic and Websphere application servers
  29. what is bidirectional traceability matrix ? Explain and details?
  30. Debug QTP Automation ScriptHave you *personally* debugged/developed any QTP/WR automation scripts using TSL from scratch? If yes explain
  31. Can java be used in developing AI based projects?
  32. What is the use of sysprint, sysin, sysout, dummy in jcl ?
  33. what is QTP batch testing tool?
  34. Auto-GenerateHow to create auto-generate for ID? For example, the ID for new transaction page automatic generated.
  35. Using one loop Print following:
    2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9 10

    and so on.
  36. give me an scenario where flat files are used?
  37. Can any body please tell me what is PTO and ATO? Their functionality . How can we differentiate between them?
  38. Remove fileHow to remove a file whose name is starting with '-' ?
  39. How do you handle error conditions in your code?
  40. How does a bluetooth work?
  41. Is it necessary to have QTP installed machine "A" where we intend to run tests from machine "B" having QC or only installing remote agent on machine "A" should be enough?
  42. How do you add assembly from GAC?
  43. Can one install Loadrunner on a Virtual Machine. I have tried it several times to no avail. Anyone got tips or tricks in archieving this.
  44. What is the maximum number of applets can be there in a view?
  45. How many memory layers are in the shared pool?
  46. What are the various types of " .CFG " file names and ".SRF" file names in siebel application(like EX:-EAUTOMOTIVE,SIEBEL CALL CENTER,SIEBEL SALES...ETC)
  47. If you want to execute a SQL Script while deploying your application where will you do that in deployment project
  48. What is the framework of winrunner n how to deploy in realtime...pls provide me a feedback abt this process
  49. what are web /application servers of .Net?
  50. have you ever written a compiled module? If yes tell me about some of the functions that you wrote.
  51. ASP.NET Cut, Copy, Paste MenuHow to implement Cut, Copy, Paste menu in ASP.NET
  52. Item PositionHow does a browser determine how an item is positioned?
  53. What is a concurrent program and a concurrent request set ?
  54. Is there any provision in java to find the address of a particular memory location?(like & in 'C' language)
  55. How should you learn about problems discovered in the field, and what should you learn from those problems?
  56. I am not able to record few objects which are available in the web page, how do i teach silk test about the object..
  57. How can we create picklist?
  58. Balanced Cubes and Sub CubesWhat are Balanced Cubes (cube balancing) and Sub Cubes? What can be the maximum size of a cube?
  59. Can a formula column referred to columns in higher group?Yes.
  60. How would you access objects created in ActiveX Exe and ActiveX D1T
  61. How to send email to the all employers from the peoplesoft application when a certain event is true?What is the event used to trigger?
  62. IMAP and POP3What is the difference between IMAP and POP3. Which do we use in Exchange
  63. write a querry to count on hourly bases of how many books are sold in a given day
  64. Security in Siebel AnalyticsHow do you Implement Single Sign On, other than LDAP
  65. What is a Synonym ?

    A synonym is an alias for a table, view, sequence or program unit.

  66. What other ETL's you have worked with? Informatica and also DataJunction if it is present in your Resume.
  67. How do we deliver our mapping to client after creating in our system?
  68. Can a view be updated/inserted/deleted
  69. What is the default value of local variable?
  70. What package procedure is used for calling another form ?   Call  (E.g. Call(formname)
  71. How different are interface and abstract class in .Net?
  72. What is the name of the SQL language used in SQL Server stored procedures?
  73. What is BO SDK?
  74. How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?
  75. What is HTML validation?
  76. Form SubmitCan you submit a form without using submit button? If Yes, How?
  77. What is a multicast delegate? It is a delegate that points to and eventually fires off several methods.
  78. Can you please explain the procedure of connecting Test director in QTP
  79. how do we know which specififations are important if we have short time for testing?
  80. What is meant by named cache?
    At what situation we can use it?
  81. Which keyword is used in the method declaration to handle an EventA) Event
    B) Handles
    C) Raise
  82. what is the difference between dao,rdo and ado
    explain simply ?
  83. what is the use and advantage of procedure in datastage?
  84. How do you pass a value stored in a variable to Global Sheet ?
  85. Testing Scenarios :

    How do you know that all the scenarios for testing are covered?

  86. explain about the test cases
  87. What is the reference modification
  88. what is base lining?
  89. ____ property is used to lock a textbox to enter a datas.
  90. What is Pipeline Parallelism?What is Pipeline Parallelism in Datastage?
  91. What is the use of JTable?
  92. Good Accounts receivable SoftwaresWhat are the powerful softwares that could be used for doing efficient Accounts receivable?
  93. from the testability point of view what is the difference between client/server testing and web testing
  94. What are the two parts of a procedure ?   Procedure Specification and Procedure Body.
  95. DIff. between Friend and Protected Friend.
  96. What is a "Good Tester"?
  97. Unique Key in SQL Server How To Define Unique Key in SQL Server
  98. Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu
  99. Transaction per secondHow will you determine transaction per second from respond time result ?
  100. Bug tracking systemWhat is the role of bug tracking system ?
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