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  1. What is the major difference between Web services & client server environment?
  2. What are the advantages achieved by an organization by using Oracle HRMS?
  3. The QTP is recoded and coded to a application in one machine and run well. How to run same QTP to the same application in different machine?
  4. Is it possible to make a payment without invoice or due in SAP, If yes how it possible, If no how
  5. How are the parameters referenced by default in VB.NET?A) By Object
    B) By Val
    C) By Ref
    D) None
  6. Oracle refcursor and procedurehow to pass result set using refcursor from one package procedure to another package procedure? and code also
  7. Client server testingHow we can test client server applications
  8. What is private database link
  9. Signal TristateWhat is the Tri State of a Signal?
  10. What are ISO standards? Why are they important?
  11. can any one explain me What is smoke testing & Sanity Testing?
  12. how can i check whether a dataset is empty or not in
  13. Why Pointers are not used in C Language. What are the main differences between C and C++
  14. what is the syntax for ref cursor working with forms 6i?
  15. What are the procedures for restarting a CNC machine after immediate shutdown
  16. What is an .ASP file?It is a Text File that contains the combination of the following:
    • Text
    • HTML tags
    • Script Commands
  17. What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?
  18. how do you hide column in the report
  19. How to use database performance tuning and also ds job performance in datastage.
  20. How to make the EXE(JAR) file of any project in java?
  21. A day as a DBAHow you spend a day as a DBA. Explain DBA activities in detail.
  22. IBM WebSphere Service Registry and RepositoryWhat is WSRR? IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  23. wat is the difference between rollup and scan?
  24. What is abstract schema
    Answer posted by Mohan on 2005-05-21 18:34:01: CMP uses abstract schema to map to the physical database
  25. What is Pair testing?
  26. How can we multiply an integer by 7 by using bitwise operators
  27. Why do you want to change from Mechanical stream to Software stream?
  28. What is the diff. between QA PLAN & PPQA PLAN ? What are the different types of PPQA REVIEWS?
  29. The NVRAM is also soldered to the main logic board or motherboard? False
  30. Metrics ProcessWhat is metrics process and who will collect data?
  31. Can any one give me example of a bug with high priority and low severity?
  32. What is the Difference between Replace and Translate
  33. Explain saveToken() function
  34. Loading data from DatamartsWhich approach is better and why?Loading data from datamarts to datawarehouse or vice versa?
  35. What is the benifit of using throws in exception?
  36. What is global pointer?
  37. What steps must be taken by project manager to get a good interaction among team members?
  38. What are the different Parameter types?Text ParametersData Parameters
  39. Can a view based on another view
  41. What are different types of Tables?
  42. Explain the SQL Queries activated to data base from Data provider in BO ?
  43. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  44. Advantage of ActiveX Dll over Active Exe?
  45. What is difference between Direct Input Method and other Methods?
  46. How to write Integration Testcases?
  47. What types of routing are possible in a wireless network?
  48. Where would you use an iHTTPModule, and what are the limitations of any
  49. Expectancy Theory of MotivationDescribe expectancy theory of motivation. How can a leader use it to improve performance?
  50. What are the difference between dispose(), close(), exit(), end()? When do we use them?
  51. Is it possible to change from Shared Object Repository to Per Action Repository or vice verse. if Yes then How
  52. How can we connect WinRunner to DB(SQL Server) using code?(Not Record and Play Back)
    How to create DSN?
  53. What is the difference between a Grid and a scroll?
  54. what is the differences between script language and programming language?
  55. please anybody send the abbreviation of struts? this is the question i have faced in the interview?
  56. how do i upload a file from client side to server using servlet and jsp. Please help me.

    Thanking you.
  57. Is there any limitation on no. of triggers that can be created on a table?
  58. Can a formula column be obtained through a select statement?Yes.
  59. What is Biasing?
  60. How to validate a Email-address, in Form using JavaScript?
  61. Printing numbers from 1 to 100 without using condition checking.
  62. How do you decide which integer type to use?
  63. Hi,
    could any body explain me,about Business process in oracle applications?
  64. What is Virtual BC? what is the use of vbc?
  65. what is sap
  66. What is the difference between Core Java and Advanced Java?
  67. What is CAT?
  68. How to configure VPN Site with 2003.

    Explain along with Basic Requirment
  69. Is the ternary operator written x : y z or x
  70. Kernal Initialization FilesWhat are the kernal initialization files?
  71. Can we use Private static void main()
    Instead of public static void main()?
  72. IF we use batch testing.the result shown for last action that how can i get result for every action.
  73. How do you match the value from database to user control
  74. what is Floating rate Basis?
  75. What is correlated sub-query
  76. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  77. how do u configure manual bank statement?
  78. what is the difference between granting and creating a view?
  79. What are the differences between Weak Reference, Soft Reference and
    Phantom Reference with appropriate example
  80. Is it possible to Override Private Virtual methodsA) Yes
    B) No
    C) Either A or B
    D) None
  81. What are different types of transactions in AR ?
  82. Mirror ApproachWhat is Mirror-Approach
  83. Traction SystemWhat do you mean by traction system, What type of traction system is used in electric train.
  84. What is Externalization?
  85. Explain when we use the following scenario's:Base table having extension columns Extension, table have extension columns Which one do you prefer, Explain?
  86. how to test the pop-up menus?give me detail description?
  87. What is RJ-45 and full name of RJ-45?
  88. when do you go for descriptive programing?
  89. What are the Platforms supported by MySQL?
  90. pivotal querywhat is pivotal query?
  91. what is the difference between trusted and untrusted applet?
  92. Name the eight primitive Java types.The eight primitive types are byte, char, short, int, long, float, double, and boolean.
  93. How foreign key can reduce redundancy in the database design
  94. can i have more than one ActionServlet class file in my application?
  95. What CMOS Transistor?
  96. how to retrive data from database to source in that case whice componenet is used for this?
  97. What is compiled module and batch module in win runner? how we can use these in projects?
  98. Problem faced in your earlier project
  99. Progress Bar in JavaHow to create a Progress Bar in Java?
  100. Using Register Key in QTPHow to use the "Registery Key" in QTP
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