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  1. can any one give me the query to delete duplicate records from a table.
    not selection of duplicates deletion of duplicate records. sql query only
  2. Briefly explain what user controls are and what server controls are and the differences between the two.
  3. what is early binding and late binding ?
    explain with example
  4. Machine Hour RateHow machine hour rate is calculated?
  5. What is the advantage of zero filling in calloc() ?
  6. What is access control mechanism?how to implement in tools?
  7. Design PatternsExplain briefly about design patterns in dotnet
  8. What is the difference between procedure and function and package, which is the fastest
  9. How to submit a JCL from Cobol program?
  10. Oracle OERR UtilityWhat is OERR Utility
  11. Testing MicroStrategy ReportsvName the different types of testing that can be done on MicroStrategy Reports?
  12. What is the use of beaninfo
  13. Java 2 means Second Generation Java A) True
    B) False
  14. Two ways to create the thread
  15. What is data processing?
  16. If a simple cobol program has no syntax error, then is it necessary to compile it?
  17. Clear property is available in ____,___ control.
  18. Solaris reduced Network InstallationHow do you enable network services after reduced network installation(minimal installation).
  19. What is control table ? and what is its purpose?
  20. How do I display row number with records
  21. What are the different modals of windows? Modalless windows
    Modal windows
  22. What is the order of the triggers fired once the form is opened?
  23. What is Mainframe Testing?
  24. how is datastage 4.0 functionally different from the enterprise edition now?? what are the exact changes?
  25. Apply Business RulesWhere do we apply business rules from souce to staging or staging to warehouse?
  26. what is importance of const. pointer in copy constructor?
  27. How to schedule tests in QTP?
  28. What is the use of evaluate statement give example?
  29. What is JDBC. How do you connect to the Database
  30. What is integral testing
  31. How do i call the the Stored procedure using Hibernate?
  32. What is the meaning of threshold error in Informatica?
  33. Join path ProblemWhat is joinpath problem?
  34. what are the tables for multi_org in oracle applications
  35. how to map custom objects in the .NET base application using QTP.
  36. How do we test websphere application manually?
  37. Explain the types of Views in Listview Control.
  38. How do you recover when the object repository gets corrupted?
  39. What is the difference between stock transfer between two plants belongs to same company code and to that of different company code???
  40. Mention few scenarios where we can use data driven testing in winrunner banking projects in detail.
  41. Overview of test plan – IEEE standards.
  42. How is interaction with an AJAX client handled?
  43. What is integration between modules?What modules in Order management can be integrated with Finance modules ?How this integration is done?
  44. How to insert and update rows into a record using Application Engine and Component Interface?
  45. whatis difference between applet and swing ,is it possible connect database through appletbased gui?
  46. what is interface in vb? pl explain its types
    in vb ? and theri usage
  47. How to use sorting technic in arralist?
  48. Java run-time system is also called as Java Virtual Machine (JVM) A) True
    B) False
  49. How do we load from PL/SQL script into Informatica mapping?
  50. Telephonic InterviewAt the time of interview if interviewer asks me, why have i choose to interview with them? How should I reply?
  51. how to return multiple records from procedure?
    e. g. I fired a select query and I want to retun a result to ?
  52. What is diff between Tickets and MERS
  53. What happens if A/P on a cash basis shows a huge amount. Shouldn't be zero?
  54. what are the advantages & disadvantages of packages ?
  55. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  56. In WINRUNNER what should be the class name when we declare an array in a function?
  57. As a QA Engineer / QA Tester what was your activities during the whole day?
  58. What tag do you use to add a hyperlink column to the DataGrid?
  59. How can we import stored procedures into framework manager
  60. Write test cases for cell phone
  61. What is marker interface?Tell name of atleast three one?

  62. which IDE is best for Java and Why ?
  63. Hi,
    How can we test a stored procedure ?
  64. How do you encrypt the function to prevent accessing from users without specific permission. ?
  65. Explain the techniques used to estimate the number of test cases to be written for a particular project?
  66. How to execute a C file from JAVA Applications?
  67. What is the difference between free goods and bonus buy?
  68. Register Forms in Oracle ApplicationHow to register forms in oracle application 11i?
  69. how many types of ready states in ajax?
  70. Does the development environment affect in any way black box testing is performed. Some people say yes but I don't see how it does.
  71. what is data importing?
  72. Why do we need to test weather it is memory leak or not?

    How are we going to know that?
  73. What is MAPI ?Messaging Application programming Interface.
  74. What is 5S?A) 5S is Japanese method of Work place Management.
  75. If star index of fact table get corrupted, is it possible to load it. Then how do load fact table?
  76. what is the difference between database server and data dictionary
  77. What is difference between Servlet and AppletI don t KNOW
  78. There is an option in the VSS(Visual Source Safe) as copy User right's. Like that is there any option for copying project privileges from one project to another.
  79. Prompt ValuesWhat is the maximum limit(no.) of values you can display in a value prompt?
  80. What is DATA integration
  81. diff b/w metric and measurement?
  82. What is the significance of PAGE 0 in forms 3.0 ?   Hide the fields for internal calculation.
  83. Hi
    I am new to Test Director.
    I want to know ,how i will run Manual test in TD.
  84. what is the different between retesting and resgession testing?
  85. Write script to open notepad file , read the data and display it on the screen using QTP script.
  86. How do you access perticular row/column from a web page by using QTP?
  87. What is Exception Handling in WinRunner
  88. what is a session and a task? how r they related or differ?
  89. is there any relationship between java & inforematica?
  90. Can you add not null column to a table already containing data ?
  91. How to share documents can anybody tell me how to share a document and how to check the document which i have shared in web intelligence.
  92. List 5 words that best describe your strengths.
  93. What is surrogate key ? where we use it expalin with examplesdon't know
  94. what is dashboard report how do you develop the dashboard report.
  95. Why appletviewer is used in Applet programming ?
  96. What is the purpose of load_dll?
  97. Why strings are immutable?
  98. what is difference b/w calltransaction and session method
  99. Resolve DefectIn a project there are lots of defect. Which one will you resolve first?
  100. System Testing Test CaseHow to write system testing test cases during Requirement (SRS) analysis in SDLC process
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