SEGMENT SECURITY Oracle Apps Interview Questions [13 Questions]

  1. How could that be possible when Flexfield Rules are in place.Also, if logging in to Global SOB with CI GL ARGENTINA MANAGER, are able to view all the Journals of say TAIWAN or CHILE or UK at the Header Level/choose batch for Reversing/Posting even if are not logged on to their specific Responsibility.
  2. Is it feasible to delete an Exclude statement in order to resolve a Security Rule issue? Example of issue: A user in Argentina Entered a Journal Entry. Another User from Chile Posted the Argentina Entry in Global SOB. And later reversed it as well.
  3. Is it feasible to delete an Exclude statement in order to resolve a Security Rule issue?The Security rule should not be modified by deleting an exclude or include as it may corrupt the rule. One should try to delete all rule lines (include and excludes) save and redefine the include and exclude the way that it should work and save. If the rule still doesn't work, it may be necessary to create a new rule and assign it to the responsibilities in place of the original rule.
  4. In General Ledger,a security rule of a parent with children, was setup to include the parent and assigned to a responsibility however, it is not functioning properly. System allows the account the customer wanted but doesn't disallow the ones that are children of the parent values excluded.
  5. Forgot to check the security enabled flag for each segment and it is not updatable. How do I correct this? Check your Accounting Flexfield Structure possibly it is frozen. Unfreeze the Structure and then you should be able to enable Security for the Segment.  
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