SAP ADMIN SAP R 3 Interview Questions [13 Questions]

  1. SAP 5.0 ECCwhat is SAP 5.0 ECC
  2. SAP XD03 ScreenHow can I Export the .Tif images from SAP XD03 screen to my Folder on the desk top?
  3. SAP GUI Where can we find the 4 files(saplogon.ini,sapmsg.ini,saproute.ini,sapdoccd.ini) of GUI at os level(I mean in which directory)?
  4. SAP Basis usersWhere can we find the passwords of users like sap*,DDIC(TCODE?/OS level?)? and How can we change those passwords from os level(windows & Linux)?I know we can change the passwords using the transaction sm01.
  5. Once the material master record is created can we change the base unit of measure in basic data 1 tab ?
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