ALOGIRTHMS Programming Interview Questions [22 Questions]

  1. Array Values AlgorithmsHow many values can be held by an array with dimensions A(0:n), B(-1:n,1:m), C(-n:0,2)?
  2. Time complixityHow to find time complixity?
  3. Sorted MatrixYou are given a matrix. The matrix elements are such that they are sorted both horizontally and vertically. Given an element of the matrix, your job is to obtain its position in an efficient manner.
    10 20 30
    15 35 98
    48 76 110
    Input: 76
    Output: 3rd row, 2nd column.
  4. Duplicate Elements ArrayYou have an array of size '2n' of these, 'n+1' elements are distinct and 1 element is repeated 'n' times. You must find the repeated element and say how many times it has repeated. Your solution must use minimum no. of comparisons. Also, say how many comparisons your solution will make in the worst case?
  5. Algorithm ProfilingWhat is meant by algorithm profiling?
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