INFORMATICA Data Warehouse Interview Questions [632 Questions]

  1. DTM Buffer Size Default Buffer BlocksizeWhat is DTM buffer size, Default buffer blocksize. If any performance issue happens to session, which one we have to increase and which one we have decrease.
  2. $ & $$ in Mapping or Parameter FileWhat is the difference between $ & $$ in mapping or parameter file? In which cases they are generally used?
  3. Data FlowHow the data flows from dimensions to fact table?
  4. How can use worklet variables and work flow variables can any one tell me How can use worklet variables and work flow variables

  5. Relational connectionHi friends,
    I connect the pubs database and i move the data to the target successfully. but i connect the Northwind as the same procedure but the task is failed. I don't know what the fault is this? Anyone answer this question please....
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