BUSINESS OBJECTS Data Warehouse Interview Questions [240 Questions]

  1. TemplatesI have saved my reports in to a category. Now i want to modify all the reports with the same change. So how can I change all the reports at a time? If I want to use a template, how can I apply it to all the reports at once?
  2. CMC and CCMIf we can manage the servers using Central Management Console(CMC), why is there a separate tool Central Configuration Management(CCM)?
  3. How can we migrate BO 6.1 repository to a multi schema database?We have three different repositories on different databases. No we want to move all the three to single database by creating three different schema's.
  4. ERRORINFwhile running the report in infoview i am getting this error 'ERRORINF' can u tell me when will u get this error.
  5. Impact of changing the Genaral Supervisor password in supervisor.What is the impact of changing the General Supervisor password in supervisor, what is the effect on the BO reports sheduled on the BCA under the Genral Supervisor's id?
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