PHP Programming Interview Questions [64 Questions]

  1. PHP SessionWhere does the session stored, either client side or server side?
  2. count hitsIf we have a button on a simple page and a user clicks on the button, then how we can come to know how many times the user has clicked on the button?
  3. Upload VideosHow do you upload videos using PHP & MySQL
  4. Form SubmitCan you submit a form without using submit button? If Yes, How?
  5. why we need a function like fetch_object and what is the purpose of using it?we have fetch_array to fetch a row from a result set... in what way the fetch_object function is useful... at which situation it is used? every question is like what is the difference and the answers is just like the following 'fetch_array" gives an array of any type but fetch_object will return an object.... but WHY???
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