SQL (FAQS) Programming Interview Questions [192 Questions]

  1. Maximum PK's and PI's How many Primary keys and Primary Indexes can we create on a table.
    How many Foreign keys and Secondary indexes can we create on a table.
    How many maximum columns can we create in a table
  2. Open a Excel File directly from SQL command lineHow to open an excel sheet directly from the SQL prompt?
  3. Select 10 Random RecordsHow to write a query in SQL 2005 in order to Select 10 random records from table?
  4. Date ConversionsHow to convert any kind of date that comes in any format from the user to 'yyyymmdd' in Oracle?
  5. Retrieve Names from TableHow to retrieve names from table starting with a particular character as a first letter, using with substring, instring without using LIKE function.
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