ABAP SAP R 3 Interview Questions [176 Questions]

  1. BDC Modify Missing FieldsIn BDC, if out of 10 records, 7 are successful and there are 3 records with some missing fields, how will you modify those fields?
  2. Improve Performance of ProgramHow would you go about improving the performance of a Program, which selects data from MSEG & MKPF?
  3. BADIs ProgramingExplain the basics and defination of BADI
  4. ALV ReportsWhat is the advantage of ALV Grid over ALV List ?
  5. User Exit and BADI Questionswhat are enhancements?
    Q. what are user-exits?
    Q. what is badi?
    Q. what is the difference between user-exit & BADIs?
    Q. what is the difference between user-exit & customer-exit?
    Q. How do you get functional specs when you are assigned some object? (specs through email..??)
    Q. How do you write technical specs?
    Q. How do you write UTP?(unit test plan)
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