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  1. How many fact tables we can use in one project?
  2. What Chart fields did you use?
  3. how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD?
  4. In .NET Compact Framework, can I free memory explicitly without waiting for garbage collector to free the memory?
  5. what is business process in software tesing
  6. What is '$flex$ and '$profile$, What is the use of '$flex$'?
  7. Describe your personal software development process.
  8. Test Text FieldHow many possibilities are there to test a text field? What are they?
  9. how can we call a class in directory by a class in another directory by writing class paths
  10. what is differenc between mysql_connect and mysql_pconnect
  11. Explain how testing fits in V-model?
  12. Top Down and Bottom up Approach why we fallow top down approach in c-language and bottom up approach in c++?explain?
  13. Can you explain testing options, and defend a position on your strategy?

  14. how do you analize requiremente?
  15. I was recently asked as to what is the one key element in a test case and a test plan? could anyone pls explain.
  16. How to program in Java to sort n numbers using array
  17. What is the difference between the functions rand(), random(), srand() and randomize()?
  18. What is byte offset of a field within a structure?
  19. What is meant by indirect multi value link, and how to create the steps
  20. How do you know that fragmentation is occurred and how do you fix it. ...?
  21. How would you conduct your test?Each test is based on the technical requirements of the software product.
  22. True or False: A Web service can only be written in .NET
  23. What criteria would you use to select Web transactions for load testing?
  24. 1)How do you prepare defect policy report
  25. What is the difference between latches and flip flop
  26. Which choice is NOT an ADO collection?A. Properties
    B. Records
    C. Fields
    D. Errors
    E. Parameters
  27. What is the use of OWNER option in EXP command ? List of table accounts should be exported.
  28. Upper and Lower CheckpointWhat is Upper and Lower Checkpoint?
  29. What are the limitations of XML serialization?
  30. the overloding concept is blongs to oop but why in c printf ()supporting overloading?
  31. At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin in your opinion?
  32. What is a table called, if it does not have neither Cluster nor Non-cluster Index?
  33. what is banking domain and explain briefly?
  34. how can u create a user event? whats are the steps?
  35. Oracle segments How do you see how many memory segments are acquired by Oracle Instance.
  36. What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?
  37. (Some scenario) Find which is not part of AE Program, Options would be?Action,Section,Step,Event
  38. Concurrent programHow many Parameters can pass to Concurrent Program
  39. how do you save a java object in database
  40. Can database schema be changed with DAO, RDO or ADO?
  41. what is the difference between local managed tablespace & dictionary managed tablespace ?
  42. How did you do your retrofitting for peoplecode, sql, etc?
  43. how can i get the procedure's, function's name from a package if it is wrapped(both spec & body).
  44. How do we know about the build we are going to test? where do you see this?
  45. what is desired machine and n/w config while integrating QC with QTP
  46. what is class mapping in winrunner ?
  47. What are the important components of OLEDB?
  48. what is datacatching in jspit can store in catch and move one page to another page
  49. What is the difference between transparent and non transparent database tables
  50. What is the main difference between At New and On Change Commands
  51. what is the advantages and diadvantages of Struts?
  52. How do we connect to Oracle database from QTP ?
  53. How do you test CAD/CAM applications using Win Runner..?
  54. Which protocol has to be selected for recording/playback a Visual Basic application?
  55. Can any one give the entire life cycle of CRM?
  56. how we can eliminate duplicates without using distinct command?
  57. View sysdate How can we view sysdate for n number of times
  58. What is abstract method
  59. Which one is faster between NAND-SR FF and NOR-SR FF?
  60. How do you catch or know if some error happens in HTML Controls in the web form?
  61. How do you automatically update image checkpoint through script?
  62. What is the difference between simplex and half-duplex transmission?
  63. What is the difference between sleep and suspend
  64. What are the uses of rollback segment
  65. Intergration testingHow you will write test cases for integration testing? Explain me with an example
  66. What is the difference between include directive & jsp:include action
  67. Can anybody tell me how do u define action and transaction in QTP?
  68. How do you select the protocols for LR scripts?
  69. What is the difference between Severity and Priority?
    Which one is used by a tester?
  70. 1.what is difference between pl/sql table and records?
    2. what is the advantages of pl/sql table?
    3. what is ref cursor? what is the advantages of ref cursor
  71. What is Pre-beta testing
  72. What are the advantages and disadvantages of View?
  73. What is operator overloading?what r the advantages of operator overloading?
  74. How is Exception Handling hanled in MySQL?
  75. where we use iterator than enumeration in collection interface?i don't know
  76. which marker interface in java is having methods in it
  77. How does Informatica get sources from IBM MQ Series
  78. what is structure padding?where it is used in real time applications?
  79. what is the default sizes of String and StringBuffer?
  80. What is the Input for a TestCase?
  81. What is the difference between Squential Stage & Dataset Stage. When do u use them.
  82. how to find corrupted record in lengthy vsam file
  83. What is the difference between Client Server Testing and Web Testing?
  84. In which instances we will use the page scope?
  85. how to use global variables in QTP,What are user-defined envoirnment variables?
  86. ISP ProtocolWhich protocol is used to communicate between client and ISP?
  87. If a report requires two parameter and one parameters list of values depend on another parameter, then how this will be done. What sort of things will be done to value set?
  88. How do you pass parameters to a graph in AI ?
  89. what is an environment variable??
  90. How do you communicate in between Applets & Servlets
  91. What is auto invoice in OM module?what is use of it?
  92. What does $# stand for?
  93. Why might the optimizer use a table scan when an index is available?
  94. How to create dynamic Gridview?
  95. What is difference between sub-report and drill-through report?
  96. What is the process of Cognos Testingcan u give me small example of cognos testing?
  97. how to view(display) balance sheet and p&l account in SAP (fico)
  98. Constructor is the method which is implicitly created when ever a class is instantiated. Why?
  99. What is "strstream" ?
  100. “Exit” and “Stop”. What is the difference?
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