TEAM LEAD Management Interview Questions [39 Questions]

  1. Influence OthersGenerally, how would you describe the way you influence others?
  2. Tailored Communication StyleDescribe an occasion when you have tailored your communication style to deal with a particular situation within your team

    Why was it necessary? What was the other persons role? What did you need to take into consideration? How did you tailor your approach? what was the outcome?
  3. Objectives and Correlating IncentivesDescribe a time when you have set objectives and correlating incentives for a member of your team

    What were you trying to achieve in doing this, what were the objectives? How did you choose the incentives? How did you go about implementing this?
  4. Constructively working as a team lead?How do I work constructively as a leader of a multi skilled team?
  5. Team members do not like youWhat will you do if your team members do not like you
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