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  1. How do we maintain Consistancy between Components and CI? A CI is called in Save-prechange with Currently active component buffer datas. the called CI gets saved successfully. but the component from which CI called gets errored in Save-postchange. How do we maintain consistancy between two components.
  2. How to insert and update rows into a record using Application Engine and Component Interface?
  3. I may need to integrate my .asp based website with several People Soft modules (People Soft HCM, Financial Interface). Essentially, I just need to exchange information to keep account records in sync. This will ultimately involve passing XML files back and forth, parsing them and processing the appropriate requests.

    The most likely options are:

    Option1: Build something on the People Soft side of things
    We could build an application within the People Soft network that uses the People Tools to receive and process the requests. The customer already "owns" People Tools. Would there be any other licensing fees that I need to worry about.

    Option 2: We build something on our servers to access the People Soft server
    I'm quite sure that the customer is not going to allow any outside access to their People soft database, however, if they did, what tools/packages would I need to use/purchase in order to facilitate this access (we'd be using ASP/COM or .NET development tools). We do not own Peoplesoft. WE'd be a 3rd party developer in this equation.

    Sorry if these are incredibly simplistic questions. I know nothing about Peoplesoft. It just sounds really, really expensive and I have to believe all of these little development options and API's each have their own $$$ tied to them and I want to make sure I cover all of our costs.

    Many thanks,
  4. What is Record group in Peoplesoft?
  5. Difference between search record and add search record?
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