COBOL Mainframe Interview Questions [160 Questions]

  1. COBOL DivisionsWhat are the four divisions in COBOL
  2. INSPECT and EXAMINEWhat is the difference between INSPECT & EXAMINE?
  3. Give example of Inspect TALLYING / BEFORE INTIAL / AFTER INITIAL. In which situation will use this in COBOL?We have different type of Inspect verb
    1.counting INSPECT.
    2.replacing INSPECT.
    3.combined INSPECT.
    4.converting INSPECT.
    Give example of any Inspect verb which you know.
  4. Give simple program example for Dynamic link and Dynamic call in COBOL?
  5. What is Load module & Link edit and How will it work Dynamic call?Normally we are using Dynamic call. What will happen when COBOL program compilation & execution.
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