TEST DIRECTOR (FAQS) (FAQS) Testing Tools Interview Questions [92 Questions]

  1. How to add doc and excel file to Test DirectorHow to add word doc file like test plan and Excel file like test cases to Test Director after downloading Excel and word ADD IN's.
  2. Retrieve Deleted Test CasesHow to retrieve deleted test cases in TD?
  3. Prepare traceability matrixHow do we Prepare traceability matrix? Is it any kind of document? where do we prepare them i mean in TD or QC? please Explain in detail with Example? Thanks in advance?
  4. Advantage of using Test DirectorWhat is the advantage of using Test director in case of automated tools?
  5. Change Site administration passwordHi,
    I have an evaluation version of QC 9.0 and I have forgotten the password to the "Site Administration" page of Quality Center.
    Is there any means of retrieving the password or changing it ?
    Your answers are appreciated..!!!

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