INTERESTS General Interview Questions [39 Questions]

  1. do you prefer working alone or in groups ? (service industry)
  2. What has been the most important person or event in your own self development?
  3. What are the advantages of OOPL? Object oriented programming languages directly represent the real life objects. The features of OOPL as inhreitance, polymorphism, encapsulation makes it powerful.
  4. What do mean by polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation? Polymorhism: is a feature of OOPl that at run time depending upon the type of object the appropriate method is called. Inheritance: is a feature of OOPL that represents the "is a" relationship between different objects(classes). Say in real life a manager is a employee. So in OOPL manger class is inherited from the employee class. Encapsulation: is a feature of OOPL that is used to hide the information.
  5. What do you mean by static methods? By using the static method there is no need creating an object of that class to use that method. We can directly call that method on that class. For example, say class A has static function f(), then we can call f() function as A.f(). There is no need of creating an object of class A.
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