EJB J2EE Interview Questions [175 Questions]

  1. wait(), notify() and notyfyAll() methodsWhy wait(), notify() and notyfyAll() methods are avialble in Object class but not in Thread class? Explain.
  2. Jarfiles to be build in EJB 2.0Which are the jar files that need to be externally added to run a simple java program that accesses a session bean in EJB 2.0, using Jboss 4.X application server.
  3. Have you faced Any problems while deploying ejb's in weblogicwhat are the serious problems you had faced while using EJB's
  4. Distributed Object using RMI-IIOPHow are parameters passed to a method of a distributed object using RMI-IIOP?
  5. What is the difference between ejbstore and ejbload?
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