TECHNICAL Oracle Apps Interview Questions [128 Questions]

  1. Sand Pile DimensionsWhat are the criteria to decide the depth and diameter of a sand pile?
  2. Where can we find the Provisiontry this
    select a.vendor_name, b.vendor_site_code,u.organization_id,,h.* from Po_headers_all h , po_vendors a, po_vendor_sites_all b,hr_organization_units u
    where h.segment1 = 228
    and a.vendor_id = h.vendor_id
    and a.vendor_id = b.vendor_id
    and h.vendor_site_id = b.vendor_site_id
    and h.org_id = u.organization_id
  3. Journal ImportWhat is Journal Import.
    How do I import vendor info into purchasing.

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  4. ONT and POWhat is the table column link between ONT and PO?
  5. RFQ TablesWhat are RFQ tables? What is the relation between RFQ and Requisition, RFQ and Quotation?
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