PAYROLL Accounting Interview Questions [35 Questions]

  1. Provident Fund PaymentWhat are the rates (Percentages) paid as Employer's Share of PF in A/C No.1, A/C No.10 & A/C NO.21
  2. What is salary tds?
  3. Income Tax LiabilityIf the declarations provided during the financial year and employee not provding the proof during the financial year ending- how should the tax liability be calculated. is it employer's duty to pay the enitre tax or the employer can issue the Form16 stating that tax is due?
  4. Pension and gross earningQuestion # 1

    ABC Company sponsors a contributory pension plan for which the company contributes 3% of salaries for exempt employees, and the employees have contributed a total $245,000.00 . If hourly employees have earned a total of $380,000.00, and salaried employees have earned a total of $420,000.00 this year,
    what is the pension expense for the year?
    A. $7,350.00 B. $11,400.00 C. $12,600.00 D. $ 19,950.00 E. $ 24,000.00

    Question # 2

    Devon is hired at a salary of $78,000.00 annually and begins work on Wednesday July 7th . If payroll is processed semi- monthly for periods ending on the 15th and the final day of the month, What are Devon's gross earnings for the pay period ending July 15th .?

    A.$ 1,400.00 B.$ 1,500.00 C.$1,600.00 D.$1,800.00 E.$3,000.00

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  5. How do you calculate Gratuity?
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