QTP (FAQS) Testing Tools Interview Questions [410 Questions]

  1. Testing FrameworkWhat testing framework QTP supports
  2. Dynamic button in a Web TableWhen doing a search, the search result page list some rows which contain a column of button. How to click on (dynamic) button in a web table?
  3. Descriptive Program to Execute DOS CommandsHow to run dir, cls time msconfig, scandisk etc commands by using QTP Descriptive Program
  4. Regular ExpressionHow to create regular Expression for the date for example (MM/DD/YYYY)(12/04/2008)?
  5. Multiple Object RepoIf there are three shared obj repo(t1,t2,t3) and all three contain obj "A" with same property ... The script is using all the shared obj repo. Then how do we ask the script to select "A" from third obj repo(t3)
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