UNIX PROGRAMMING Operating System Interview Questions [38 Questions]

  1. Linux Interview Questions== Users and permissions practicum ==
    * Rig it so everything in the folder gets deleted tonight at 10pm. Every night at 10pm.

    == Local security ==
    * How do you feel about `sudo`?
    * What's the difference between `telnet` and `ssh`? What's a good use for each?
    * How do you ensure your users have hard-to-guess passwords?

    == Filesystem ==
    * What is the difference between a symbolic and hard link? When would you use each?
    * I have a file named `-fr`. How do I get rid of it?
    * Why did I just ask that question?
    * To partition or not? How?
    * What are RAID 0, 1, 5, 0+1? What level would you use for a web server and why? A database server?

    == `/etc` ==
    * `ls -l /etc`. What is all this stuff?
    * You added a line to `/etc/aliases`, but it doesn't seem to be working. Why?
    * You've created a `zope` user to run Zope under. How do you secure it so someone doesn't guess its password, log in with it, and mess with stuff?
    * Bring up `/etc/passwd`. What is all this junk?
    * What are shadow passwords?

    == Processes ==
    * How many processes are running on your machine right now?

    == Shells ==
    * Name as many shells as you can.
    * What's your favorite shell? Why?
    * Write a shell script to append "snork" to the file "test" but only if "test" already exists.
    * A user performed a `cd; chmod 644 .` before logging out. What problem occurs when he logs in the next time, and what level of privilege is required to correct the problem?

    == Startup ==
    * Describe the boot process of your favorite Linux in as much detail as you can.
    * What are runlevels?

    == Social ==
    * Describe an experience you had with a difficult user.
    * How do you keep up with current tools and practices?
    * How did you document your work at your last job so someone else could pick up where you left off?

    == Totally miscellaneous ==
    * When debugging a core in gdb, what does the command `bt` give: core memory, heap usage, or calling stack?
    * A user complains the web site is slow. What do you do?

    == Apache ==
    * How do you rig Apache to start up on boot?
    * Apache doesn't start up on boot, and the thing above checks out okay. How do you track down the problem?
    * http://weblion.psu.edu/stuff.html used to exist, but now it's moved to http://weblion.psu.edu/junk.html. Name as many ways as you can to get the old URL to still work. Which way is your favorite?
    * These URLs used to exist: http://weblion.psu.edu/a.html, http://weblion.psu.edu/b.html, ..., http://weblion.psu.edu/z.html. But we want to access them from URLs like these: http://weblion.psu.edu/alphabet/a, http://weblion.psu.edu/alphabet/b, ..., http://weblion.psu.edu/alphabet/z. How can we pull that off without renaming the files?
    * How do I tell if the web site is busy right now?
  2. Why do we need a dynamic library for? How is it different from a static library
  3. Write a korn shell script for renaming the filenames of the files stored in a folder to lower case.
  4. what is the UNIX command to wait for a specified number of seconds before exit
  5. What is the method by which we find the list of users logged on a server using telnet service?
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