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  1. How many null values does a column accept if it is declared as a unique key?
  2. Access VSAM from CICSHow to access VSAM from CICS?
  3. what is the use of exception handling in Silk Test? how to use the commands?
  4. What is Stored Variable?
  5. servlet containerwhat is difference between servlet container and servlet config?
  6. Recurring Journals and Mass Allocationwhat is the difference between Recurring Journals and Mass Allocation?
  7. How to create Customer Territory KFF
  8. How to capture and display text check point value in message box without using o/p checkpoint
  9. can some tell me about siebel testing. which area we need to concentrate more for siebel testing.
  10. how can i get set identity for last coloumn of the table.
  11. why do we use header file
  12. Which package is always imported by defaultThe java.lang package is always imported by default.
  13. how to remove the locked jobs using datastage?
  14. If in a report i get 4 times the actual value then what are the various soloutions to rectift it
  15. What is the difference between BOOTP and RARP?
  16. Which method do you use to redirect the user to another page without performing a round trip to the client?
  17. How do you do Gap Analysis in Siebel?
  18. What is the difference between fast security one & two?
  19. Remote Desktop ConnectionCan we establish Remote Desktop Connection without having net connectivity in a LAN ?
  20. How will you perform transaction using JDBC
  21. Loading Server ObjectCan you load the server object dynamically? If so what are the 3 major steps involved in it?
  22. Is there in C# an equivalent of exit command in Delphi, which force the exit from one method?
  23. what is the Object for ADO.NET?
  24. What is Singleton class
  25. How to add a document to Quality Center 9.0How can i add a document (for example : test plan document) to quality center 9.0 ?
  26. What is the OPTIMAL parameter?   It is used to set the optimal length of a rollback segment.
  27. How do you create the siebel developer clinet (mobile client)?
  28. how to get initialization time (init () method)values in servlet?
  29. Who created the Python programming language?
  30. What is 'Smart Identification technique' used in QTP? How it works?
  31. what is the metadata extension?
  32. What is ActiveX? Explain.
  33. when a user logs in to PS, how will the system know in which region the user comes ?
  34. What is the difference between form 5i&6i?
  35. How to design distillation column?

    What is the role of chemical engg. in technology transfer in pharma company.

  36. Max how many controls can be used in a single form?
  37. how to solve abend s322
  38. what is Fuctional Specification? What are content in the FS.
  39. we have sort and sort within groups components. we can achieve the sort within group functionality by palcing two keys in sort group. then why i go for sort within gropus?
  40. What is MISL CODE?
  41. What if we don't hire you?
  42. What are the special features of wireless test tools?
  43. What is configuration Management?
  44. How to delete records from two tables. There is relationship between two tables. It's working in MySQL but not in SQL-Server.
  45. Explain about job control language such as (DS_JOBS)
  46. Log File InformationHow can we get information about log files in the database?
  47. name two classes that can store arbitrary number of objects
  48. Types of .dbc fileWhat are the two types of .dbc files
  49. How to Increase, the size of Database in SQL server 2000, in terms of GB size?
  50. Give me an example of something you tried at work but did not work out so you had to go at things another way.
  51. who will give the bug id and bug version id?
  52. C Interrupts How are interrupts executed in C? Where are interrupts stored in the memory? What actually occurs when interrupts are encountered?
  53. What PERFORM parameter in EXEC statement is meant for?
  54. How can you tell what kind of object an object variable is holding?
  55. Hibernate Transparent and Automated PersistenceExplain What are transparent persistence and automated persistence in Hibernate?
  56. Online Redo LogsOutline the steps for recovery with missing online redo logs?
  57. What is the difference between importing a class
    and creating the object for that class
  58. What methods will be called in which order?
  59. How payroll works?
  60. What are the modules in FI that you have worked on?
  61. what is Query Analyser?
  62. What is a conversion-exit and field exit?
  63. What is Bonudary Value Analysis and how it can be related to Testing Software interfaces?
  64. how to find Tcode reports and the tables with in the given Tcode
  65. How to find second maximum value from a table?
  66. How we can find the total number of processors available in system?
  67. Cached Lookup and an Uncached LookupWhat is the difference between using a cached lookup and an uncached lookup?
  68. On what basis the planned testing efforts is calculated for the entire project?
  69. Suppose there are 15 links on the homepage of a site and each link creates a new request, how your servlet controller would handle it? (Assuming you are using MVC-2)
  70. How would I export a report to Word?
  71. What is the role of QA in a company that produces software?
  72. What are the levels in which data validation can be done in Microsoft Access database?
  73. Complex join in alias tableWhy and how do you use complex join in alias table?
  74. Oracle Shared poolWhat is meant by Shared pool fragmentation.
  75. why QTP is becoming more popular tool compared to other tools ?
  76. Can a init(ServletConfig config) method be overrided in servlets?
  77. can any one explain me What is smoke testing & Sanity Testing?
  78. How to use incremental loading when you load data from staging?
  79. How to run from load runner which only have xx.c without LR?
  80. Given a table which contains some rows with duplicate keys, how would you remove the duplicates?
  81. Strength/ Weakness of document analysisWhat is the strength or weakness of document analysis technique to elicit requirements?
  82. If HLD (High Level Desing doc) and the CRS (Client Requirement Specification)are different then in which basis we write a test cases
  83. What are all the basic elements in a defect report?
  84. FILE *fp;

    What is size of FILE data type???
  85. Naming exported filesWhen exporting using filesize parameter, if three files is generated. How the Oracle name this three files?
  86. What is virtual constructors/destructors?
  87. can we write Functional testcase based on only BRD or only Use case ?
  88. What is the difference between Oracle Apps 11i Manufacturing & SAP R/3 ? kindly answer it
  89. what are the drawbacks of AD-HOC testing and ways to overcome them?
  90. Nullpointer ExceptionWhat is Nullpointer Exception How it will be reduced
  91. We define business rules PeopleCode on?event definition
  92. how to access form information that is stored in the server?
  93. how to add object checkpoint in the winrunner
    i tried to add an object checkpoint to an image but it is not working properly
  94. What is the alternative to batch input session? Call transaction.
  95. How do we view the security informations and which file is used to view it?
  96. How we can write the test result to an external file .For example to text files,notpad etc.. while running a script
  97. what will be the Given a server with 4 cpu\'s, and no databases write a pseudocode to search for the word camera in 100,000 html documents.
  98. What is the role of Support SAP-HR?
  99. Is it posible to access more than one Database at a single siebel application?
  100. how to manage profile object on proxy server.
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