GENERAL LEDGER Oracle Apps Interview Questions [85 Questions]

  1. What is Budget and Encumbrance ?
  2. what are the possibilities of having such errorthe company has 6 segment in the accounting flexfield
    01-company values----> 10 -50
    02-location values----> 02-05
    03-division values----> 000-075
    04-cost center values----> 1001-6001
    05-product values----> 00000-99999
    06-sub ledger values----> 0000-9999

    now when a journal is been created like

    journal 1.
    dr cr
    1. 20000.00 0.0
    2. 0.0 20000.00

    journal 2.
    dr cr
    1. 20000.00 0.0
    2. 0.0 20000.00

    this journal in 2 gives error
  3. Intercompany in GLWhat is the purpose of Intercompany in GL? Explain purpose of criteria
  4. Recurring Journals and Mass Allocationwhat is the difference between Recurring Journals and Mass Allocation?
  5. calendarwhat is the difference between Normal calendar and special calendar?
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