TERADATA Database Interview Questions [27 Questions]

  1. Log TableWhat is log table? What is the use of log table?
  2. Teradata Optimization and Performance TuningWhat is optimization and performance tuning and How does it work in practical projects. Explain with an example.
  3. SPOOL Process Error TypesHow many types errors will be occur in total SPOOL process
    How will you connect a database server to other server?
  4. Set and Multi Set TablesWhat are set tables and multiset tables in Teradata?Explain with an appropriate example?
  5. Join StratagiesThere are 2 tables, table A with 10 million records, table B has 100 million records, now we are joining both tables, when we seen Explain Plan the plan showing TD will took the table A and it will redistributes it

    Now the Question is: By that plan is the optimizer is correct job or not ? Justify Ans

    2. From the same above example now the optimizer is taking Table B (100 million records) and it is distributing it,

    Now is the optimizer is doing best? and How you avoid this situation
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