SQL Oracle Interview Questions [170 Questions]

  1. View - Base TablesDoes View occupy memory? If we delete the base table of existing view, What happens?
  2. HAVING vs WHERE ClauseWhere clause restricts rows, what does having clause restricts ?
    1. only group results.
    2. rows results.
    3. both rows and groups result.
  3. how many columns can be in the group by clause
  4. write a query to update third column such thatThere is a table having the following columns :-
    student id marks1 marks2 maxmarks
    1 10 20 20
    2 25 30 30
    3 30 10 30
    4 35 25 35
    5 20 40 40

    write a query to update column maxmarks such that maxmarks column contains
    whatever be the greater value among marks1 and marks2 columns ( as shown in table ).
  5. Data ConversionHave 2 table Emp1 (Column Name: Ename), 2nd table Emp2 (Column Name: First and Column Name: Last

    Table Name :Emp1
    Hunt, Michael
    Graham, Smith
    Nelson, Ryan

    Table Name: Emp2
    First Last
    Michael Hunt
    Smith Graham
    Ryan Nelson

    Need to write a SQL query to convert the data from Emp1 to Emp2 in this way.
    Can any body help me.


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