WINDOWS UNIX Operating System Interview Questions [112 Questions]

  1. Domain Security Settings and Domain Controller Security SettingsWhat is difference between the domain security settings and domain controller security settings in windows server 2003 standard edition?
  2. Multi-Tasking Multi-ProcessingWhat are the differences between multiprocessing and multitasking systems? Give Examples for both?
  3. Restricting the use of the network connection icon on the Windows XP task bar.We have a workstation with Windows XP. We want to be very limited/restrictive in it use. Is there a way to lock the user from right-clicking on the network connection icon and opening it?
  4. Assembler, Loader, LinkerWhat is the logic of the conversion of a source code of a program into its object code? What has the loader and linker's function after that?
  5. why unix is more stable than windows?
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