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  1. Can anyone give the syntax of Merge?
  2. can anybody explain me the Optimization and how to improve the perfomance of query?
  3. What is difference between varchar and varchar2
  4. what kind of testing tools do we use for search engine like Google?
  5. Can methods be overloaded based on the return types
  6. Outer joinA join that links two tables, one of which has rows that do not match those in the common column of the other table.
  7. What is intermediate task in informatica? In what situation this task will be executed?
  8. how can we use pmcmd command in a workflow or to run a session
  9. Walkthrough & ReviewWhy are walkthroughs & review important while implementing a process?
  10. Ceiling Fan RotationThe ceiling fan rotates in anticlockwise direction, Why?
  11. How do you schedule a test in QTP or QC [Quality center]
  12. Is it possible to use commit or rollback in exception section.
  13. Can try statements be nestedTry statements may be tested.
  14. How do you track performance statistics and enhance it?
  15. What is meant by final class, methods and variables
  16. How many ways a function can be used according to the argument list and return types? Explain
  17. Explain about variable cost along with few situations where you would use variable cost .
  18. What are the valid modifiers for the local variables?final.
  19. How do you configure database connections in loadrunner
  20. hi
    I plan to go for a Free"Bug Tracking Tool,which is easy to use, can anyone suggest me , which one to go.
  21. Job Control and SequencerWhat is the difference between jobcontrol and sequencer?
  22. what is daemon threads?
  23. what is use case? What is the diffrence between test cases and use cases?
  24. How to retrieve the records from database into Listview Control in VB ?
  25. RAID1 breaking mirrior explain RAID1 breaking mirrior .and if i break raid 1 mirrior what is position of data?
  26. What are your pet peeves?
  27. Difference between == and equals()
  28. How will you pass values from HTML page to the Servlet
  29. Can I call an interface in a JSP?Pls comment
  30. What is the PL/SQL statement for retrieving the date?
  31. how will we prepare test cases
  32. describe about Parallel Extender (PX) ?
  33. what is wrapper class?is it available in c#?
  34. What is the difference between UAT test cases and System test cases ?
  35. how win runner recognise the color of the screennil
  36. The Code in java is contained within MethodsA) True
    B) False
  37. what is Difference between Event-Based Framework and Request-Based Framework?
  38. Tape Backup SolutionsWhat are the various tape backup solutions available in the market?
  39. what is the difference between memory mapped i/o and i/o mapped i/o?
  40. What is the difference between procedure and function and package, which is the fastest
  41. what does SM35 transaction do?
  42. How can we change field from the read only mode to normal mode ?
  43. What is Component...??

  44. what is the difference between reusable transformation and mapplets?
  45. Why there are some null interface in java ? What does it mean
  46. How is data binding handled in AJAX?
  47. How to use 'Recovery' tab - 'Scenario' option in 'Test Settings' of QTP.
  48. Hi
    Are there any Automated tools for testing CUI(Charecter User Interface) Application like Application developped in FoxPro & C/C++.
  49. Q: Why are Java ARchive (JAR) files important? JAR files bundle .class files and optimize applet downloads.
  50. Informatica Working with flat fileshow can we display delimiters beside column names of target flat file?
  51. Cursor TypeWhich cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?
  52. Handle ConflictHow do you handle conflict?
  53. what is a self-join and when can it be used
  54. how can we drag and drop an object from one Javatree to another javatree with qtp. Can u suggest any function

  55. Check XML files to test terminalsHow do you check XML files to test terminals in lab?
  56. In which one of the following views would you see the fields, criteria, and other details associated with the current query?Query view
  57. What are the classes you used in Beans
  58. What is base address? How is it associated differentiantly for one dimentional and 2 dimentional array?
  59. what is vuser-init section . Record a log in to the server(vuser initialize loaded).
  60. what is reliability Testing

    What is scalability Testing
  61. Implements and Inherits What is the difference between Implements and Inherits keyword?
  62. i have Employee information in MS-Excel format , now i want to convert in to Oracle database. is it possible to do this task,

    can any one please help me
  63. what is root class of all java classes
  64. What SPARC emergency keyboard sequence will take the system to the ok prompt (forth monitor) but will send output to TTYA? stop f
  65. Can we partition a SQL Server table. If yes how to make patition in a SQL Server table.
  66. Define class, module and access specifiers.
  67. remove() method collectionWhich Underlying Collection will provide the remove() method?
  68. What is the Difference between SRS and PDR
  69. Can a formula column referred to columns in higher group?Yes.
  70. What is the use of `du' utility?
  71. Can someone please give some information on REPORT BURSTING and how to do it in BCA as i have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people
  72. What is virtual constructors/destructors?
  73. How to use Alphanumeric verification point for a EditBox in Web Application.While i pointing the cursor to EditBox it is showing as Window.
  74. If a DataStage job aborts after say 1000 records, how to continue the job from 1000th record after fixing the error?
  75. What is dictionary cache
  76. what is the difference between primary key, unique key, sorrougate key?
  77. What are non-additive facts
  78. consolidation in GLwhat are the pre requisites you have to before going to run the consolidation in GL?
  79. Professional QualitiesWhat qualities do you have which will make you a committed and responsible professional in corporate life.
  80. how do you create a table value set from more than one table
  81. What is diference between datamart and datawarehouse?
  82. What is proper and improper inheritance? Explain with an example?
  83. What is the difference between Insert,Update and Modify?
  84. how system determines shipping point for a line item in the sales order?
  85. i have a problem to geting and seting date format in jdbc,plz give me right solution for this problem.
  86. Which obp command has a premenent allais?
  87. Abinitio Bad-Straight-flowWhen did we get error like 'Bad-Straight-flow'?
  88. Funds management account assignmentsWhat is Fund Management System in SAP? If they suggest massage no.3G473 How can we cure this query?
  89. What is Dedicated Server and Shared Server?
  90. Why is group in Loadrunner script used for ?
  91. How do you test Oracle database in LoadRunner please response with a real time work experience example
  92. What is AppletStub
  93. what is dfference between positive and testing testing.which one do you prefer as tester and why?
  94. What is the use of Framework?
  95. Explain the difference between data driven testing and parameterization
  96. What is the difference between list and choice
  97. Do Response documents work on web? If not, is there any workaround for achieving the same functionality on web ?
  98. PID controlGive brief detail on PID Control.
  99. What id recurring invoices ?
  100. Explain White Box testing techniques related to mainframe testing..?
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