SERVERS Help Desk Interview Questions [22 Questions]

  1. Mirrored VolumeHow to configure mirrored volume in Windows 2003 server?
  2. 2003 server User's Drive mappingHow can a mapping a user to its directory folder: Meaning i want the user to have access to a drive call "G"......Thanks
  3. how to find problem in server for taking support of event logs
  4. Microsoft Outlook Questions1. What is the difference between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook express?
    2. What is the default ports number in Outlook for POP3 / HTTP / SMTP?
    3. What is the meaning of pst in outlooks and what it’s function?
    4. How can you backup the data of Microsoft outlook?
    5. What will the pst file contain (eg; mail/ contacts/tasks etc)
    6. Will pst contain rules
    7. What is the use of cache mode in outlook when configured as Exchange server client
  5. Windows AdministrationWhat are the steps to create a child domain in windows 2003 advance server
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