WEBSPHERE (FAQS) J2EE Interview Questions [14 Questions]

  1. Can you use an unordered list in plain HTML (without CSS) to create an unbulleted navigation bar?
  2. Fix Pack Feature PackWhat is the difference between web shpere fix pack and feature pack?
  3. Federating NodeCan someone explain what it means by Federate A NODE ?
  4. Worst Problem Encountered till dateI am into a support team, and i am much interested in knowing the worst kind of problems that you have encountered till date, the problems/issues which were night mares to you.

    Let me start with my exp:

    We had encountered a problem like the site was performing slow, we had checked all the possible things but nothing did work. all the applications were working fine like the web servers, app servers, third party tools and also the data base, we didn't find any problems any where.

    later on we found that the problem was because of the Apache/IHS. it was not releasing the semaphore which was the result of the problem. We had to restart the web server which was the route cause of the issue.

    While debugging we had went thru the following things

    Network status (num of connections)
    App Svr status and the app status
    App log files and App Svr log files
    HTTP log files
    Plugin Log files
    JDBC Conn status
    Database status
    JVM status and amount of memory being utilised

    The problem was solved after a long checking of about 6 Hrs. But those 6 hrs were awesome as we found that everything was working perfectly fine.

  5. How do we connect to a database in WSAD?
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