JCL Mainframe Interview Questions [128 Questions]

  1. Coding RECFM=F over RECFM=FBWhat is the advantage of coding RECFM=F over RECFM=FB why not F.
  2. MCQ Comparison OperatorsIn what order does the system evaluate comparison operators?
  3. DISP ParameterIf the DISP parameter for a dataset is DISP=(NEW,PASS,CATLG), What will happen when the JCL is run? The first time? The second time?
  4. calculate total space allocated for fileIf file is having space parm as SPACE=(CYL,(10,10)) i.e. 10 primary, 10 secondary. So how much cylinders totally it will take before dataset filled till end?
  5. CEEDUMP and SYSUDUMPHi, Can anybody please tell me what is the exact purpose of the CEEDUMP and SYSUDUMP and How effectively we can use them for the problem solving( abend handling)
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