UNIX COMMANDS Operating System Interview Questions [73 Questions]

  1. When Grub is crashed then how i start the linux os?
  2. How to concatenate two strings in UNIXPlease give me in detail the command for concatenating two strings in UNIX
  3. UNIX Commands questions1. Why is the . not included in the path?

    2. How will you mirror a volume and how will you find if a volume is mirrored ? lsvg –l (vol gp name)

    3. A system is echoing the ping but not able to login via telnet why ?

    Etc /services etc/inetd.conf

    4. what is the migration path from 4.3 to 5.1 ? (or any versions)

    5. A system is able to ping within the network but not outside why ?

    6. What are the components of a HACMP ? (did you use serial interface)

    7. What are the resource groups in HACMP?

    8. What are the apar install if so for what ?

    9. How will you log in or start the system in what mode if you don’t know the root password?

    10. What is ip address and subnet means ?

    11. what types of san or nas devices were used ?

    12. Were the storage on the hard drive or any tape used ?

    13. how will you check the if a system is paging excessively ?

    14. There is too much of processor utilization what could be possible reason?

    15. How is paging space is allocated?

    16. How will you configure sendmail ?

    17. How will you assign superuser privilege to an ordinary user temporarily (sudo)

    18. Based on what one will choose to use shell or perl scripting?

    19. Difference between telnet or ssh .

    20. How will you truncate a log file?

    21. What is a sticky bit? What is the effect on file and directory?
  4. What is the command to view the active vg?
  5. UNIX Command for Delay give UNIX command to wait for a specified number of seconds before exit.
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