RATIONAL ROBOT Testing Tools Interview Questions [73 Questions]

  1. Rational Functional TestingExplain about the RFT..?? What is Framework for QTP...??
  2. How Can we verify a Item is present in combo list?I am new to Robot, I need to verify a particular item or data is present in the Combo List box. I used some commands like SQAFINDOBJECT, SQAWAITFOROBJECT, SQAGETPROPERTY & SQAGETPROPERTYASSTRING. but i couldn't locate that correctly.

    finally i have to check particular item is available in the combo list or not. So can anyone find the solution the problem?

    For EX:- combo list box contains the following items: RED, GREEN, BLUE. now my problem is to verify whether the item is available or not.

    It would be great if you could find the script for this.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. What is the use of connecting the project in Rational Administrator?
  4. How to handle coordinates in the scriptHow to handle coordinates in the script? If there are coordinates in my script, will there be a problem in future (future enhancements to the script depending on he changed requirement). Please let me know.
  5. Exception HandlingExplain exception handling in Rational Robot along with steps
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