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  1. XML for testersWhat is the use of XML for testers? What are testers supposed to know about XML?
  2. how can i clear values in sessions.
    if i open a jsp page it is containing previous values.
    then i need to open a new page then only i am getting a fresh page
  3. How are text files read and written in forms ?
  4. Is it possible to implement Polymorphism (either compile time / runtime) in “C” ? If yes how?
  5. Where do I get study projects on Informatica.
    Could anyone tell me which web-site i have to go through.
  6. What is a view ?
A view is stored procedure based on one or more tables, it’s a virtual table.
  • Merging 2 systemsWhat approaches do you need when 2 companies merge?
  • What is pipelining?
  • What is the use of own servlet other than predefined ActionServlet
  • How many test cases will be written for a project(approximately)?
  • Why Java is not fully objective oriented
  • how to get the values from entity selection in java?
  • Types of procs in JCLWhat are the different types of procs available in JCL?
  • What is the use of servlet context? Where it is used?
  • What is audio clip Interface and what are all the methods in it
  • How can I convert integers to binary or hexadecimal?
  • How is message handling handled in Delphi?
  • what is the use of ActiveX Documents?
  • Why is that we have to add same code in PBO and PAI when we are using TABLE CONTROLS?
  • helper files in strutsWhat are the helper file in the form of JSPs available in struts?.
    Is struts tags are XHTML supportive?
  • Synchronization
  • What is protected and friendly
  • What is Resonate?
  • Data Reader or DatasetIf you are doing website project, which one is used dataset or data reader? Why?
  • How to use QTP as an automation toll in Test Director
  • What are the Platforms supported by MySQL?
  • What is the difference between star flake and snow flake schema?
  • what is client server computing?
  • explain about operational readiness ?
  • explain the various models of the testing?
    plz its urgent
  • What is Conditional DML? Can anyone please explain with example.
  • If I delete my budget org, will the budget amounts be deleted?
  • What is group control in crystals?
  • Can you start a database without SPfile in oracle 9i?
  • how to make immutable collection
  • what is meat by error feeding
  • What is the meaning of the return codes 0307 and 0326?0307 is end-of-set and 0326 is record not found.
  • Is there any impact on performance if we did not choose proper Joiner cache size.
  • what is the difference between table check point and database check point in QTP
  • How can we calculate the fact table size?
  • How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?
  • What is the difference between pass by reference and pass by value?
  • What is report template in B.O?
  • How is the statistics in PostgreSQL updated?
  • How can u stop a batch?By using server manager or pmcmd.

  • Cost of solving a bug from requirements phase to testing phase - increases slowly, decreases, increases steeply or remains constant?
  • can u tell me brief decription about oops concepts(total) with examples
  • How to apply the data into informatica etl process.
  • hi
    I m very new with QTP i dont have any Idea
    about Automation testing just because i m
    fresher can u tell the basic of QTP.
  • What is the Collections APIThe Collections API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operations oncollections of objects.
  • How to convert the oracle reports to excel sheet from oracle form which is already parametrized on the basis of report's parameters?
  • What is LOE? What does it stand for? (Usually seen in business requirements document).
  • What is the fastest way of accessing a row in a table ?Using ROWID.CONSTRAINTS
  • Can i use dropdownlist control in my datagrid.if soi want the code also how to do it.Its urgent plz send me u r answer
  • what is meant by hot keys?
  • When, where and why we are using overloading and overriding???
  • how to execute a select statgement in unix.
  • DC supply to TransformerWhy the transformer will burn if DC supply is given?
  • What is Imported Style Sheet?
  • Do you support automated testing? Why?
  • Once decided on the tool: what are the activities usually performed before recording first line of script.
  • What is the meaning of Context sensitive?
  • What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?
  • what is the resistance between neutral and earth.
  • can anyone pl give me an example of Low severity and low priority.
  • In Sap we have n number of fields.some fields names we know and if we dnt know abt table name of that particular field or vice versa then what is the way to find out.
  • How can we write code to Add CheckBox Control In DataGrid
  • what is HashCode in Java
  • How will you initialize an Applet
  • How many data types are supported in Vbscript
  • Can traceout command work across the firewall? If No then why? If Yes then why?

  • Do you recommend change control for the scripts? What recommendation would you make for this?
  • What do you mean by dynamic testing?
  • what is form security?
  • different between test scenario and test case?
  • how does CLR solves dll hell?
    how does it achieves Profiling and debugging services and Simplified deployment and versioning?
  • Explain about online linking of Reports ?
  • Who will Change the status of the Bug...say : Deferred " ?
  • let me know what are the common types of bugs frequently occuring while testing the e-banking system and health care system
  • OBJECT and INSTANCEWhat Is The Difference Between Object and Instance?
  • What is ICA (Internet Computing Architecture)?
  • What is ODBC Direct and Microsoft Jet Database Engine ?
  • Where does the Primary Field of an MVG stored?
  • what is the difference betwwen TD 7.5 and TD 9.0?
  • Proxy in IEWhat will be proxy in IE while recording the script Vugen
  • What can be used in PostgreSQL to send messages to the front-end, and optionally terminate the current query being processed?
  • What is customization?
  • How do you use RSA for both authentication and secrecy?
  • In which one of the following views would you see the fields, criteria, and other details associated with the current query?Query view
  • How can you use WSAD to share tools and assets across a team?
  • ETL Transformationswhen can we use stored procedure transformations.
  • Recording methodsWhat is the difference between HTML and URL based recording? Which is more advantageous?
  • What is the extension of a web user control file ?Skill/Topic: Beginner
    A) .Asmx
    B) . Ascx
    C) .Aspx
  • All the users are complaining that their application is hanging. How you will resolve this situation in OLTP
  • Process Profile contains?a) Sequence of processes b) Sequence of jobs c) batch processes
  • What are the errors you expereiced with data stage
  • What are global segments?
  • what does it mean-

  • What is code-based security?
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