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  1. Can Any body gives the description of Power Plug and Power Channel?
  2. what is function of sccli ?
  3. In which case i can use ResultSetMetaData and DatabaseMetaData?
  4. SilkTest enable extensionsHow do you add a .dll to enable extension in silktest
  5.   Explain about Superclass & subclass
  6. is there any Goto statement in QTP.
    or any other substitute for the same?
    i want to skip a portion of code on occurence of error.
  7. System defects and Live defectsWhat are the differences between System level defects and defects in Live
  8. Difference between value table and view table?
  9. What are function modules in LDB?
  10. Can anyone tell me which is the best SDLC model from the QA'S point of view?
    or which SDLC model is the best and fast?
  11. Where the QTP results are stored in QTP? I want exact path of the folder
  12. What is ActiveX Control?
  13. what is client server computing?
  14. If you are given the IP address can u tell how many computers can be connected?What do you look at?
  15. An engineer wrote a bank exam & cleared it,Manager of that bank asked as u r an ECE student,how will u help in development & growth of this bank?
  16. How will you test a keyboard?
  17. What are the protocols did you use while testing a web application?
  18. Oracle ObjectsWhat do you mean by objects in Oracle and how do they differ from Java objects?
  19. Is it possible to run Java RMI application without Stub & Skelton. If yes how?
  20. How the exception handling can be done using QTP
  21. What is soft table? can we print soft table? if prints what is the query?
  22. How to writer String Reverse program without using any string libraries even length(), strrev().
  23. what tests do the testers conduct after reciving of requirements?
  24. what is fact load?
  25. which programming language used for automation scripting? how to learn that ? can anybody tell the link or books for that?
  26. Writing Pl/SQL functionWrite a PL/SQL fuction named say TRUN, which does the same work as the oracle predefined function "TRUNCATE".
  27. When using the WebSphere, Which three updates would force you to restart the test environment?
  28. what is a process and how many types of processes are there?
  29. What is the exact difference between joiner and lookup transformation
  30. what are web database?
    advantages and application of web database.
  31. What is difference b/w pre query and post query?
  32. State the process of environment parameterization, Random no parametarization with exp
  33. What is the difference between inline coding & code behind.
  34. Which types of protocols designers have to used for making any type of embedded system.
  35. Tell us about your experience in conducting audits.
  36. What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?
  37. How do you configure a MVG?
  38. How do you design a system which is required to experience a shock force of 15G in 10 milliseconds?
  39. Oracle Referential Backupwhat is Referential Backup? Which case we use Referential Backup and which case we use Incremental backup?
  40. I have downloaded qtp trail version but sample flight application is not there. why?
  41. What does LINK-EDIT do actually?
  42. How many pages you can in a single form ?   Unlimited.
  43. How many lines of code you have written for a single program?
  44. What is difference between checked and unchecked (RuntimeException) exceptions
  45. Inner ClassWhat is Inner Class? What is use of it?
  46. can we eliminate duplicate rows by using filter and router transformation ?if so explain me in detail .
  47. variable shadowing with example
  48. what is difference between the mvc1 and mvc2 design pattern?
  49. what is rapidly changing dimension?
  50. A Computer that is On the Network is a ________ Skill/Topic: Networking Basics
    A) Node
  51. Explain me how to write db checkpoint scripts
  52. What is the need of zorder method?
  53. BADIs ProgramingExplain the basics and defination of BADI
  54. Can we update the database though
  55. What is the size of object repository
  56. What is Infoview in BO?
    What are the differences between BO 6.5 and BO XIR2?
  57. What Credit memo / Debit Memo?
  58. how can we join the tables if the tables have no primary and forien key relation and no matchig port to join?
  59. Where is the bitmap chekpoint information saved?
  60. designerIn real time environment what do we get from the client for the development of universe. provide me with an example document.
  61. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  62. What is a Presistent, Transient Object?
  63. What is meant by a method
  64. Can we use program unit in a display field to create a formula calculated item?
  65. At what frequent u load the data?
  66. How to test performance of the application manualy?
  67. Write test cases for char * my_itoa(int n) method? What if this function is mission critical? How will you test it? How can you speed up the implementation?
  68. Is there any chance where i can create a file in my home directory which is not accessable by the unix administrator?
  69. Different addressing modes. ?
  70. How do you configure SNMP, configuration of MRTG terminal
  71. what is the difference between lr_endtranscation("transcationname",lr_auto)
  72. Have you ever used HashTable and Dictionary
  73. Subquery vs Join
  74. What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your testing career?
  75. How do you do Gap Analysis in Siebel?
  76. Test functionality of Web ApplicationHow do we test the functionality of a web application?
  77. what is implementation,installation,roll in ,roll out,paging file?
  78. Which is the default Scripting Language on the client side?JavaScript
  79. What is finally method in Exceptions
  80. Give 2 examples of a code optimization.
  81. what are the differences of view and materialised view
  82. Discus two reasons why feeding data into OLAP system directly from the source operational system is not recommended
  83. What happens to ASP pages?The browser makes a HTTP request; the server does the processing and gives a HTML response to the browser.
  84. What is throughput and how we can measure it during load testing?
  85. What are the disadvantages of the Python programming language?
  86. Can I progpogate a transaction while mulitple method invocations in EJB
  87. How can we do performance testing on a vending machine
  88. What is Target Update Override? What is the Use ?
  89. What is hot deployment?
  90. DC-DC Flyback ConvertorWhat is the flyback convertor?
  91. Which of the following are part of an AE program ?Section ,Step and Action
  92. How to make inbound and out bound interfaces?
  93. how does winrunner write TSL scripts while recording
  94. What is meant by interim test report?
  95. How to set Variables in DataStage?
  96. How many clients can share a same instance of a stateful session bean?
  97. What is network database link
  98. Linked Universes What are linked universes? Have you worked with them, problems faced and solutions?
  99. What are the differences between Optional filter and Base filter properties?
  100. What is Complaince Testing
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