SCRIPTING (FAQS) Programming Interview Questions [10 Questions]

  1. Double link Hyperlink in HTMLHow to create "Double Line Hyperlink" in HTML?
  2. Javascript for Website validationHow to validate website address using javascript? User should not be allowed to enter special characters except hyphen(-).
  3. Connect to Database and Execute a ScriptHow do we connect to Oracle database, execute a script and assign its output to a shell variable?
    How do we do a bulk load to an oracle table using shell script
  4. Disable back button in MozillaHow to disable back button in Mozilla?
  5. How to fetch two values from database into two variables in shell scripting.In order to get 1 value from DB and assign it to variable in shell script i use following syntax:

    sqlplus /nolog << EOF | read xyz

    SELECT emp_sal
    FROM emp
    where emp_id=789;

    hence, xyz variable gets emplyoee salary.

    No my question is, I want to fetch emp_sal and emp_adrs and store it in two variables (xyz and abc).

    How do I do that?
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