BASICS Oracle Interview Questions [47 Questions]

  1. Using which language oracle is developed?
  2. Is there any syntactical diff bet Oracle 9i & 10gIs there any syntactical diff between Oracle 9i & 10g or any change in which the Queries are used....It uses SQL isn't it?
  3. Catch The ErrorSQL>DECLARE
    2 dayofweek VARCHAR2(200);
    3 BEGIN
    4 SELECT TO_CHAR(sysdate,'Day') INTO dayofweek FROM DUAL ;
    6 IF dayofweek = 'Tuesday'
    7 THEN
    8 DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Aloha!!! Today Is Tuesday');
    9 ELSE
    10 DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Today is '||to_char(sysdate,'Day'));
    11 END IF;
    12 END;
    13 /
    Today is Tuesday

    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    What's wrong in the above anonymous block if anything at all.

  4. Oracle Dbms Pipe Commandsgive the dbms_pipe commands in oracle of there execution,which are used to send & recieve messages what is the max size can sent at one go
  5. Odd return value from Oracle forms 6i calendar widget This is odd and I fear I may be missing something basic. I am using the Oracle forms supplied pop up calendar widget. When I click on the calendar to select a date it returns a strange value. The year component of the date returned is in the format of '0000'. For example, If I selected today's date in the calendar it would return '0008' as the year, not '2008'. I've checked every formatting source I can find including the calendar pll but I can't seem to track this down. Anyone have a thought on this?
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