CPLUSPLUS (FAQS) Programming Interview Questions [43 Questions]

  1. Execute DestructorWhen is a destructor executed?
  2. C++ InterfaceIs it possible to create an interface in C++? If Yes, how?
  3. supplementary problemyou are tasked by your teacher to help her in the computation of your grade for preliminary period. the grade will computed based on the following formula.
    CRA=summation of all the quizzes, recitation,board works,assignments,and other requirements.

    prelim grade= (Cra*2+major exam)*60+40
    (total CRA)*2+major exam
    the program will return a letter grade based on the given conditions
    letter grade score range
    a 100
    b 90-99
    c 80=89
    d 75-79
    F below 75

    it will display the students name, prelim grade and oblained letter grade
  4. CPP ObjectsHow are objects passed in CPP?
  5. What is dangling pointer
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