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  1. Inter Thread CommunicationWhat are all the methods used for Inter Thread communication and what is the class in which these methods are defined?
  2. Object CreationIn how many ways we can create an object? Explain with example.
  3. Supplying Arguments to Main MethodWhat is the meaning of supplying string[] args to main method?
  4. Jumble Array ValuesAn array A is of size N. Write a java method that jumbles all values in the array. All possible permutations must be possible and chances for each possible permutation must be equal. For example, size of array A is 3. A[0]=x, A[1]=y, A[2] =z.
    Possible permutations are 3! After jumbling elements, there would be equal chances for each of xyz,yxz,... to be in the array elements.
  5. Overriding MethodsSuppose a Super Class method throws an exception and this method is Overriden in the subclass with no exception. Now if you create a super class reference that has a subclass object. This throws a compile time error, Why?
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