PYTHON Programming Interview Questions [23 Questions]

  1. Python PopularityWhy Python is not that much of popular, when compared to other programming languages?
  2. What is __slots__ and when is it useful?Normally, all class objects have an __dict__ which allows new attributes to be bound to a class instance at runtime. When a class is defined with __slots__, only attributes whose names are present in the __slots__ sequence are allowed. This results in instances of this class not having an __dict__ attribute and not being able to bind new attributes at run time.

    __slots__ is useful because it eliminates the memory overhead of a python dictionary, while still allowing you to use a structured class. When dealing with a large number of class objects, the memory savings can be quite dramatic.
  3. What is the optional statement used in a try ... except statement in Python?
  4. What is used to create Unicode string in Python?
  5. What is List Comprehensions feature of Python used for?
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