REPORTS SAP R 3 Interview Questions [170 Questions]

  1. While printing, 10 columns are printing in first page and the next 4 cols in next page, how do u resolve this to accommodate all the 14 columns in a single page?
  2. There are 14 columns in a report, in reports developer all 14 columns are printed, but in apps only 10 columns are displayedhow can you slove this?
  3. Control Break StatementOn change of, in control break statement is used for what purpose?
  4. Significance of an end-of-selection eventWhat is the significance of an end-of-selection event in report?
    What will happen if we do not use the above said event.
  5. SAP Reports questionnaireI want to prepare a questionnaire. The details about it are as follows: -

    1. Identify a large company/organization that is a prime candidate for DWH project. (For example Telecommunication, an insurance company, banks, may be the prime candidate for this)

    2. Give at least four reasons for the selecting the organization.

    3. Prepare a questionnaire consisting of at least 15 non-trivial questions to collect requirements/information about the organization. This information is required to build data warehouse.

    Can you please tell me what should be those 15 questions to ask from a company, say a telecom company?
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