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  1. What is the relationship between service request and order?
  2. How to access a test input parameter?
  3. what is overloading and overriding ?
    pl explain diff between them
  4. How to Handle dynamic WebList in QTP...

    Values in Weblist are different
  5. What is the purpose of run-time class and system class
  6. what is eject command in COBOL and explain a situation where it would be useful ?
  7. what is the difference between auto and register storage class? when we use it in real time?
  8. How do u check for the consistency and integrity of model and repository?
  9. Which R/3 System user is used for starting external programs using SAP background jobs? SAPCPIC
  10. What is the testing process?Verifying that an input data produce the expected output.
  11. how to check the font size of a letter?is thier
    any tool?is it usability testing?
  12. Return Multiple RowsHow to return more than one row through functions? Explain with example.
  13. HI,

    What is Flashback query in Oracle9i...?
  14. What is delayed signing? How can we do a delayed signing for a dll which has to be shared?
  15. What important test cases will need to be run to test an installable?
  16. What is the use of == and equals() method?
  17. The methods and variables defined within a class are called members of the classA) True
    B) False
  18. What is the diff. in reading the input by BufferedReader and by DataInputStream?
    And what data type do they return?
  19. is there any technical reasons for reserve for loopback address range of ip address, why not given any other range of ip.
  20. what are the addins we use for mainframes environment for QTP?
    How did u write macros?What is the main importance of VB macros in testing environment?
  21. How many ActionServlets are created by struts based application?
  22. How many test cases we can write for a medium level project?
  23. How to Close Winrunner using Winrunner Script?
  24. What is the use of "Data Memory Sorter" in the actuate reports?
  25. Difference between Tabletype and Snapshot?
  26. what is the difference between reusable transformation and mapplets?
  27. 1).what is the difference between Prelearning and Auto learing?

    2). When we go for Test Automation
  28. how to create SCDs(slowly changing dimensions) in abinitio?
  29. How higher management in an organization gets benefited by payroll reports?
  30. Is it possible to have an executable for the script that is made in Rational Robot? Is the script able to take arguements?
  31. What is the difference between Model Data and Default Model Data
  32. How do you configure a Pick applet & MVG?
  33. Siebel Out of BoxWhat is Siebel out of box. Explain with example?
  34. Control Charts are one of the 7 TQM Quality Tools A) True
    B) False
  35. In COBOL, can a same file can be shared by both called module and calling module? Explain
  36. what is the use of volatile keyword? Give me one example?
  37. write a query to retrieve the latest records from the table sorted by version(scd).
  38. how to insert and retrive images on MSACCESS using java
  39. Lexical ParameterHow to use the Lexical Parameter in the Oracle 10g report?
  40. State 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control
  41. How can we calculate the fact table size?
  42. Print Photo in ReportHow to print photo in report?
  44. Difference between Store Procedure and Trigger?
  45. Combine Two Separate TablesHow to combine two separate table into one?
  46. Which is the best session management system in ASP.Net - viewstate, cookies, application, Urlencoding? Justify
  47. what is AOM(Application Object Model) concept in QTP? when we use the AOM?
  48. Send emails using PeopleCodeHow to send emails using PeopleCode
  49. Which method is preferred to save datas like database?
  50. PartsofODBC?
  51. How to extract 10 records out of 100 records in a flat file
  52. Difference between ActiveX Exe and Dll.
  53. Oracle server down timewhat are the necessary steps to be take when server gets down? How can we increase size of a database?
  54. # Which one is not an exit comand ? (Exit, cencle, stop, back)
    give answer
  55. What is the C# equivalent of System.SingleA) Float (16-bit)
    B) Float (32-bit)
    C) Float(64-bit)
  56. What do you mean by binding of data and functions? Encapsulation.  
  57. Top Down and Bottom up Approach why we fallow top down approach in c-language and bottom up approach in c++?explain?
  58. How to test Memory Leakage Manually?
  59. Call PL/SQL functionHow to call a PL/SQL function in another PL/SQL function? Is it possible? Give example?
  60. Did u ever have to deal with someone who doesn't believe in testing? What did u do?
  61. What is the command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last one month?
  62. What are the boundary conditions for an OK button?
  63. What are the types of errors in PHP?
  64. Oracle Database to .Net FrameworkHow to connect Oracle database and MS Access to .Net framework?
  65. What is .NET remoting?
  66. what is jar file?
  67. what is quality matrices?
  68. What is Asset Testing?
  69. How to write JCL if the cobol program is connected with DB2 Database and SOME of the DB2 statements are written in SUB-PROGRAM. Assume the CALL is a STATIC CALL ?
  70. Write script to open notepad file , read the data and display it on the screen using QTP script.
  71. Differences between State and temporary records?
  72. Can I install Quality Center in Windows Vista Home Basic Edition?
  73. what is the difference between Listview and Treeview?
  74. Can a root window be made modal?   No.
  75. which s/w support to rational robort tool
  76. what are the characteristics of project that is well suited to PERL
  77. Data Validation testingcan anyone explain what data flow or data validation testing means and how it can be done?
  78. What is the difference between Functional Testing and System Testing, there is any marjor difference between these two concepts?
  79. How create measures and Demensions?
  80. What would happen if you say this = null
  81. How many storage types are present in MySQL? Define each in detail?
  82. what are the prompts in microstrategy tool,How they will be useful in reports.
  83. What are the most important test case for the circle?
  84. Maximum synchronizing time out in QTP
  85. How do a business analyst contributes in doing control flow in a project?
  86. What are the pre-requisites to start automation testing?
  87. what is report customization? what are the triggers used ?
  88. What is the difference between SQL and SQL plus?
  89. What is the difference betwwen struts 1.1 and struts 1.2?
  90. what is the diff between VB MDI form and .net MDI form?

    can any one explain briefly
  91. If star index of fact table get corrupted, is it possible to load it. Then how do load fact table?
  92. Explain about failure options in TD & where would you see them?
  93. How do u go about gathering the reuirements? do we slove conflict scenario with business clients? explain?
  94. Using Register Key in QTPHow to use the "Registery Key" in QTP
  95. Open Source tools for Desktop applicationCan anybody tell me the available Open Source tools for Desktop applications?
  96. what are high level and lowlevel requirements in traceability matrix?
  97. SQL*Loader ProcedureHow to call a procedure in SQL*Loader?
  98. In Unix/COBOL envirinment, how to get the program-id of a COBOL program when the same program is running.
  99. cut over activities or planswhat is cut over activities or plan. Explain me with the example.
  100. What is difference between ROWNUM and ROWID.
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