SQL Database Interview Questions [139 Questions]

  1. Pairwise and Non-Pairwise ComparisonsExplain the difference between pairwise and non-pairwise comparisons in multiple column sub-queries.
  2. Remove Primary KeyWhat happens if we remove primary key from SQL table?
  3. Single Row FunctionDisplay details of employees having same char at the star and end postition of their name



    this name have last character and first character is same
  4. Case functionif i have a Customer table with following data
    cust id custname
    1 A
    2 B

    and cars table with following data
    car id cust id Model
    1 1 Toyota
    2 1 Honda
    3 2 Suzuki

    what is the query to give follwing out put

    custid cust name model model 1
    1 A Toyota Honda
    2 B Suzuki
  5. What is Dual table?what is dual table which is used as a table in sql...
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