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  1. what is element wizard?
  2. How would you transfer existing database of employees transferred to SAP system?
  3. How can we share data between to JSP's in two different WebContexts in Apache Tomcat Server.
  4. What is AUDITING and ASM(Automatic storage management) in Oracle database 10g?
  5. what are the different performance tuning techniques of a cognos cube?
  6. how do you configure the system to send notifications to the userid instead of email
  7. What type of names are used for administering disk drives in Solaris environment
  8. how to test a lift?
  9. what is the need of surrogate key;why primary key not used as surrogate key
  10. in what ways java differ from c++ basing oops concept
  11. Simple Select Statement and Find the Results?
  12. How we upload and download files in JSP and Servlets ,What methods we are using??
  13. Abinitio Air-Project ParametersWhat are air-project parameters and air-sandbox? What does it contains?
  14. How to recover a GDG version when it is deleted?
  15. what i do for load testing in . net application .

  16. What is RAC? What is Data Migration? What is Data Pumping?
  17. What are the common values passed by a procedure in varialbles ERRBUF, RETCODE?
  18. Types of ActiveX Components in VB?
  19. Folder AccessSame machine is using more than one user at different time, how to identify whether an particular user used a folder or not
  20. Verbal ReportWould you rather write a report or give a verbal report? Why?
  21. ____ 's name is best known in relation to the concepts of Do It Right First Time & Zero Defects. A) Philiph Crosby
  22. What is pst file in out look express?If user account created, where does it store. (location)?
  23. Can we use static variables in file2 if they are defined in file1 ? If yes, then how ?
  24. A thread is a program's path of executionSkill/Topic: AWT & Applets
    A) True
    B) False
  25. Name three network tools used to determine where a network connectivity is lost between two sites A&B?
  26. What are the Testing responsibilities in BO ?
  27. what do you mean by preprocessor directory
  28. How to test .xml files?
  29. Does Enterprise Edition only add the parallel processing for better performance?

    Are any stages/transformations available in the enterprise edition only?
  30. Differences between State and temporary records?
  31. how can i get excat value from database in dropdown list which is in datagrid?
  32. What is ZOOM?How it works?
  33. what is use of object libraries.
  34. How to test a broken link a web application?
  35. what is the difference between java technology and .net technology?
  36. What are types of principal stresses?
  37. What is the state of Connection object after execution of Statement(Populated Result Set)?
  38. String is anSkill/Topic: Beginner
    A) object type
    B) reference type
  39. give me an scenario where flat files are used?
  40. What are value sets ?
  41. Explain TCP connection establishment and tear down.
  42. please can any one mail me qtp and loadrunner software latest version to my id at please i am waiting for your reply..... thanks
  43. What is performance tuning
  44. How and when are the destructors called? Is it necessary to write a destructor?
  45. What are the scenarios in which i should go for Black Box or White Box Testing??
  46. what is procedure for testing after implementasion as functional consultant
  47. what is per action and what is shared
    what is difference between per action and shared
  48. what is the difference between E-R modelling and Dimendional modelling? and what are semi additive facts?
  49. Disadvantages of Java
  50. What is the reference modification
  51. RoutinesWhat is a routine? How can we use it in datastage?
  52. What is difault http method in http servlet?
  53. What happens to the test plan if the application has a functionality not mentioned in the requirements?
  54. What are the important test scenarios for testing a web site?
  55. What is Bonudary Value Analysis and how it can be related to Testing Software interfaces?
  56. What is a power event?
  57. Deny Delete and Drop PermissionHow to deny delete and drop permission to the user for the particular database in SQL Server 2005.

  58. Can we add Hashtable/HashMap to a vector
  59. How do you pass filename as the parameter for a job?
  60. What are batch tests and how do you create and run batch tests ?
  61. What is make used for? How is it different from a shell script?
  62. Controls which do not have events
  63. what is forcing an index concept in sybase
  64. Are you familiar with internet architecture of Oracle Apps 11i.
  65. Describe Database Connection pooling relative to MTS?
  66. traceability matrix, test strategy
  67. What is Rapid testing?
  68. What are the key ideas for performing WhiteBox Testing?
  69. Implement InheritanceHow would you implement inheritance using VB.NET?
  70. What MAU? In token Ring , hub is called Multistation Access Unit(MAU).
  71. what is meant by distributed technology?
  72. How are joins handled using HQL.
  73. FAQ : difference between project risk and product risk
  74. how to test the pop-up menus?give me detail description?
  75. How have you done validation of the fileds in your project
  76. Join same fieldsHow to join same fields of four tables at SQL Server?
  77. what is baseline?
  78. How to remove duplicates in server job
  79. What does the "EnableViewState" property do? Why would I want it on or off?
  80. LoopA situation that occurs when more than one path exists from one table to another in the universe.
  81. How to create a report with different objects can be seen at different countries not all the objects can be seen by all the countries people?
  82. Which of the following record is not found in database?Derived work record
  83. What is servlet context and what it takes actually as parameters?
  84. In which PeopleCode event does ALL data validation take place? FieldEdit
  85. What is the difference between Calculated Measure and Measure Folder?
  86. In an Account applet we have some fields with private. How can we see those fields?
  87. Can a property clause itself be based on a property clause? Yes
  88. Add watchWhat is Add watch in Win Runner?
  89. Explain the techniques used to estimate the number of test cases to be written for a particular project?
  90. Give example of : High severity & Low priority
  91. What do you mean by Database Security?
  92. Briefly explain how server form post-back works (perhaps ask about view state as well).
  93. Which Math method is used to calculate the absolute value of a numberThe abs() method is used to calculate absolute values.
  94. What are data objects?
  95. how to use sendkeys from client like Windows to get data from Peoplesoft.
    What I need to implement from side of peoplesoft server...?
  96. What made you apply for this position?
  97. What is the value of 111 % 13?A) 3
    B) 5
    C) 7
    D) 9
  98. What are the communication methods you followed within team and to client ?
  99. Does there exist any way to make the command line arguments available to other functions without passing them as arguments to the function?
  100. how to hide the code in procedures,packages?
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