VSAM Mainframe Interview Questions [33 Questions]

  1. Access the Last RecordHow we can access the last record from KSDS file?
  2. what is the default size of the record
  3. VSAM-ESDS-AIXWhen its not possible to read ESDS file randomly through COBOL program then what is the use of creating AIX for that file? If reading that file randomly is possible then plz give me the details. I tried but without success.
  4. Explain the VSAM error code 118
  5. what is the difference between vsam & data base tables?
    what is flat file ? difference between flat files,vsam,ps files?
    what is the difference between esds,ksds?
    what is rrds in vasm ? difference between rrds & ksds?
    application areas of rrds files in mainframe area?
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