CONCEPTS (FAQS) Concepts Interview Questions [81 Questions]

  1. Sample Code to use Application AdapterCan You give some sample code to use in Application Adapter[ccf]?
  2. Improve Hard Disk Transfer RateHow to increase transfer rate of an hard disk?
  3. Which technology is better for a real time financial application?My application scenario is to get data from various servers across the network and display that data in segregated format using a very user friendly GUI.

    The application is a financial application of real time importance.

    Please if any one can give their inputs on which technology will be better for developing this application (JAVA or .NET).

    The application should give:
    - high performance (less turn-around time or faster output
    - Less Memory Requirements
  4. What are things that a Business Analyst needs to consider while doing production support?
  5. Client Business process in Electronic Industry What is the client business process in electronic industry (in mySAP CRM) ?
    Can any one say how to see how many Business Partners (External List Management) I have created in last week or so. I want to see specific details like date, time and number of Business Partners i have created in past.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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