FIXED ASSETS Accounting Interview Questions [27 Questions]

  1. DepreciationWhich are the methods of depreciation?
  2. Financial ManagementA company has current assets of $3 million. The company's current ratio is 1.5 and it's quick ratio is 1.0. What amount of current liabilities does the company have? What amount of the company's current assets is represented by inventory?
  3. Pass the correspondence Book entryCompany purchase one car on 01/01/2008, one new accounting package, and paid audit service charges. The cost of car is 20,000.00, accounting software is 6000.00 and audit fee is 3000.00 estimated depreciation is for tangible assets is 10 years and for intangible is 3 years. Pass the correspondence Book entry

  4. Nature and accounting treatment for fixed assetExplain the nature and accounting treatment for fixed asset.
  5. Calculation of Fixed AssetsHow can we made calculation of Fixed Assets?
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