REPORTNET Data Warehouse Interview Questions [74 Questions]

  1. Prompt ValuesWhat is the maximum limit(no.) of values you can display in a value prompt?
  2. Repeater TableWhat is Repeater Table ?? How its More Useful Over List Table ??
  3. 60 Table Model in Framework ManagerGiven a scenario in which there are about 60 tables in Oracle and there needs to be created a Model in framework manager. What are the different pre-requisties that needs to be addressed in order to come to a conclusion regarding estimating the time to build the model?
  4. Structure your Framework ManagerHow would you structure your Framework Manager Model?
    Would you structure into different layers?
    If you would structure what would be the layers like and what each of them would signify?
  5. Improve Report Running PerformanceHow would you be able to improve the performance in running a report?
    i) Basically in order to tune the report what are theproperties you can set?
    ii) Some of the reports are running in Dev (Cognos environment) against the Prodution database(OLTP) where
    The performance is taking a hit. Is there any mechanism in Cognos where-in we can improve it?
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