GENERAL LEDGER Accounting Interview Questions [51 Questions]

  1. Journal EntryEvery increase in expenditure & assets will be a debit, every decrease in expenditure & assets will be a credit - Put a journal entry and show a puchase transaction.
  2. Journal & payment for entries service tax creditIf we availing service tax credit , what is the journal entry we have to pass when we receives the bill & what is the payment entry we have to pass if we make a payment
  3. Diff Between Profile Options and User ExitsWhat is the Difference Between Profile Option and User Exits
  4. How would you account for the leasing of a vehicleAs a sole trader you require a vehicle to trade and decide to lease the vehicle rather than purchase it, how would you account for it in the company accounts and what nominal would you use?
  5. Sub LedgerIf your Accounts receivable balance in the general ledger has a debit balance of $110 and your sub ledger has a debit balance of $100 what do you have to do
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