PERL Programming Interview Questions [61 Questions]

  1. Install Perl module using CPANHow to install Perl module using CPAN. How to include the module in a program?
  2. Rename Datastage jobs through perl Please provide me Perl script
    which reads the data from xcel sheet and renames the dsx file.
    Process followed to rename is:
    make a list of old and new file names in xcel sheet.
    compare the old file name in the xcel sheet with dsx name.
    If both are equal then assign the new name to the dsx which is mentioned in the xcel sheet.
    Kindly please help me in this.
    Expecting a reply soon..
  3. what is the difference between object oriented and structured oriented progrmming?
  4. Symbolic Reference in PERLWhat is the Use of Symbolic Reference in PERL?
  5. PERL Symbol TableWhat is Symbol table and how it Works?
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