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  1. What is the difference between panel and frame
  2. High Low ThroughputIf throughput is low sometime and high at other times then what will you do?
  3. What is Document number in journal entry? how to create the document number? Why it is needed in journal entry?
  4. How confident are you in programming?
  5. how chkdsk command works?
  6. what is pivot query in oracle?
  7. where do we use semi and non additive facts
  8. All Applets must import java.applet and java.awt.A) True
    B) False
  9. What are the production issues one encounters after Go-Live and what are the steps undertaken to resolve such issues ?
  10. what is meant by 'chomp'? where do we require this ?
  11. How testing is proceeded when SRS or any other docccument is not given
  12. How many repositories can we create in Informatica?

    What is aggregate awareness?

    What are parallel queries and query hints
  13. What are the main objects of a project manager?
  14. Why might you create a stored procedure with the 'with recompile' option?
  15. difference between view and table
  16. What is the maximum number of CHECK constraints that can be defined on a column ?

    No Limit.

  17. What is use of business component in quality center 8.0?
  18. ETL developer Responsibilities what are the roles and responsibilities of an ETL developer/designer/team lead?
  19. FDiskWhat is the use of fdisk cmd? How to create new file system on unix terminal?
  20. Project is completed. Completed means, now UAT testing going, In that situation as a tester what will you do?
  21. If there is a fixed deadline given by manager, walk through the steps you would take?
  22. What items of information do you need before you can approve an invoice for payment
  23. what is the use of volataile variable ? when we need to delcare a varaible as volataile ?
  24. What is the max size allowed for Max Control Names length255.
  25. what are the different encryption types and tools available.
  26. how will you overload subscript operator with more than one dimension?
  27. How do we Sort the data from a Dataset?
  28. What is the difference between Varchar and Varchar2?
  29. What is the traceability Matrix and when it will be prepared (before or after preparing the Test Cases)? By whom it will be prepared?
  30. How do You enable DFF in your form?
  31. how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD?
  32. What does Check-In and Check-Out option refer to in the mapping designer?
  33. Current CirculationIs it possible if their is no voltage then their is no current circulation or does it depend on circuit condition?
  34. Can staroffice be conneted in ADO.Net? If so how?
    What is the difference between data adapter and data reader?Expalin
  35. advantages of Quicktest pro over Rational robot
  36. What is the difference b/w frame work,architecture and methadology in testing?
    I mean Define--what is frame work,architecture and methadology?
  37. Fractured BlockWhat is mean by fractured block in terms of manual hot backup?
  38. What is the Difference between Action, Procedure and Function?
  39. Can we make a user-defined class as an system-defined interface name in java
    class Connection

  40. OLTP Hanging ApplicationAll the users are complaining that their application is hanging. How you will resolve this situation in OLTP?
  41. what is conditional compiling?
  42. what are the different kind of mis reports
  43. SELECT Data without using JOINHow to select data from different tables in ABAP without using JOINS?
  44. Citrix PoliciesHow to implement Policies in Citrix
  45. What is the difference between normal validations (validator.xml) and struts validations?
  46. If the requirements are added frequently or some of major requirements are missing, What do you do?
  47. what are storage class in c
  48. How we upload and download files in JSP and Servlets ,What methods we are using??
  49. What database backends have you worked with? Access? SQL Server? Oracle?
  50. EI PickupsDescribe transducer EI pickups in instrumentation and control engineering.
  51. What is the alternate command for TOP?
  52. What methods are used to get and set the text label displayed by a ButtonobjectgetLabel() and setLabel()
  53. What modifiers can be used with a local inner classA local inner class may be final or abstract.
  54. how to insert and retrive images on MSACCESS using java
  55. is there any other option other than desc query to describe the table
  56. Stable DeviceWhat do you mean by Stable Device in Sybase replication?
  57. What is the main purpose of Servlet? Why it is developed in Java?
  58. What is the difference between discounts and adjustments?
  59. In Test Director what is the difference between Favourite & Filter?
  60. What is Proxy and HTTP? Give an example
  61. Criteria to fail VuserWhat are the different criteria to fail Vuser? Like instead of HTTP 200, it receive the HTTP 400 response.
  62. What is autosys? Why do we need to use autosys?
  63. is v model better than water fall model. If so how is it?
  64. what is j2ee project life cycle
  65. Which keyword refers the current instance of an objectA) This
    B) Me
    C) Myclass
    D) Mymodule
  66. How important is leadership and communication skill plays part in a team leader role?
  67. What is the necessity to run the datastage job in Unix background?
  68. how can you count number of occurrences of a specific tag in an xml, using Rational Robot
  69. What is Prepared Statements and How many types of Prepared Statements are there?
  70. What does the first column of bad file (rejected rows) indicate? Explain
  71. DataGrid TextBox WidthHow to reduce the width of textbox in EditCommandColumn of DataGrid?
  72. Why main() is not written in servlets programs?
  73. What is the difference between paint() and repaint() methods
  74. So manual and automatic are the connect options for a set. What are the disconnect options.Mandatory and optional.
  75. What is difference between JSP 1.0 model and JSP 2.0 model
  76. How to remove the message box while executing the script without any mouse clicking and keybord clickings
  77. How must the testers update themselves and what all must be learnt by testers to perform wireless testing?
  78. How to convert a column binary data file (with .cbi extn.) to an ASCII data file?
  79. How to create Registry Dword Value and How to create Trial Version in VB Project ?
  80. What are the difference between table controls and step loops in dialog programming
  81. What is gray testing?
  82. What are two validate with Data Control?Data_Validate, Data_Error.
  83. Outer join, inner join in SQL?
  84. What are the Repository types in Informatica PC 6.1 onwards.
  85. Physical and Logical BackupsWhat is the difference between physical and logical backups?
  86. What is the significance of having storage clause
  87. cut over activities or planswhat is cut over activities or plan. Explain me with the example.
  88. Where are workflow work items found ?Worklist
  89. what is consolidation
  90. What is meant by a Thread
  91. What is Atomic transaction?
  92. what is http header
  93. how to implement type2 slowly changing dimenstion in datastage? give me with example?
  94. How do you connect Lotus Notes to Oracle Database using ODBC
  95. How to apply the data into informatica etl process.
  96. Default property of datacontrol
  97. how would you hide a table in sql. ie the table can be only visible to its maker.not known yet
  98. Hi all....

    What is Presenter? Tell me what is the difference between Presenter and Condition.
  99. Basic Concept of TQM is "Unwavering Customer orientation or Focus on BOTH Internal and External Customer"A) True
    B) False
  100. difference between flex,lexical and bind variable
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