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  1. What is testability?
  2. What is the difference between Strings and Arrays?
  3. What is mirroring in Informix?
  4. The keyword to use while overloading operators is:A) Operator
    B) Overload
    C) Overloads
  5. Form 1099What is the for 1099 - Misc used for?
  6. Design PatternsWhat kind of design patterns can be used for C# development projects?
  7. MIS ReportWhat is MIS Report ? How do you prepare it ?
  8. Difference between Hashfile and Sequential File?
  9. What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?
  10. How will you monitor the space allocation ?   By querying DBA_SEGMENT table/view.
  11. Commit statement in User-Exits. Can it be used?
  12. What are the benefits of creating multiple actions within any virtual user script?
  13. what is design pattern ? use ?

  14. What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice?
  15. i reinstalled server2000 & exchange 5.5 my backups are in e: drive how to retrive my original datas
  16. What do you believe is the most difficult part of being a supervisor of people?
  17. How can I connect to flat file and access data using data driven testing
  18. What is procedure to sort the strings in array list?
  19. Is it possible to modify an external query in a report which contains it?No.
  20. What is assets management?
  21. How to configure USB Modem ?
  22. Where do you set Peoplecode trace?
  23. What is the transport protocol you use to call a Web service SOAP
  24. What's the significance of @ISA, @EXPORT @EXPORT_OK
    %EXPORT_TAGS list & hashes in a perl package?
    With example?
  25. How to upload images in by using
  26. What is the difference between a CallableStatement and PreparedStatement?
  27. how can we delete a check constraint in a table
  28. what are the main points in the report while at the time to register in the oracle Application Environment ?
  29. how do we create index in data satge?
  30. Total how many objects were developed
  31. what is lexical parameter in report? Explain benefits and usage of lexical parameter?
  32. With LDB to display selection screen what u will do?
  33. Advantages of wimax over satellitelink?What are the advantages of wimax over satellitelink?
  34. what is the difference between whereclause and having clause
  35. How to read data from runtime PDF documents
  36. How to write test case of Login window where user name is editable to only upto 8 alpha characters?
  37. What is the differences between DBMS & RDBMS? What is the differences between Oracle & MS Access?
  38. What is Black phase in SDLC
  39. View sysdate How can we view sysdate for n number of times
  40. Explain Sticky bit?
  41. How many codd's rules are supporting by the oracle?.Plz clarify this.
  42. how to convert java applets into image file?
  43. What are the steps to build the data warehouse?
  44. Explain DNS, IP address allocation?
  45. What is the option or command used in Informix for finding which dbspace a database resides?
  46. 1.What is the data rate transfer of USB 2.0?
    2. What is ATAPI?
    3. What is ACPI?
    4. What is Disk Management?
  47. what is the designation of Team leader(development) and team manager(development) in the Testing department
  48. What are wrapped classesWrapped classes are classes that allow primitive types to be accessed as objects.
  49. Can you create Windows Services using VB.NetA) Yes
    B) No
  50. What is FRAWhat is FRA ? When do you use this ?
  51. When we will use an Interface and Abstract class
  52. Capacitive LoadWhy we cannot use the capacitive load?
  53. Explain the Key Concepts of VoiceXML?
  54. Conceptual ModelsWhat are Conceptual Mdels
  55. what are the types of resultsets
  56. What criteria do you use when determining when to automate a test or leave it manual?
  57. How Swings are implemented using MVC Model?
  58. Performance managementWhat is performance management and what are the methods ?
  59. Configuration of Oracle 10g on Solaris 10How to configure Oracle 10g on Sun Solaris 10 platform?
  60. how to use the shared cache feature in look up transformation

  61. Is there any Freeware Tool to do Database Testing, frequently used in I.T. industry
  62. what is meant by RTM in software testing
  63. How do you test XML data by using rational robot
  64. What has been the highest pressure situation you have been under in recent years? How did you cope with it?
  65. How Oracle HRMS helps in Budgeting and Costing?
  66. How can we create Containers?
  67. Define Quality - bug free, Functionality working or both?
  68. BulkBindWhat Is BulkBind? When it is used?
  69. which on is best string or string buffer?which one is mutable and immutable?
  70. what is criteria for suspension of testing?
  71. The difference between Oracle Sequence
    Generator and Informatica Sequence Generator?
    Which is faster in performance?
    Which is best to use?
  72. Types of system controls, container objects, combo box
  73. What is difference between Modifier and Qualifier in Pricing ?
  74. What is Turn Around Time
  75. PHP SessionWhere does the session stored, either client side or server side?
  76. What's your expereiences with cash flow statement? How is a cash flow statement generated?
  77. What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table?
  78. hi,can anybody explain me the flow of AP & AR in oracle financials upto the GL accounting transactions.
  79. Need of Operating SystemWhat is the need of operating system in computer science?
  80. What is ICA (Internet Computing Architecture)?
  81. write test case for a search engine?
  82. Differentiate between product quality and process quality
  83. what are the important tables in PS-HRMS?
  84. how to refresh the data in datagrid automatically
  85. What are the other names of Whitebox Testing?
  86. In Oracle varchar2 takes dynamic space for storage then why char is still in oracle?
  87. Is it possible to write all the SP implicit objects in a single JSP ?
  88. Why main() is not written in servlets programs?
  89. Earthing and GroundingWhat is the difference between Earthing and Grounding?
  90. which one is better performance wise joiner or lookup
  91. How can you show the data from a particular row and a particular colum from Data Table in QTP
  92. which type of stategy follows in your company?
  93. How do you use SUM function in Reportnet?
  94. How is Sequences handled in MySQL?
  95. How do we connect to a database in WSAD?
  96. Selective Recording ModeExplain What is Selective Recording Mode
  97. What is Shallow cloning in Java ?
  98. Why do companies need adjusting journal entries?
  99. what are the manufacturing cost of a producting?
  100. StiffnessIf two springs of stiffness K1 & K2 are in series, the equivalent stiffness is.......................
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