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  1. While copying the objects if we say X a=b, X a(b) What will it call, assignment operator or copy constructor? Justify
  2. What is meant by Junk Dimension?
  3. What are the tools used with Oracle HRMS?
  4. How to recall a function in QTP
  5. A ‘Queue’ Collection provides ‘first-in-first-out’ functionality:A) True
    B) False
  6. What is Search Help?
  7. Types of DatabasesHow many types of databases are there? What are they?
  8. If you are given the IP address can u tell how many computers can be connected?What do you look at?
  9. what are the possible test cases for account transaction what are the possible test cases for account transaction module in banking project
  10. If a view has Admin Mode Property = True, then what will happen to User Properties we write on them?
  11. What is a full table scan and what is the ideal rate/min for a FTS?
  12. Bolt SizeM33*2 bolt size refers to ..................
  13. Metrics ProcessWhat is metrics process and who will collect data?
  14. what r the types of data flows in workflow manager
  15. What is an Invoice?
  16. What does a control file contains
  17. What is your opinions on the Hyperion tool as a industry best-in-class BI tool?
  18. A table consists of 10 employees how to find sum of 3,4,5,6 employees?
  19. Explain about Role and importance of cluster technology in SMP architecture
  20. Can you record right click and the menu appearing after right clicking on any of the links in the browser...??

    If YES then HOW...??
  21. what is user control?
  22. Give me some null interfaces in JAVA
  23. When a thread is created and started, what is its initial stateA thread is in the ready state after it has been created and started.
  24. c is a structural or highlevel or middle level language which one is correct answer
  25. How do you test telephone and inlcude possible test cases.
  26. How to call an external file in winrunner.
  27. Hi,
    Where should we use accessbility checkpoints used.can u explain me with the example.

  28. Explain "QTP using different development techniques (not just Record and Playback)", this is the requirement one client to recruit QTP Tester.
  29. Does silk test supports Xml with its schema validation
  30. How memeory is allocated for 16bit and 32bit compiler?
  31. What is the result of following query 'select * from po_headers'?
  32. Cluster Index in OracleWhat is Cluster Index in Oracle?
  33. what are six sigma standards how many types are there
  34. Is it possible to query a hash file? Justify your answer...
  35. why java does not support inheritance of multiple superclasses?
    what is achieved by inheritance?
    why there is no main method in servlets/jsps?
  36. What is meant by preintialization?
  37. What are non document techniques in testing
  38. which open source testing tool is good enough for web based application testing ?
  39. What is meant by Object Stores?
  40. How to close GRIR at the end of month, in FI Closing?
  41. What is red box testing and yellow box testing, plz describe abt this in detail.
  42. What is unabridged list?
  43. The metadata stored in the assembly is called :A) AssemblyInfo
    B) manifest
    C) AssemblyData
  44. When task gets repeated what do you do. / how to handle dynamic objects,when task is repeated in multiple scripts what u do
  45. How to generate the sequence of keys or numbers in target without using the sequence generator transformation.
  46. Which parameter can be used to set read level consistency across multiple queries?Read only.
  47. Explain Real time scenario's of Testing?
  48. What is template form?
  49. Difference between value table and view table?
  50. is there any Goto statement in QTP.
    or any other substitute for the same?
    i want to skip a portion of code on occurence of error.
  51. 8421 to 2421 Code ConversionDesign 8421 to 2421 binary code converter
  52. How do you manage all the request from your servlet? How it will be thread safe?
  53. Explain Connect by Prior ?Retrieves rows in hierarchical order.e.g. select empno, ename from emp where.
  54. Preprocessor DirectivesWhy Java does not support preprocessor directives?
  55. How to call a funtion present in dll file in QTP Script.
  56. what is the difference b/w template and doccument?
  57. What is the difference between windows authentication and sql server authentication
  58. What is the use of evaluate statement give example?
  59. What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol)? It is a simple protocol used to exchange information between the routers.
  60. How to Map the test cases with Requirements??
    can you any body give me clear example or screen shot.
  61. How can we do bug tracking in an intranet project for a pharmaceutical company using java,jdbc,ejb sevlet using oracle as backend can anyone guide?
  62. What are the ODBC drivers that are available for PostgreSQL?
  63. How is paging done In DATA GRIDI want to view the DATA as a set of 10 in each page.
  64. What is FBT(Fringe Benefit Tax)??
  65. What is item handler package?
  66. Whats the back end processes when we type "Select * from Table"?
  67. Describe the difference between inline and code behind - which is best in a loosely coupled solution.
  68. I need to know what to fill in Specialization Field of DRDO biodata Form. It require all details . I had just Completed
    What I should write in this Field.
  69. fact less fact tablewhat is the fact less fact table? why we use this table?give me one example
  70. Is &&= a valid Java operatorNo, it is not.
  71. what is a jitter and how many types of jitters are there?
  72. Explain about real account, personal accounts and nominal accounts
  73. What is LAN Card
    What is RJ45
    What is UTP Cable
    What is dns
    What is DHCP
  74. Increase %LIKE Operator PerformanceHow do you increase the performance of %LIKE operator?
  75. what is something you would like to avoid in your job ? why?
  76. How do you optimize the performance of servlets?
  77. Accounts Payable ProcessWhy does a company/business require an Accounts payables process?

  78. How do you come up with non-functional requirement?
  79. What are the functions like c/c++ in cobol?
  80. what are seps to define supplier?
  81. Which technical interfaces you have written yourself in say Oracle GL, AP & AR?
  82. making proposals for improvement of the test process
  83. Base and Optional filter propertiesWhat options are available in base filter properties and optional filter properties?
  84. Hyperionwhat is the current best business intelligence tool in the market and for next few years?i want to learn hyperion tell me about that?
  85. In an Applet we have a Button When we click on that Button we need to get an Business service. How we are going to do it?
  86. when we use abstract class and interface ?
  87. How to combine two projects?
  88. what is indexing? how many types of indexing?
  89. If any admin manager is updated a database , then it will reflect in the presentation layer at that time , useing sturts and ejbs
  90. why do we need lookup sql override? Do we write sql override in lookup with special aim?
  91. How do you recover when the object repository gets corrupted?
  92. Why can a user create 249 non clustered indexes over a given table as against only one clustered index over a table?
  93. which program will you use to assemble a program written in IL: A) ilasm
    B) ildasm
    C) clr
  94. What is static picklist?
  95. What will happen if I say delete this
  96. How to write Regular Expression with alpha numeric including special characters...
  97. what is the main application of scr in electronic field as well as in software field?
  98. How to resolve many to many relationship?
  99. Can Any body explain me how to use the following user_exits in apps reports which have flex fields as display/query columns.
  100. how do you use Normalizer to convert columns into rows ?
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