CONCEPTS AND ARCHITECTURE Oracle Interview Questions [73 Questions]

  1. What is the command to find the database that already present before connecting ?
  2. Identify Database SizeHow will you identify database size when you create a database first time?
  3. Remote and Local userwhat is remote login user and local user in database?And sid is used when user want to login as local user and Glodal database name is used when user wants to login as remote user..
    What does it mean ?
  4. Database Connectivity ErrorHere i'm sending all of you the error which occurred frequently during database connection.

    While creating a data block in Oracle Forms, the error which encountered frequently is "ORA-12560: TNS Protocol Adapter Error"

    During lectures instructor had told us that if such error encountered then
    copy the TNSNAMES.ORA file from ..oracleora92networkadminsample to forms9inetworkadminsample as it contains HOST-NAME & Port No. & i have also start the TNSListener service by running services.msc.
    But it doesn't make any change.

    I checked TNSNAMES.ORA file for HOST-NAME & Port no. but there is no host-name or port no. specified.

    Now i am getting stucked into this problem & cant find any other solution to it.

    Will you plase help me out.

  5. how to encrypt and decrypt oracle procedure
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