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  1. Phase verses CheckpointDifference between a phase and checkpoint as far as i know it something related with how temporary files containing the data landed to disk is handled.
    that is phases are used to break up a graph so that it does not use up all the memory , it reduce the no of component running in parallel hence improves the performances (used for performance fine tuning, by managing the resource in perfect manner)

    Check points are used for the purpose of recovery.
  2. what is the function of XFR in abinitioIt would be great if one of you can explain me in brief what is the function of xfr (like what does it do ,where is it stored ,how does it affect ) as i am very confused on this

    thank you
  3. What is the difference between the flows of 3 parallelisms
  4. Parametrization of MFSI want to use an Ab Initio parameter to control whether I am in serial or MFS mode. Basically, I will have an $AI_MFS_PARTS variable. If it is set to 1, then we are running serial. If it is set to 4, then we are running 4-way MFS. Will the data need to be located in physically different locations using different control files?
  5. Memory requirement of graphHow can I calculate the total memory requirement of a graph?
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