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  1. AJAX DisadvantagesWhat is the disadvantage of AJAX?
  2. Ajax and webservicesi am using java webservices and ajax

    my question is ....
    how to connect to webservices from ajax

    server : oracle app server

  3. Exception Handling In RAW AJAXHow to handle and code Exception Handling In RAW AJAX?
  4. Is DOJO a part of AJAX What is AJAX and WHAT is DOJO
  5. xml file parsing systemIs it practical both to a MySQL database and/or an xml file parsing system to provide realtime incremental voting results on a website. For example, rather than viewing a static result "50.6%', users would see the realtime fluctuation of the voting as it was submitted. I spoke with someone who has attended several mysql training courses, and he said "it's too much of a strain on the database". I am curious if just using an xml based system would be more practical. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your time.
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