SQL PLUS Oracle Interview Questions [132 Questions]

  1. Default ConstraintWhat is default constraint? How we you apply it?
  2. Disable Restricted SessionHow do you get back into SQLPlus to disable restricted session if you enabled.
  3. How many ways you can delete the table records ?In how many ways can I delete all the contents of a table and the entire table. Explain with syntax ?
  4. User defined exception wasteIn which section of a PL/SQL block is a user defined exception waste?
  5. List all customer (user id, name, and e-mail), number of chargingList all customer (user id, name, and e-mail), number of charging, total charging,
    number of transaction and total number of transaction value?

    If u have these tables:

    1- 'Credit_card'
    columns: credit_number,type,value,Customer_ID.

    columns: Coupon_number,value,password,Customer_ID

    columns: Customer_ID,Fname,Mname,lname,E_mail,password,bdate,tot_trans,mobil_no,
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