WINRUNNER Testing Tools Interview Questions [464 Questions]

  1. Set_ window and Win_ activateExplain what are set_ window and win_ activate, How do they differ?
  2. WinRunner FunctionWhat are the use of these functions in WinRunner?
    1. substr
    2. load
    3. edit_get_list
    4. invoke_application
  3. How to solve Problem "winrunner cannot identify object"HI

    Can some one Please reply as soon as pos about solution when winrunner gives error " cannot identify object"

    Details:-I recorded a (dot net ) windows application ,while running it gives this error,when i checked using gui spy ,the window id stored in GUI map editor is totally different from runtime window id

    in gui map editor it shows:

    msw id_68259


    and run time id is


    msw id_236789


    how can this be solved using Regular expression or is there any way by which winrunner can take run time id without giving this error?

    Urgent reply is needed
  4. Custom Object, Standard Object and Virtual ObjectWhat is the use of mapping custom object to standard object?
    What is difference between custom object, virtual object and standard object?
    What anyone will miss if he avoid to mapping or use virtual wizard for custom object?
  5. Input to TSLHow can I give input to a TSL script(like scanf() in C)?
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