JAVA PATTERNS J2EE Interview Questions [19 Questions]

  1. java patternsExplain java patterns in detail? Any difference between Design patterns and java patterns ? . Explain about advantages of using patterns with an example.
  2. How to use sorting technic in arralist?
  3. What is the DAO design pattern
  4. What is Inversion Of Control and the Dependency Injection pattern?
  5. One set of Design Patterns is known as "Antipatterns."
    Referring to the statement above, how does an Antipattern help in designing a code solution?
    Choice 1 It allows code to be optimized by demonstrating ways to use bit-wise complements of integers.
    Choice 2 To enable an implementation of a problem to be developed as quickly as possible when a deadline is approaching
    Choice 3 To document and explain a code design technique that experience shows does not work well in practice
    Choice 4 To demonstrate that Design Patterns are not suitable in object-oriented code, and procedural code design should be used
    Choice 5 It normally demonstrates the best, or a good pattern for a solution to common code design problems.
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